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The Shokz OpenRun headphones are essentially the Aeropex with a new name. They can charge quicker and withal offering the same counterbalanced sound and lightweight design.


  • Slim, lite, comfy pattern
  • Counterbalanced sound operation
  • Added quick-charge support


  • More expensive than however available Aeropex
  • Proprietary charging cable
  • Not that different from Aeropex

Cardinal Features

  • Waterproof
    IP67 rating protects from dust, sweat and water (only non pond)

  • Battery
    8 hours each charge and quick charge supported


The OpenRun are sports headphones from Shokz, the visitor formerly known equally AfterShokz for making bone conduction headphones built for do.

Along with the OpenRun Pro, the OpenRun offering a neckband-style, open up-ear design, relying on bone-conduction technology to evangelize audio to your ears while still letting you hear the world around yous.

These are essentially a rebrand of the Shokz’ Aeropex headphones launched in 2022, with added fast charging.

Shokz has pretty much dominated the sporty bone-conduction space, although there are newcomers on the scene that promise to offering like features for less. So are the OpenRun the best conducting sports headphones to put on for a workout?


  • U.k.
    RRP: £129.95
  • The states
    RRP: $129.95

The Shokz OpenRun are available to buy from the Shokz website for £129.95/$129.95. That puts them merely below the OpenRun Pro, which come in at $179.95, but that currently only appear to be bachelor in the US from the brand’south website.


  • IP67 waterproof design
  • Weigh 26g

They might have a different name, but make no mistake – the OpenRun headphones are basically the Aeropex. The latter are no longer bachelor to purchase from Shokz directly, simply you lot should however be able to chase down a pair from third-party retailers for a while yet.

With an identical weight to the Aeropex at 26g and the same IP67 waterproof rating, the OpenRun headphones offer protection against sweat and pelting, but you won’t be able to swim with them. They sport the aforementioned neckband-mode design, and their pleasingly lite and slim frame makes these headphones ideal for running and general exercise.

Shokz Openrun held in the hand

I’ve fifty-fifty dug out the Aeropex while testing the OpenRun, and they match up on all fronts. You’ll observe the volume and on/off push on the correct, next to the proprietary charging port, and the larger button on the outside of the left side of the headphones is for playing and pausing audio and treatment calls.

Bachelor in four colours – Catholic Black, Bluish Eclipse, Luna Gray and Solar Red – the offer is again identical to that of the Aeropex.

Shokz Openrun worn by reviewer

Almost os-conduction headphones I’ve tried have attempted to ape the look of Shokz’ headphones – and for good reason. These are light to wear, don’t budge during workouts and offer skillful water and sweat protection. They seem reasonably well-congenital, although I’ve seen those slender arms of previous Shokz units interruption, then these definitely aren’t sling in the lesser of your bag headphones.


  • Solid connectivity
  • Multipoint pairing supported
  • High volumes impact battery life

From a connectivity bespeak of view, I haven’t experienced any issues. The OpenRun come packing Bluetooth five.1, promising a wireless range of 33ft. I’ve paired them up with Android phones and iPhones and haven’t suffered any connection dropouts. It’southward also good to meet that multipoint pairing is supported here equally well.

Shokz Openrun close up of logo

The big change hither really lies with the battery. The OpenRun include a 160mAh capacity battery, which is capable of delivering up to eight hours of battery life. Afterwards just over two hours of running, the battery dropped from 100% to around 60%. That’s 20% an hour, which would actually work to about 5 hours based on testing. Clearly, listening at higher volumes volition see that battery life drop quicker.

When it’s time to accuse, however, the OpenRun will take 1.5 hours to get from 0-100%, and a quick-accuse feature gets you an hr of listening time in simply 10 minutes. The charging cable magnetically clips to the port on the frame, but I’d definitely like information technology to sit more securely than information technology does; it can go hands knocked out of place.

Sound Quality

  • Bluetooth 5.ane
  • Quick-charge feature now included

Like all Shokz headphones, the OpenRun rely on bone-conduction technology to send sound upwards towards your ears via vibrations using transducers. There’s more often than not always been a compromise with the blazon of sound quality y’all tin can enjoy with this method of delivering sound to your ears. Shokz has typically stood out for offer the best sound quality, minimising the vibration sensations felt with some cheaper alternatives when you creepo upwardly the volume.

Shokz Openrun close up of speakers

The OpenRun use Shokz’ 8th-generation version of its bone-conduction engineering science, which promises less leakage, fewer vibrations and better overall sound. From the range of such headphones I’ve tested, if you value clarity over roaring power and bass then these are upwards there with the all-time.

The OpenRun sound profile is nicely counterbalanced, offering a petty punch of bass and some nice detail to ensure they work well across a range of music genres. If you lot’re hoping for an audio roar, you lot’ll be disappointed. Even so, in the context of bone-conduction headphones, they sound pretty decent.

Shokz Openrun tied up with trainer shoelaces

Inevitably, these headphones will nonetheless leak a piddling, but nowhere close in league to previous-generation Shokz headphones. The OpenRun maintain a practiced balance between isolating and letting sound in around you. These headphones won’t entirely block out the noise of current of air or traffic on a run, just they certainly don’t leave you struggling to hear what you’re listening to either.

You can have calls with the OpenRun, also, and in that location’s dual noise-cancelling mics to deliver the kind of telephone call quality that certainly works better in more modestly loud environments than super-loud ones. Information technology’south like shooting fish in a barrel enough to accept calls and the book is adept plenty, simply you are making compromises overall.

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Should you lot buy it?

Yous want sporty bone-conduction headphones that are calorie-free to wearable
The OpenRun weigh only 26g, and then whether you’re running or jumping in the gym, they certainly don’t weigh heavy once you get going.

Y’all already own the Aeropex
Proper noun change and quick-charge feature aside, you’re getting exactly the same headphones equally the Aeropex, which launched when Shokz was AfterShokz.

Final Thoughts

The Shokz OpenRun are an example of bone-conduction headphones for exercise done correct. They’re comfortable and light to wear, offer proficient sound quality, and skilful plenty battery life – which is at present backed upwards a quick-charge feature. If you ain the Aeropex already, there isn’t a compelling reason to upgrade. However, if yous’re looking for your beginning pair of bone-conduction headphones – and are prepared for the fact that these don’t evangelize a big and bassy sound – and then the OpenRun are worth a look.

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Can I apply the Shokz Openrun for swimming?

While its IP67 rating is enough to protect it from sweat, dust ingress and extreme weather condition conditions, the Openrun is non recommended to utilize for underwater swimming.

What is the difference between the Aeropex and Openrun?

The two main differences are that the Openrun has Bluetooth five.1 and at present comes with a quick charge feature.

Full specs

Britain RRP



IP rating

Bombardment Hours

Fast Charging



Release Date

Model Number

Audio Resolution



Frequency Range

Shokz OpenRun







26 M





Bluetooth 5.1

Blackness, Blue, Gray, Cherry-red

20 20000 – Hz


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