See Posts You Liked On Facebook

If you want to acquire how to see which
posts you accept liked on Facebook, nosotros are going to assistance yous out. Facebook remains one of the nigh popular applications among users worldwide. Sometimes you give likes to many posts from friends or pages that y’all are following.

It is possible that at a given moment you lot are looking for a postal service, photograph, or annotate that you have liked on your Facebook account, but you no longer call up the page or profile where you liked it. If you are looking for something, on the social network y’all tin can check which posts you’ve liked.

If you’ve forgotten which Facebook likes you’ve liked over time, a quick trip to your “Activity Log” on Facebook will help. Do you want to “unlike” an old “like,” or hide a liked Facebook fan page from your contour? You can as well do so.

How to see which posts yous accept liked on Facebook?

Facebook has an activity log, where we volition be able to come across everything we accept done in our account. In this activity log you can run into the searches fabricated, the comments you have fabricated, etc. These are the steps to be able to find the activeness log.

On Desktop

  • Open Facebook on your phone.
  • Click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes.
  • Click on Settings and privacy.
  • Get to Settings.

  • Scroll down until you attain the Activity Log section.
  • Go into this log.
  • Wait for the post that you’ve liked back in the twenty-four hours.
How to see which posts you have liked on Facebook?
How to see which posts you lot take liked on Facebook?

In club to view it, tap on the particular log, and the mail service will and then open up up on the screen.
The Facebook activity log is organized chronologically, with the dates on which you performed those actions. If you think the date, yous volition only have to wait for that specific solar day when you lot liked a photo or comment on the social network.

On iOS or Android

  • Open Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Now tap the menu on the lesser right for iOS or acme-right for Android (the three-line button).
  • You will come across your name on the top of the menu, tap on it.
  • Tap the Activity Log push which is under your contour image
  • Now you will exist taken to a screen with a listing of activity sorted by years. Tap one of them, and you are going to meet a log of all your activities on Facebook for that year.
  • We should filter the likes only, and so tap the Filter button nearly the top, and then tap on Likes.
  • You will at present be taken back to the main Action Log screen. You lot can tap on whatever month or year to see the likes from that catamenia.
  • If you lot want to dissimilar a post or actually annihilation, tap the picayune down-pointer on the right side of the item, then tap Unlike.
  • If you have liked a Facebook fan page, you can too hide the like from your timeline, and then that others won’t come across it.
How to see which posts you have liked on Facebook?
How to run across which posts you have liked on Facebook?

It’southward overnice to be able to see all of your Facebook likes in one identify. Maybe you liked a mail, and now yous want to go back and run into it, but the Facebook search pick isn’t allowing yous to do so. The following methods will certainly bring the mail service into view.