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The Sharp YC-GC52FU-B 25L Microwave with Grill and Convection is a compact combi microwave that is surprisingly spacious and piece of cake to utilise cheers to its clear control panel and handy time/weight setting knob. While its automatic programmes have a limited range compared with some other models, and the grill here is on the weak side, this combi oven has strong convection and decent microwave functions. The YC-GC52FU-B manages most cooking and reheating tasks well, with a bit of unevenness when it comes to defrosting and grilling. Its transmission could practice with more item regarding the auto programmes and the usability of the provided accessories – but it does explicate the diverse combi settings.


  • Low cost
  • Compact
  • Clear control console


  • Cryptic auto programmes
  • Weak grill setting


  • UK
    RRP: £169.99

Key Features

  • Type
    This is a freestanding flatbed microwave with convection oven and grill features.

  • Power
    This microwave has a maximum setting of 900W.

  • Max temperature
    The oven goes up to a maximum temperature of 230C.


Combination microwaves tend to be pricier than regular microwaves because they operate both as an oven and a microwave while often boasting other cooking functions and automatic programmes. The Sharp YC-GC52FU-B 25L Microwave with Grill and Convection shines as a cheaper option.

While it doesn’t have the same range or quality of machine programmes as the more high-end models – and its grill setting is on the weak side – information technology offers a decent microwave and excellent convection performance, managing to fit in a good amount of food while not taking up too much of your countertop space.

Design and features

  • Spacious despite the small-scale footprint
  • Control panel and time/weight knob easy to use
  • Education manual could do with more detail

The showtime affair you’ll observe about the Abrupt YC-GC52FU-B 25L Microwave with Grill and Convection is that it’southward pretty compact. While its capacity at 25L is lower than some of its combi competitors’, it tin withal fit a whole chicken upwardly to one.4kg and defrost upwards to 2kg of nutrient at a time.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B inside fan

The YC-GC52FU-B’s design is minimalist, and it’southward well-lit on the inside, with a generous window allowing a good view of the cooking process (as long as it doesn’t get besides steamy). The appliance has a blackness metal torso with a black drinking glass forepart and a matching black plastic control panel with touch-sensitive buttons. Both the glass and the plastic do tend to become covered in fingerprints. Withal, the control panel locks easily for a quick wipe-downward.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B dial

The controls permit for a dainty degree of customisability: in addition to a kid lock, the Eco function enables yous to plough off the display to save ability, and a mute push stops the appliance from beeping. Meanwhile, a preferred setting can be saved under the Favourite button.

Other control panel functions include Motorcar Menu, Clock/Timer, Microwave, Grill, Convection, Weight/Time Defrost, Microwave + Grill, Microwave + Convection, as well as the Cease and Start buttons, which double as Eco mode activation and add 30 seconds to the cooking time respectively.


The LCD is small but very clear, and having a pleasantly whirring knob for time and weight selection takes the strain out of wrists and fingers.

A flatbed blueprint means there is no turntable hither. Nevertheless the baking tray and grill rack provided are both round – purportedly to facilitate more even cooking every bit, according to the transmission, circular dishes are recommended considering the corners of rectangular tins tend to cook faster than the centre.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B flat bed

Helpfully, in that location is a fiddling rubber rim around the base of operations of the oven, catching some of the condensation that can get together during steamier microwaving sessions while still remaining easy to clean.

The teaching manual is thin hither and omits some crucial information, such equally whether the grill rack or baking tray are suitable for any of the combi modes or motorcar programmes. (Sharp has confirmed they are non suited for combi or microwave-only cooking.) Furthermore, there’s scant detail on how the automobile programmes actually cook the nutrient, leaving you lot listening out for sounds to guess which of the microwave’due south three main functions take been activated.

In addition to the 13 motorcar programmes for heating various foods, the YC-GC52FU-B has ii Microwave + Grill (30%/70% and 55%/45%) and iv Microwave + Convection (140°C, 170°C, 200°C and 230°C) settings. The microwave role has eleven ability levels (from 0% to 100% in 10% intervals), while convection temperatures span 110°C to 230°C, and weight-based defrosting ranges from 100g to 2kg in 100g increments.


  • Some unevenness at defrosting merely fifty-fifty reheating
  • Grill setting non very strong
  • Varying success with motorcar programmes

The Sharp YC-GC52FU-B 25L Microwave with Grill and Convection showed a petty unevenness in some tests but thrived at others.

Using the fourth dimension-based defrost setting, I microwaved ii slices of frozen white bread for 1min. This function gradually reduces power from forty% to 30%, then stopping to remind you to turn over the food, earlier continuing at 20% power. After 40secs, the oven alerted me to flip over the staff of life. The extremes were already nowadays, with both hot and frozen patches visible on my thermal camera. This meant parts of the bread were already drying out, while some areas were still cold and soggy.

Afterwards microwaving two frozen slices at full ability for 40secs, flipping them over halfway through, the results were less uneven than using the Time Defrost setting, simply sure areas still appeared hot on the thermal camera. I finished defrosting these slices with 15 more seconds on each side. It also became apparent that the left side was consistently colder, so it’s worth rotating the plate too as flipping over the food.

