Should You Install iOS 15 on Your iPhone?

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Later today, Apple tree will release iOS xv to the public for all uniform iPhones. iOS 15 is the next major iOS update that brings several new features and improvements. While virtually iPhone users would exist excited to try out the new features in iOS 15, you might want to reconsider installing the update on day one.

The temptation to install a major new iOS xv release is too hard to resist, especially since it brings then many new features to the table. But and so, should you install iOS 15 on your iPhone right on the day it is released? Bank check out some reasons why you should install iOS 15 on your iPhone as soon as it is released too every bit the disadvantages of installing a day i update.

i. Focus Mode

focus mode on iPhone and iPad

With dozens of apps running on our iPhones, information technology’s pretty easy to get distracted by the endless notifications. Many users made use of the DND manner in iOS to tackle such a situation.

That DND mode is getting replaced by Focus mode in iOS 15. This mode helps you lot create different Focus profiles for Meeting, Running, Gaming, Writing, etc., and for each Focus contour, you can define exactly which apps and contacts tin disturb yous.

What’southward more? Users can likewise create an automation to enable a Focus mode based on time and location. By default, iOS xv carry several Focus modes such as Driving, Abode, and Work.

It’south needless to say, when you lot enable a Focus mode on iPhone, it will be enabled on all your Apple devices linked to your Apple ID.

Check out our guide on how to use Focus mode on iPhone.

2. iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay in iOS 15

iOS 15 bring several privacy features to the table. Amidst them, iCloud Private Relay is the one to get the most attention.

Available as a part of an iCloud+ subscription, iCloud Private Relay offers a safety and secure browsing experience through the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad.

When enabled from the
Settings > Profile > iCloud
carte, iCloud Private Relay will route all the browsing data through a split Apple sever to hide your IP address or share an approximate location.

Check out all the new privacy features in iOS fifteen. You can also discover an explainer on what iCloud Relay is in iOS 15 hither.

3. Apple Notes Improvements

apple notes features

Apple Notes gets a couple of organization add together-ons to manage your notes like a pro. Offset, you can finally sort notes by tags. Add together a relevant tag to a note and find them using the tags section in the Notes app.

Smart Folder is some other welcome role that automatically collects notes past defined tags. iPadOS fifteen receives a handy shortcut to add together notes on the go. Simply hover the Apple Pencil over the lesser correct corner and open up the Notes window. Add notes and close the window.

Learn how to employ Smart Folder in Apple Notes on your iPhone in our guide.

4. Revamped Safari

tab groups in Safari browser

Apple has completely redesigned Safari in iOS xv. The company did a back and forth on the new design based on user feedback, only information technology has finally managed to smash downwardly all the issues.

Autonomously from a visual revamp, the new Safari in iOS 15 offers smarter tab direction. Users can create unlike tab groups in the Safari browser based on their relevance.

For example, you can create a tab group named Social and add all your social tabs to information technology. Similarly, you lot tin can create a shopping tab group and add all the Amazon links to it. Tab Groups in the Safari browser is available on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey.

Check out our guide on how to use Tab Groups in Safari for iPhone.

5. Better FaceTime Experience

use facetime on iPhone

Inspired past the huge success of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Apple has improved FaceTime past leaps and bounds in iOS 15. First of all, you lot can create a FaceTime to share with others. And by others, your friends and family unit from Android and Windows world tin as well join a FaceTime call now. Check out all the new FaceTime features in iOS 15 hither.

What’s more? Ane can even share a screen on a FaceTime call. Other pocket-sized goodies include grid view, audio improvements, and SharePlay that’southward expected to launch later on.

If you do decide to install iOS 15 on your iPhone, brand sure to go through our guide on how to prepare your iPhone for the update.

Top Reasons to Non Install iOS fifteen

1. Bugs

Sadly, Apple’s software quality is not the same as a few years ago. iOS 14 was a mess, with Apple rolling out new updates almost every other calendar week initially to ready all the bugs. iOS 15 does non pack the aforementioned number of features as iOS 14, and while its beta builds were relatively stable, in that location are still a lot of bugs that Apple needs to accept intendance of.

If you want a shine transition to iOS 15, I strongly recommend you wait for a few days instead of installing the update on your iPhone on day one. iOS 15.0.ane or iOS 15.ane should be released within a few days of iOS 15’south release fixing all the initial bugs.

2. No Jailbreak

If yous use a jailbroken iPhone or just value your jailbreak prepare upwards too much, stay abroad from iOS xv. The chances of any iOS fifteen jailbreak being available within a few days or fifty-fifty weeks of the release of the OS are pretty much nada, specially since there was no major jailbreak tool bachelor for iOS fourteen.4+ or newer builds of the Bone.

And then, stick to your existing jailbreak gear up for at present and consider upgrading to iOS 15 later on a few days or weeks.

3. Incompatible Apps

A lot of iOS apps are going to act wonky on iOS 15 on day i. While many developers have been working on an iOS 15 update for their app for the last few months, others have only just gotten effectually to working on it. Plus, Apple has non fixed many underlying bugs in iOS fifteen that affect third-party apps, and then one cannot arraign developers for the poor feel.

Meliorate hold off on installing iOS fifteen on your iPhone for at present, primarily if you rely on tertiary-party apps also much. Wait for a few days or weeks for developers and Apple tree to resolve all reported problems and and so take the bound.

Will you be upgrading to iOS 15 on your iPhone on the day information technology is released? Or will you lot wait for a couple of weeks before taking the leap? Share your thoughts with the states in the comments below.


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