Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Counting Steps

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Is your Samsung Milky way Watch not detecting your steps, floors, or activity or shows a count that you know isn’t accurate? Information technology’due south really frustrating to put your all into a conditioning only to see a count of 0 at the stop of your workout!

While all Samsung Watches utilize the Samsung Health app, owners of the latest models similar the Galaxy Watch 4 Serial that run on Vesture OS3 can also employ Google Fit to track activity, including steps, altitude, floors, and more.

Before troubleshooting your Galaxy watch, check the following:

  1. Update yourwatch’s software andSamsung Wellness app (or preferred app) so that they are up-to-engagement.
  2. Restart
    both your watch and your phone. For your spotter, press and concur the
    Habitation/Power and
    Back buttons simultaneously for vii seconds until you see “Rebooting…” on the watch screen.
  3. Clean your watch, specially the back of your picket to make certain there isn’t any clay, debris, or grease impacting your sentinel’southward sensors.
  4. Turn
    water lock on and off
    to remove any trapped water that might block the atmospheric force per unit area sensor’due south vent.
  5. Make sure you lot
    move your artillery and hands
    when working out, especially the arm with the picket.

    1. Some watches do non notice steps when you don’t motility your easily while working out. For case, if you walk while pushing a stroller, the spotter may not accurately calculate your steps and action.
    2. Similarly, your watch might non count flights when conveying something in your artillery because your hands are not moving.
  6. Limit looking at your sentinel when working out. The accelerometer may not properly measure your activity if you frequently raise your wrist to look at your watch.
  7. Verify you lot added your
    acme and weightto Samsung Health or your preferred app.

Check your permissions

To accurately count your activity, Samsung Wellness or your preferred app needs access to your scout’s sensors. And then make sure that you lot’ve provided that permission.

  1. On your watch, go to the
    Settings app
    and choose
  2. Curl down to
    permissions for apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch in Settings app
  3. Cull
    Samsung Health
    or your
    preferred app.
    Samsung Health app permissions on watch
  4. Permit
    the app access to the
    Samsung Health app allow access to sensors on Samsung Watch
  5. Go back and look for
    Physical action
    and requite it access.

    1. Not all Samsung watches accept this option.
      allow physical activity access on Samsung watch
  6. Render to the
    Apps > Permissions
    and cull
    Health Services.

    1. Non all Samsung lookout man models accept this option.
      allow Health Services access to Samsung Watch sensors and activity
  7. Allow Health Services access to
    Physical activeness
    Samsung galaxy watch allow health services access to sensors and physical activity

For Wear OS3 watches similar the Galaxy Watch four, also check the permission settings for sharing information with devices and services

  1. Open
    Samsung Wellness
    and choose
    at the bottom.
    Samsung Health app Settings on Galaxy Watch
  2. Curlicue downward and tapShare information with devices and services.
    share data and services from Samsung Health watch app
  3. Select
    Wellness Platform.
    Health Platform in Samsung Health app Connected services
  4. For Data permissions, turn on
    Allow all
    or gyre down and
    cull which data
    you allow Samsung Health to receive and send.
    Data permissions for Samsung Health app settings
  5. Gyre all the manner down and tap

For Google Fit on Samsung watches

Continuously measure out your heart rate
Measure heart rate on Samsung Health app on Samsung Galaxy Watch

To get the most accurate activity data, make sure Samsung Wellness’south app measures your heart charge per unit continuously rather than every 10 minutes.

  • For Wearable Os 3 watches like the Galaxy Watch4, open Samsung Health on your watch. Gyre down and tap
    Settings. Tap
    Heart rate
    and choose
    Measure continuously.
  • For Tizen watches similar the Milky way Sentry iii, open Samsung Health and choose
    at the bottom. Tap
    HR and stress measurement. Cull
    Mensurate continuously.
  • For Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit2, apply the Milky way Wearable app and tapHealth settings > Auto heart rate settings.
  • For Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro, press the power button and swipe to and tap
    Auto HR.

Disable Samsung Health’s automatic workout detection

Although the conditioning detection characteristic should help track your steps and other activity, some people tell united states of america that turning it off really helped their watch count their steps and activeness.

For about watches, y’all change this in the app’s Settings, although. Yous alter this via the Galaxy Wearable app for some models, like the Galaxy Fit.

  • On the watch, open up Samsung Health. Scroll down and tap
    . Scroll downwards to
    Motorcar-discover workouts or
    Workout detection.

