Save £50 when you get the GoPro Hero 9 Black this Black Friday

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We’ve already seen the new

GoPro Hero ten drop in price

in Amazon’due south

Black Fri

auction. Now, concluding yr’due south

GoPro Hero 9 Black

has had an additional £50 taken off it, bringing it downwardly to a very tempting £329.99.

The Hero 9 Black launched in 2022 at £429. Last Nov, information technology saw information technology’s price reduced to £379.99 and, while the cost has seen a number of price drops in the concluding year, this is the beginning time we’ve seen the action photographic camera plunge this low. That’due south a £50 saving on it’s current price and £100 off its original RRP just ane year after launch.

Get the GoPro Hero 9 Black for simply £329.99

The GoPro Hero 9 Black has dropped to just £329.99 in Amazon’south Blackness Friday sale. That’s a £50 saving on it’s usual price and £100 off it’s original £429 RRP.

  • Amazon
  • Was £379.99
  • £329.99

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You can see just how far it’s dropped in the Keepa graph beneath:

The Hero nine Black is GoPro’due south 2022 flagship activity camera.

The action cam packs a 23.6-megapixel sensor for crisp stills, along with SuperPhoto for improved image processing, and in-camera horizon leveling.

The camera is also capable of capturing stunning 5K video footage. There’s HyperSmooth three.0 for in-photographic camera stabilisation, along with TimeWarp 3.0 for fourth dimension lapses and up to 8x slo-mo when filming at 1080p 240 resolutions.

Mayhap the biggest update to the serial with this release was the addition of a new front brandish, offering users more control. The rear bear on display also saw an increase in size and the camera is waterproof up to 33ft.

Y’all might similar…

“GoPro has moved with the times and made an activeness camera much more comfy to utilise for vlog-style videos. Y’all can compose your shot right there from the front screen, and horizon levelling adds even more pro gloss, if you don’t mind the cropped field of view”, wrote Andrew Williams in our iv star review of the action cam.

“There’s less need to pack an extra battery also, as the GoPro Hero 9 Black lasts longer betwixt charges. 5K capture isn’t going to change how many people shoot, and the main prototype quality change we come across hither versus the Hero eight Black is increased dissimilarity”.

Williams noted that anyone non interested in the front display might want to opt for the older 8-series GoPro, but if you lot’re a fan of the 2d screen, information technology’ll be difficult to find a better bargain than this.

Get the GoPro Hero nine Blackness for simply £329.99

The GoPro Hero nine Blackness has dropped to just £329.99 in Amazon’south Black Friday auction. That’due south a £50 saving on it’due south usual toll and £100 off information technology’south original £429 RRP.

  • Amazon
  • Was £379.99
  • £329.99

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If you’re looking for a new action cam, this is a great time to get your hands on the 2022 GoPro Hero ix Black for just £329.99. Shop today to relieve £l in the Amazon Black Fri sale.

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