Interestingly, the grill part hither doesn’t require preheating. Placing the defrosted slices on the grill rack for 6mins, flipping over halfway through, the bread came out gently toasted. In that location appeared to be a hot spot at the dorsum left corner where the breadstuff was more than browned – again indicating the necessity of rotating the food in improver to flipping information technology over.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B toasted bred

Turning to Car Cook programmes, I used the A-06 rice pre-set to cook 300g of rice with 600ml of h2o. This took 23mins and the rice came out perfectly cooked, requiring no extra standing time or further heating.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B Freshly cooked rice

In one case the same rice was cooled to fridge temperature, I reheated 200g of it with ii tablespoons of water using full microwave power. After 2mins, it measured 99°C in the heart, while there was slight unevenness around the edges, which were in the 80-xc°C range. Stirring the rice and heating it for another thirty secs yielded an even result.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B Reheated rice after 2mins, stir + 30secs

A raw, fridge-cold 350g white potato took 9mins of microwaving birthday. After 6mins of initial heating (having flipped information technology over and rotated the plate halfway through) and continuing for a farther minute, the potato’s inner temperature was 98°C. However, when cutting open, some harder $.25 became apparent. These were also visible as slightly cooler patches on my thermal camera. It took another 3mins to reach an appropriate level of softness, by which point the edges of the irish potato were starting to look white-hot on the thermal camera.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B Full power microwaved potato after 6mins

For the automated jacket murphy programme, I had to opt for a smaller (250g) potato, as the manual stipulates a weight limit. I assumed this setting was going to be some kind of a combi mode, so I opted to use a ceramic oven dish (rather than a plate for microwaving or a metal tray for convection/grill). All the same, this programme merely took 5mins (for one tater), and, from the looks of it, merely included the microwave office. After letting it represent a minute, the spud measured 95°C within and sounded crunchy when poked with a skewer, requiring another 4mins of full-power cooking to become edible.

I then tried cooking a 350g white potato using the Microwave + Grill combi setting ii (every bit recommended in the transmission). Afterward 20mins, the tater was extremely soft on the inside, while the grill hadn’t actually crisped upward the skin, leaving it wrinkled like a microwave-only irish potato. I was once again using a ceramic dish, which every bit the manual isn’t articulate on the grill rack’s suitability in the combi mode. This meant the top of the white potato was perhaps too far from the grill element. Meanwhile, the bottom of the murphy that touched the baking dish crisped up to a leathery consistency – meaning information technology’s best to flip over the potato halfway through the cooking.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B Microwave + Convection baked potato

The Microwave + Convection combi mode yielded the all-time jacket murphy. A 370g tater looked crisped up and measured 99°C inside after 20mins at 200°C. Notwithstanding, it was still a niggling on the difficult side when cut open up, requiring an extra 5mins in the oven to achieve a fluffy consistency.

The convection-simply function, meanwhile, impressed with a short preheating fourth dimension, reaching 220°C in 3mins7secs, and delivered crispy chips and thoroughly cooked and browned whole craven.

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B chicken

Latest deals

Should yous buy information technology?

If you want a combi microwave just accept a limited budget or are short on space, this is a peachy choice.

If y’all’d like a bells-and-whistles apparatus that would evangelize more than basic cooking tasks, try a different product.

Final Thoughts

The Sharp YC-GC52FU-B 25L Microwave with Grill and Convection is more compact than other combi microwaves, proving a good option for someone brusque on space but looking for a microwave and convection in ane.

Understandably, the YC-GC52FU-B’southward automobile programmes are fewer and less refined than those of its much pricier competitors, such as the Sage Combi Wave 3 in 1 and the Panasonic NN-CS89LBBPQ, which too avowal an air fryer and a steamer respectively.

How we examination

Unlike other sites, we test every microwave nosotros review thoroughly over an extended menstruation of time. We use manufacture standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we observe. We never, ever, accept money to review a production.

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Used every bit our main microwave for the review period

Nosotros use a thermal camera to come across how well the microwave tin defrost frozen breadstuff, using the defrost setting and any automatic programmes.

We cook a baked spud using just the microwave setting and, if bachelor, another using the combi setting.

If at that place’s a grill pick, we toast bread to see how evenly it cooks.

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What’s the power of the Abrupt YC-GC52FU-B?

This microwave has a maximum microwave ability of 900W.

What cooking modes does the Sharp YC-GC52FU-B have?

Besides every bit microwave, this is a convection oven and a grill.

Is the Sharp YC-GC52FU-B a flatbed microwave?

Yes: you can put rectangular containers in, as this microwave doesn’t demand to spin the contents.

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)

Release Engagement

Commencement Reviewed Date

Model Number

Stated Ability

Special features

Oven type

Appliance blazon

Number of ovens

Oven description

Oven grill

Oven microwave

Microwave bed type

Microwave max power

Oven capcity

Sharp YC-GC52FU-B



340 x 338 x 197 MM



Sharp YC-GC52FU-B

2050 W

14 automated programmes




Combi microwave, convection oven and grill




1100 Due west

25 litres


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