Should you wait to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 until Black Friday?

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Blackness Friday, the biggest shopping day of the yr, is fast approaching and it’s a great time to pick upwards a new smartphone. Specially if you’ve got your eye on the Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Samsung Milky way S21 is one of our favourite Android phones of the year, especially for those who gawp at the thought of spending upwards of a grand on a telephone.

With a slick design, prissy screen, capable photographic camera and Samsung’s typically smooth version of Android, the Galaxy S21 is a neat all-around device but buying 1 this close to Black Friday might exist a mistake – here’due south why.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Blackness Friday deals

Unlike Apple, Samsung does go big with Blackness Friday. In previous years we’ve seen hefty discounts directly from Samsung, alongside bonuses like including a smartwatch or a pair of earbuds in the bundle.

Considering what we’ve seen in previous years, we’d look the Galaxy S21 to pick up some very tempting discounts this Black Friday both for the unlocked device and ones on pay monthly contract plans.

Last year we saw a refurbished Galaxy S20 drop to £599 and loads of `bundles with enough of data. Because the S21 already started life cheaper than the S20 it wouldn’t be surprising to see information technology drop further.

Which retailers will have Samsung Milky way S21 discounts this Black Friday?

It is likely that the Samsung store will have a load of Blackness Friday discounts available directly from its own store.

Amazon is as well renowned for its Black Friday sales, and so that’southward e’er a good place to look. While Black Friday itself is on Friday November 26, wait Amazon to go big the week before and even the calendar week afterwards with deals changing all the time.

It’s too worth looking at other retailers that stock the Samsung Milky way S21 similar Argos and Currys PC World. Typically if one store has a bargain on the S21, others might follow and then you can shop effectually and cull your preferred seller.

While the retailers above might be great if you want an unlocked telephone to add your own SIM card to, you’re best off looking elsewhere for contract offerings.

Networks similar EE, Vodafone, O2, 3 and many more are almost guaranteed to have part in Black Friday. There’southward besides the likes of Carphone Warehouse and too.

How much should yous pay for the Samsung Milky way S21?

A quick look shows the Milky way S21 tends to retail for about £699, with refurbished models sometimes bachelor for £599. Using the Keepa plug-in, it looks like Amazon has had a previous low of £658.22.

The pricing history of the Milky way S21 on Amazon via Keepa

When we reviewed the S21, it retailed at £769 for the 128GB model.

How good is the Samsung Galaxy S21?

In our Samsung Galaxy S21 review we said the post-obit, “There are sacrifices yes, but this is still a great phone for a more enticing price. It has a lovely screen, a reliable photographic camera and a slick new design that feels a little fleck futuristic. The basics are here and they’re all done excellently.”

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