Sharp Tv Remote App For Android

Quick Tips

  • No official remote app for Sharp Smart TV.
  • For Abrupt Android Television: Android TV Remote Services app by Google
  • For Precipitous Roku Boob tube: Roku Remote app by Roku

For all Smart TVs, you will get a dedicated remote in the unboxing kit. With the remote, you can control and navigate within the apps and TV’s UI. Sharp Smart TV is not an exception. Yous volition get a kit remote forth with the Tv. Sometimes, the Sharp Smart TV remote won’t work equally you wait. Some buttons on the remote won’t work. In that case, you have to employ the smartphone remote app to control your Sharp Smart TV.

Sharp Tv set Remote App

Sharp has its official remote app for the onetime TVs. Simply, for some reason, the app has been removed from the Play Store and the App Store. So, yous take to use the Google-made remote app for Sharp Android TVs and the Roku-made remote app for Sharp Roku TVs.

How to Utilize Android TV Remote App on Sharp Android TV

#1 Install the Android TV Remote Service for Android smartphones or the Android Television receiver app for iPhones & iPads.

#2 Connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the same WiFi network every bit that of your Precipitous Television receiver.

#3 Open up the Android Television receiver remote app on your smartphone.

#four Click the
Available Devices
option and choose your
Sharp Android Tv set.

Available Devices option

#5 Now, yous volition go the remote layout on your smartphone.

#6 Use the
D-pad buttons
to navigate between the options.

D-pad buttons

#vii Click the
push to get the
Abrupt Android TV
home screen.

Click Home button to get Sharp Smart TV home screen

#8 Utilize the
buttons and
button to control the volume of your Sharp Smart TV.

Control Volume on sharp Smart TV withtout remote

#9 Click the
button to go to the previous screen.

Back button

#10 Click the
push to turn off or plough on the Sharp Smart Television receiver without using the remote.

Turn on Sharp Smart TV without remote

#11 To enable phonation commands, click the
Google Banana

Sharp Smart TV remote app

#12 If yous want, you lot tin can disable the D-pad buttons and enable the touchscreen layout for easy navigation.

Touchscreen layout on Sharp Smart TV remote app

#thirteen Using this, yous can use your Abrupt Android TV without the remote control.

How to Use Roku Telly Remote App to Control Sharp Roku TV

#1 Install the
Roku remote
app from the Play Store or App Store.

#2 Make sure that your smartphone and Abrupt Roku Tv set are connected to the aforementioned WiFi network.

#3 Open the
Roku remote
and go to the
carte du jour.

#iv Cull your
Sharp Roku Television receiver.

#5 With the remote layout, you lot tin can control your Sharp Roku Tv.

Sharp Roku TV remote

#6 Click the
icon to enable private listening on Sharp Roku Tv.

Headphones icon

#7 To enable the voice assistant button, click the

MIC icon to enable voice assistant

#eight Using the buttons on the app, y’all can hands command the Sharp Roku Television.

Alternative Sharp TV Remote Apps

Other TV remote apps like Remote Control For Sharp TV and Abrupt TV Remote Control offering the same control features. But, these apps are available only for Android devices. For iOS devices, you lot have to use only Google or the Roku app. You tin also get any of the universal remotes and pair them to your TV using the Abrupt TV remote codes.

You can install any of the above-mentioned three applications and command your Sharp Smart Telly. Pick a remote control app based on your smartphone and preferences. Permit us know your favorite remote control app in the comments below.


ane. Tin I use the Sharp TV remote app without WiFi?

No, you lot tin’t. Both the Android Boob tube Remote Services and Roku Remote apps need a common WiFi connection to command your Abrupt TV.

2. Can I use the Android Television set Remote app to control my Sharp Aquos TV?

Yes, Sharp Aquos Television receiver runs on Android OS. You tin use the Android TV Remote app to control the Television receiver.