Should You Buy the iPhone 12 mini in 2022?

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Many iPhone users wished that Apple would launch a new compact iPhone with powerful internals and a competent camera setup. While the iPhone SE did get a refresh in 2022, it is at best a rebadged iPhone 8 with some improvements rather than a flagship mini iPhone. Then, Apple finally launched the iPhone 12 mini last yr — the most compact flagship 5G smartphone in the market. Seven months later, is the iPhone 12 mini worth a purchase in 2022? Or the thought of a mini iPhone sounds only practiced on paper?

On newspaper, the iPhone 12 mini sounds like a dream phone for anyone who hates the massive flagship phones of today. It has a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display, stereo speakers, IP68 dust and water resistance, an excellent dual-camera system, and a speedy A14 Bionic chip. On superlative of that, Apple tree likewise managed to include 5G on the iPhone 12 mini, then you will get blazing fast mobile data speeds on it as well.

Even so, when you start using the iPhone 12 mini in real life, you realize its shortcomings. A small phone comes with its own gear up of issues. Here’s why y’all should reconsider buying the iPhone 12 mini in 2022.

Should You lot Buy the iPhone 12 mini in 2022?

Poor Battery Life

Despite Apple’s technology prowess, it cannot beat the laws of physics. A small-scale phone ways a small-scale battery which means average to sub-par battery life. Battery life is the Achilles’ Heel of the iPhone 12 mini. Even with moderate employ, existing iPhone 12 mini owners have struggled to make it through a day. The telephone almost e’er requires a quick superlative-upwards in the evening to make it through a few additional hours. Use the telephone heavily on 5G, and you lot’ll run down its battery in no time.

Even if you honey compact phones, you should reconsider buying the iPhone 12 mini due to this. Despite all the hype surrounding a meaty iPhone, the iPhone 12 mini has failed to click with customers, with demand beingness “far lower” than expected. In fact, reports signal that Apple tree has already stopped the production of the iPhone 12 mini due to poor need.

If you already own an iPhone 12 mini, check out some tips on how to better its battery life.

iPhone 12 mini charging

Minor Display

The entire selling indicate of the iPhone 12 mini is its small and compact size. While that sounds good on paper, one time y’all actually first using the iPhone 12 mini, you’ll realize that its display is as well small for daily use. There’due south a reason why smartphones with small displays are no longer in demand.

I’d argue the 6.i-inch iPhone 12 is a better meaty flagship than the iPhone 12 mini. Information technology offers notably better battery life and a bigger display that makes reading content easier while still beingness easy to employ with one hand.

Will the iPhone xiii mini Offer Amend Battery Life?

If y’all hope that Apple will fix the battery life issues with the iPhone 13 mini later this year, think once more. Apple tree is rumored to use bigger batteries and a faster and efficient 5G modem on the iPhone thirteen series. Throw in the efficiency improvements of the A15 Bionic chip, and the iPhone 13 mini should offer amend battery life than the iPhone 12 mini.

However, these improvements could only add an hour or two of battery life to the mini iPhone. That might be plenty for the iPhone 13 and iPhone thirteen Pro, simply the iPhone thirteen mini needs a bigger jump in battery life than that to make it through the solar day.

The iPhone 12 mini is ideally suited for someone who barely uses their telephone throughout the 24-hour interval. Anything else, and the mini iPhone’s small display and poor battery life, will be a bargain-breaker.

As I have argued above, the iPhone 12 is a better compact flagship than the iPhone 12 mini. It offers ameliorate bombardment life and a decently sized display that does not brand 1-paw use likewise hard. The iPhone 12 mini is the perfect example of why sure ideas are only good on paper and do not translate well in real-life use.

If you are considering buying a new iPhone, y’all should check our guide on whether you should buy the iPhone 12 now or wait for iPhone 13.

Will yous purchase the iPhone 12 mini in 2022? Or are you already using one? If so, does the poor battery life touch your daily use? Driblet a comment and let united states of america know!


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