Sidecar Unable To Connect To Ipad

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Apple tree’southward Sidecar feature allows y’all to utilise your iPad as an external brandish with your Mac. That’s helpful when you want an extra screen but don’t want to put a monitor only for that. However, users detect information technology frustrating to utilize Sidecar every bit it often doesn’t work. Here are the superlative 8 ways to set up Sidecar not working on your Mac and iPad.

Call back that Sidecar is unlike from Universal Control. Universal Control allows you to use a unmarried keyboard and mouse as input sources for iPad and Mac. Meanwhile, Sidecar turns your iPad into a secondary brandish for your Mac.

1. Check Device Compatibility

Sidecar feature is limited to select Macs running on macOS Catalina or later, and iPads require to run at least iPadOS 13 or later. Before y’all get-go troubleshooting, bank check whether your Mac and iPad run the latest software and are compatible or not. You can find the listing of compatible devices beneath.

Mac Compatibility

  • MacBook Pro (2016 or later models)
  • MacBook (2016 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2018 or later models)
  • iMac (2017 or later models)
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac mini (2018 or after models)
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Studio

iPad Compatibility

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad (6th generation or afterwards)
  • iPad mini (fifth generation or later)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation or later)

ii. Check Your Apple ID

Using aforementioned Apple ID on Mac and iPad is i of the primary requirements to employ the Sidecar feature. So, your iPad and Mac needs to have the same Apple ID account. Here’s how to check whether y’all’ve the aforementioned ID on both.


Step 1:
On your Mac, click on the Apple Menu and open Arrangement Preferences.

Open System Preferences

Stride 2:
On the System Preferences page, click on Apple ID.

Open Apple ID

Stride 3:
Annotation down your Apple tree ID.

2. Check Your Apple ID 3


Step i:
on iPad, launch the Settings app and tap on your name. Brand sure that your Apple ID matches the 1 on the Mac.

2. Check Your Apple ID 4

Pace 2:
If the Apple ID is dissimilar, sign out and sign in with the same Apple ID.

three. Enable 2-Cistron Hallmark

Some other of import requirement for Sidcar is to set up Two-Cistron Authentication for your Apple tree ID. For security purposes, you will need to enable two-cistron authentication for your Apple tree ID.


Footstep 1:
Click on the Apple tree Menu in the top-left corner and select System Preferences.

Open System Preferences

Stride 2:
Click on Apple ID in top-right corner.

Open Apple ID

Step iii:
Select ‘Password & Security,’ and ensure that two-factor authentication is on. If not, click on the Plow On button, enter your phone number, and enable it.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication edited

Once you enable the ii-gene authentication on one device, it will automatically sync on your other Apple devices.


Step 1:
To ensure that ii-cistron authentication is enabled on your iPad, open up the Settings app, tap on your proper name, and and so on the ‘Password & Security’ choice.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication 4

Pace 2:
You should see that ‘2-Cistron Authentication’ is on. If not, turn iton and set it upwards.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication 5

four. Update iPad and Mac Software

Since Sidecar only works with macOS Catalina or afterward and iPadOS 13 or afterwards, you’ll demand to check if your Mac and iPad run at least that. To check and apply latest software update, here’s what yous need to do.


Step 1:
On your Mac, click on the Apple tree Bill of fare in the meridian-left corner on the menu bar and select Organisation Preferences.

Open System Preferences

Stride ii:
In the Organisation Preferences window, click on the Software Update setting, and your Mac will get-go checking for any pending update.

4. Update iPad and Mac 2

Stride 3:
If an update is available, click on the Update Now button.

4. Update iPad and Mac 3


Pace 1:
On the iPad, launch Settings and tap on General.

4. Update iPad and Mac 4

Pace 2:
Tap on the Software Update setting and install whatever pending updates.

4. Update iPad and Mac 5

v. Enable Bluetooth and WI-FI on Mac and iPad

You lot need to keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both your Mac and iPad for Sidecar to work.

On the Mac, click on the Control Center button and enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

5. Enable Bluetooth and WI-FI on Mac

On the iPad, swipe down from the upper-right corner and enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Center menu.

5. Enable Bluetooth and WI-FI on Mac and iPad 2

Step 3:
You should also ensure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

6. Enable Handoff on Mac and iPad

Sidecar uses the born Handoff feature on Apple tree devices, then you lot need to enable this on your Mac and iPhone.


Pace i:
Click on the Apple tree bill of fare in the top-left corner of menu bar and select System Preferences from the drib-downwards.

Open System Preferences

Step 2:
In the Organization Preferences window, click on General.

6. Enable Handoff on Mac and iPad 2

Stride three:  At the bottom of the General section, enable the ‘Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices’ option.

6. Enable Handoff on Mac and iPad 3


Step one:
On your iPad, launch the Settings app tap on Full general. Tap on the ‘Airplay & Handoff’ selection.

6. Enable Handoff on Mac and iPad 4

Pace ii:
Enable the toggle next to Handoff.

6. Enable Handoff on Mac and iPad 5

7. Reset Trust Settings

When you connect your iPad to the Mac for the first time, information technology asks you to trust the device. If you are trying to use Sidecar using a wired connection, you lot should endeavor resetting the trust setting on your iPad.

Step 1:
Launch the Settings app on your iPad and tap on Full general from the left column. Scroll downward the right pane to tap on the ‘Transfer or Reset iPad’ pick.

7. Reset Trust Settings 1

Step 2:
On the Transfer or Reset iPad screen, tap on the Reset button.

reset trust settings

Stride three:
In the popular-upwards menu, select the ‘Rest Location & Privacy’ setting and confirm using your iPad passcode.

7. Reset Trust Settings 3

The side by side time you connect your iPad to your Mac, it will inquire you to trust your Mac again.

8. Restart iPad and Mac

Sometimes y’all need to restart your Apple devices for the changes to take upshot. And so, restart your Mac and iPad and try using Sidecar over again.


Pace ane:
Click on the Apple Menu in the top-left corner, and click on Restart option from the carte du jour.

8. Restart iPad and Mac 1


Stride ane:
If you are using one of the newer iPads and don’t know how to turn information technology off, press and concord on the power button and the volume up key to bring the ability bill of fare.

8. Restart iPad and Mac 2

Step 2:
Slide the on-screen ability button to turn off your iPad.

8. Restart iPad and Mac 3

Step 3:
Wait for a infinitesimal and press and hold the power button to restart the device.

Use iPad as a Sidecar With Your Mac

After following the solutions mentioned higher up, Sidecar would work for yous. While you tin can utilize Sidecar in wired and wireless mode, you should use the wired fashion for reliability and better performance. Which of the above steps help you solve the Sidecar non working on my iPad and Mac issue? Let united states know in the comments below.