  • For the Wear app, tap
    Scout Settings > Samsung Health and toggle off
    Activities to notice. For the Galaxy Fit, tapHealth settings and and then tapConditioning detection.

Gear up a step count target in the Samsung Health app

  1. Open Samsung Health on your watch or telephone, and choose
    Samsung Health app steps show zero
  2. On the telephone, tap the
    More button
    (iii vertical dots.) On the watch,
    scroll down
    to the bottom.
    Samsung watch set step target
  3. Choose
    Set target
    and cull a number you lot’d similar to found equally your daily count. Tap
    on the sentinel to salvage your target.
    Samsung Health app on Samsung Galaxy Watch step count target number

On Tizen watches, like the Galaxy Sentry iii, echo for
and prepare a floor target. You cannot fix a floor target on Article of clothing OS3 watches.

Set targets on Google Fit

Clear Samsung Health app’south (or your preferred app’s) enshroud

Your cache holds temporary files, which tin can cause many problems with the Samsung Health app accurately registering your steps and activity.

To clear Samsung Health’s cache on your paired telephone, get toSettings > Apps > Samsung Health > Storage & cache > Clear cache.
Android clear cache for Samsung Health app

Repeat for the Galaxy Wearable app and articulate its cache likewise.

In one case cleared, put on your scout and go for a short walk, preferably with your artillery freely swinging (some Samsung watches simply count steps when your hand moves.)

Check your watch face or the Samsung Health app (Google Fit or whatever app you utilise) to encounter if it updates your steps.

Is your watch face non showing your footstep or activity count, or isn’t a correct count? Change your sentinel face
change watch face in Samsung Wearable app

If the trouble is that your watch face count does non lucifer the count in Samsung Health (or your preferred app,) endeavor irresolute your sentinel face to a default Samsung lookout man face up.

Make sure y’all permit that new watch face up access to trunk sensors and other requested data from your watch and see if that correctly shows your steps or other activity metrics.
allow Samsung watch face access to watch sensors and data

If and so, the problem is the watch face up, non the picket. Effort uninstalling the watch confront you want to use and reinstall it.

For folks using tertiary-political party apps on a Wear OS3 watch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch iv, many of these scout faces pull your step, floor, and activeness counts from Google fit.

So, brand sure Google fit is installed on your spotter and phone and bank check that you give Fit permission to your scout’s Physical activity and Sensors.

  1. On your lookout, go to the
    Settings app
    and choose
  2. Scroll downwardly to
    Samsung watch Google Fit permissions
  3. Choose
  4. Allow access to
    Physical action
    Sensors. We too recommend allowing admission to
    Location and Receive complexity data.

Is Samsung Health not showing your step count on your telephone?

If your scout shows your stride and activity information, but information technology’s non showing upwards in the Samsung Wellness app on your phone, you probable set the app to show only steps yous made with your phone and not your watch.

Verify Samsung Health counts your watch’s activity

  1. Open
    Samsung Wellness
    on your phone and tap
  2. Select the
    More button
    (3 verticle dots) at the acme of your screen.
  3. Choose
    Select stride information to show.
    Samsung Health app select data to show for step count
  4. Brand certain y’all cull
    All steps, not mobile telephone.
    Show all steps in Samsung Health app

Examination your watch, reset, and if necessary, become support

If you still have step or action tracking problems, run a walking test.

Walk at to the lowest degree fifty continuous steps on
a straight path. Walk naturally without looking at your watch or raising your shoulders, elbow, or wrist.

After 50 steps, stop and bank check if your watch recognized those steps correctly.
Samsung Galaxy watch walking test

If non, try resetting your lookout back to its manufactory defaults. You tin do this on the watch or using the Wearable app.

Use your spotter to reset your watch

  1. Go to
    Settings > General > Reset.

    1. Optional: choose
      Support data
      and follow the steps on your telephone.
  2. Tap
    Samsung Galaxy Watch reset
  3. Wait for your watch to complete the Reset process, then connect to a fill-in, if desired.

Utilise the Galaxy Article of clothing app to reset your watch

  1. Open the Wearable app and choose
    Lookout Settings. You skip this step on some watch models.
  2. Go to
    Full general > Reset
    and ostend.
    Samsung Galaxy Wearable app reset watch
  3. Wait for your watch to complete the Reset process, then connect to a backup, if desired.