Samsung honouring the legacy of the Note with the S22 Ultra is a good thing

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Samsung has fabricated information technology abundantly clear that the Galaxy Note will be a key bespeak of reference for the S22 Ultra, and that’southward actually good news for the mobile phones market.

The Galaxy Note is dead; long live the Milky way Note.
That’south the message that Samsung seemed to send out with an editorial accompanying the announcement of its upcoming Unpacked event in Feb of this year.

Even though the Note was abruptly discontinued back in 2022, its presence dominated the commodity like a ghost at the feast, equally the head of Samsung’south mobile division waxed lyrical on its innovation and continued influence in the smartphone sphere:

…the Milky way Notation merged the convenience and portability of smartphones with the expansive screen and notepad-like functionality of tablets. Some balked at the 5.3-inch display — considered enormous then — but Annotation created a legacy where a big display is now the standard. The S Pen also surprised everyone. Information technology empowered people to bridge inventiveness with productivity – whenever inspiration struck, they could quickly write downwards their ideas and thoughts in Samsung Notes.

Dr Tae Moon Roh

He’s certainly non incorrect, and the reasons he cites are the aforementioned ones that caused disappointment to then many when the Milky way Annotation 20 was confirmed every bit the last of its kind.

Of form, reading between the lines, it’s no mere coincidence that the device was given and so many name-checks in the commodity; this isn’t but a lovelorn loser talking relentlessly near his ex-girlfriend on a first date. In fact it seems that the Galaxy Note will essentially be reborn under the guise of the S22 Ultra, the most premium handset in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 line-up, which is promised in no uncertain terms to be “ultimate Ultra experience.” The three key specifications that came to ascertain the Note series — an onboard South-Pen stylus, a massive screen, and an excellent photographic camera organization — will make their render, and the smartphone market will be in better shape because of information technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note twenty & Note 20 Ultra

The S-Pen is a particularly useful characteristic, absent from practically all rival devices, that allows for far more precise input than is expected on your standard finger-friendly touchscreen and can even double as a remote control. In what seemed like an afterthought of the blueprint process, you lot could buy 1 separately for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra — only given that there was no dedicated slot to house it, yous’d run the very real adventure of losing it every time you lot took information technology out of your pocket.

The sizeable screens nosotros run into on most mobile phones today practice owe some popularity to the Note line; but there’southward big and and then in that location’s
large, and the opportunity of watching video content on a smartphone screen shut to 7 inches large is an attractive prospect for many of us, especially if we’re yet to be convinced the current craze for foldables. Merely as it’s refreshing to run across smaller screens making a improvement with the likes of the iPhone SE 2, it’s prissy to likewise have the pick of going supersize; wider consumer choice is rarely a bad matter.

Meanwhile, the rumoured camera system seems to boast more lenses than a pack of paparazzi, allegedly consisting of a 108-megapixel main photographic camera along with three 12-megapixel sensors (one ultrawide, one 3x optical zoom, and one 10x zoom periscope). Your average phone user won’t need all those snappers, certain, but if you want to rest assured that you tin capture whatsoever shot you should happen to want — and don’t listen paying upwards for the privilege — then the arsenal of sensors should suit your every demand.

The Samsung Galaxy Notation was never the perfect device for every user, and it was never meant to be. Only if y’all wanted a completely uncompromised premium mobile experience that prioritised productivity it was an ideal choice — and so for the simple reason of dissimilar phones being available for unlike people who have different needs, I’m glad to see its return, albeit under disguise; a Notation past any other name would however aroma as sweet.


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