Samsung Note 10 Plus Record Calls

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Record calls on Galaxy Note 9? Here’southward how to enable call recording in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Notation 10, and Annotation nine Pie devices. By default, Samsung Note ix telephone call recording disabled. You can select which calls will exist automatically recorded in your Note 9 Pie. Also, enable automatic phone call recording on galaxy Notation 9 from private mobile numbers or unsaved numbers.

Yous tin can use this Samsung phone call recorder using a phone app in your device. Besides, use the Samsung telephone call recorder app in your Notation 9 to record telephone calls in your device. Follow the below-given step by step process to record a telephone call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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How to Record a Phone Phone call On Galaxy Note 9, Note 10 Plus

There are two ways to Galaxy Notation 10 telephone call recording.

Tape Telephone call on Samsung Note 10 Plus & Annotation x

Step i:
Open the
Telephone app
on your Samsung Note 10 & Note 10+.

Footstep ii:
Tap on
at the upper correct corner and select

Step 3:
Tap on
Record calls
nether the call settings department.

Footstep 4:
Cull from
Selected numbers, unsaved numbers, or all numbers

You can find recorded phone calls in the phone call folder in your Samsung Galaxy Note x and Note 10 plus devices.

Using Running Telephone Call:

Step 1:
Make a
phone telephone call

or when you
receive a telephone call.

Stride 2:
Three vertical dots (More)
at the upper right corner of the phone call screen.

step 3:
Click on the
Record button.

For Galaxy Note nine:

Enable Call Recording on Note 9 using a phone app

Step 1:
Open up the
Telephone app
in your Note 9.

Footstep two:
3 vertical dots
at the upper right corner.

Step 3:

Step 4:
Record calls
under call settings subheading.

Hither you can see “Notifications” to go a bulletin subsequently calls are recorded and “Auto record calls” options. Past default turn off auto tape calls toggle in your Note ix.

Stride 5:
Turn on toggle
automobile record calls on activating call recording.

Pace 6:
terms & weather to tape telephone calls on Samsung Note nine.

Stride vii:
Car record calls.

You can come across below given three options for Samsung telephone call recorder

All numbers

It volition automatically record all phone calls in your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Unsaved number

If you lot want to tape calls of unknown number, choose this option in your device.

Selected numbers

Only selected numbers to call recording in your Samsung Note 9.

Step eight:
from above given three options you want to set

Now enable automatic call recording on the Milky way Note nine device. You lot’ll receive call recording notifications later on recorded calls on Notation 9.

Record a phone telephone call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This method useful when your
phone call is running
with the unknown number or other contact numbers.

Footstep 1:
running telephone call

screen in your Note 9.

Step 2:
3 vertical dots (More)
at the upper correct corner.

Footstep 3:

Now record a phone telephone call in the galaxy Notation ix device.

And that’southward all. We hope this makes it clear how to record a phone call in Galaxy Note 9. If you have any kind of trouble, tell us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.