Save over £80 when you buy the LG Tone Free UFP8 earbuds right now

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In need of some new racket cancelling earbuds? Amazon has reduced the LG Tone Costless UFP8 by 45% in its Black Friday sale just months after the earbuds were first released.

The UFP8s launched in August at £179.99. If you lot’ve had your eye on these earbuds, Black Fri may but be the best time to buy them. The LG pair are down to simply £99 in the Amazon auction. That’s a £80.99 – or 45% – saving on the noise cancelling earbuds.

LG also happens to be running a contest correct now, which could put you lot in with a take a chance of winning the “ultimate home amusement package” worth £3000 when you shop for the UFP8s at specific retailers (including Amazon) earlier January 4 2022.

The LG Tone Free UPF8 are simply £99 this Black Friday

The LG Tone Costless UPF8 have seen a 45% price cutting in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. That’s a £fourscore.99 saving on the £179.99 noise-cancelling earbuds, taking them down to just £99 for a limited fourth dimension.

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  • Was £179.99
  • £99

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The Tone Complimentary UFP8 are a 2022 pair of true wireless earbuds from LG.

The earbuds take advantage of a larger, more avant-garde driver than their predecessors, with clear and spatial sound from British audio brand Meridan, along with powerful Flex Action Bass.

The improved driver is also amend at detecting and cancelling out distractions for constructive Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC.

Each earbud features a iii-mic assortment to reduce ambient racket in calls, as well as a privacy-protecting Whispering Mode that allows you to hold an earbud to your mouth to selection up your voice even when speaking quietly.

Design-wise, the earbuds come up with medical-grade hypoallergenic ear gels and the charging case uses UVnano to kill upwardly to 99.9% of bacteria when you put them away. The earbuds are also sweat and h2o resistant up to IPX4.

The UPF8 offer 10 hours of playtime in the earbuds, with a full of 24 hours including the case. They also accept advantage of fast charging, offer one hour of listening from a quick five minute charge.

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While our review of the LG UFP8 isn’t live only yet, Buyers’ Advice editor Thomas Deehan said:

“I’m currently in the middle of testing the LG UFP8 and while you’ll have to await a little longer for a total review, I can say that they accept performed brilliantly during testing. The new ergonomic pattern (take straight from the AirPods Pro) feels a lot more comfy when resting in your ears, and there’s a noticeable uptick in audio quality and ANC strength. For just £99, the UFP8 are an absolute steal”.

The LG Tone Free UPF8 are but £99 this Black Friday

The LG Tone Free UPF8 have seen a 45% cost cut in Amazon’s Black Friday auction. That’s a £eighty.99 saving on the £179.99 noise-cancelling earbuds, taking them downward to only £99 for a limited time.

  • Amazon
  • Was £179.99
  • £99

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If you like the sound of these earbuds, don’t waste whatever fourth dimension. The Black Friday sale ends soon and this 45% discount is too good to miss. Head over to Amazon at present to salve £fourscore.99 on the £179.99 LG Tone Free UFP8 and get them for but £99 right now.

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