Sign Out Unavailable Due To Restrictions

Many users accept recently reported that the “Sign out” option is greyed out in iPad and iPhone iCloud account settings. Every bit y’all all know, users tin
sync letters between iPhone and Mac
and then long as in that location is the same Apple tree business relationship.

Sometimes, users may create an Apple ID for others similar parents for children on iPhone or iPad, but they usually detect that they cannot sign out of the Apple ID when trying to sign in to another account. You often detect that you tin can’t sign out Apple ID due to the alarm “sign out is non available due to restrictions”.

Therefore, you may wonder how to plough off restrictions on iPad or iPhones to sign out the Apple tree ID. “Is my Apple account disabled?” Many users can’t help thinking virtually the problem that why you failed to sign out of the Apple tree account. Y’all can’t sign out of Apple tree Store, iTunes, Electronic mail, or any other apps on iPhone or iPad. Do not worry. This post will walk you through the “signing out Apple ID” on iPhones and iPad.

Why Can’t I Sign out of My Apple ID due to Restrictions?

Usually, when you accept prepare a limit for the screen fourth dimension on an iPad or iPhone, odds are that “sign out” is greyed out with the warning “sign out isn’t available due to restrictions”.

Restrictions, hither, refer to the limit of screen time on iPhones and iPad, and users tend to use a screen time passcode to lock the screen time to control the use of iPhones or iPad.

What is screen fourth dimension?What is the screen time passcode?

The screen time on Apple tree devices means the fourth dimension that users can spend on using the device, while the screentime passcode commonly refers to a four-digit passcode to lock the screen when the screen time limit is reached. Y’all are unable to sign out due to restrictions on screen time.

Some of you may fail to access apps like E-post, Apple tree Store, iTunes, and many other apps because of the disabled Apple tree account when you failed to log out of some other Apple tree ID.

How to Fix “Sign out is not bachelor due to restrictions”?

“Sign out is non available due to restrictions” fault mostly arises from the screen time limits. If yous want to get rid of the gray “sign out” choice, you are to remove the screen time. Of class, when this Apple tree account error results from problems with the system, you may equally well update the iOS or iPadOS.


  • one: Disable Screen Time on iPad and iPhone
  • 2: Power off the iPad and iPhone
  • 3: Update the iOS and iPadOS

Solution 1: Disable Screen Fourth dimension on iPad and iPhone

If you lot know the screen time passcode, you can merely turn off the screen time to sign out of the Apple ID properly. Whether you meet with the “sign out unavailable” consequence on iPad or iPhone, you tin disable the screen time in Settings. By disabling the screen time, you tin check whether you can log out of the iCloud account.

  • When You Forgot Screen Time Passcode
  • When You Have Screen Time Passcode

Turn off Screen Time Automatically (when you forgot the screen time passcode):

If you forgot the passcode that y’all take set for the screen time to limit the screen time of your child, or if you lot feel like disabling the screen time quickly,
iPhone Unlocker
tin can be a rather efficient and reliable helper.

iPhone Unlocker
gains popularity worldwide as it is powerful to
screen fourth dimension passcode,
unlock Apple tree ID
and iCloud accounts for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and
remove the passcode for the locked screen.

With this safe and professional iPhone unlocker, users tin can easily and apace gear up the problem “sign out is non bachelor due to restrictions” and retrieve the screen fourth dimension passcode without losing any information on your iPad or iPhone. Before you run this automated tool,
remember to back up your data.

Download, install and run iPhone Unlocker on Windows xi, ten, eight, and 7. If yous are using a Mac, you can get this tool hither:
iPhone Unlocker for Mac.

2. Select
Screen Time.

aiseesoft iphone unlocker select screen time

3. Connect iPhone/iPad to Windows USB port with a
Lighting to USB cable. If you don’t have one, you can get information technology

4. Click
to remove screen fourth dimension passcode.

aiseesoft iphone unlocker start remove screen time passcode

Here, if you turned on Find My iPhone/iPad, you should plough off this function at first.

aiseesoft iphone unlocker turn off find my iphone

Expect until the tool finishes its work to become rid of the screen time passcode.

5. Click

aiseesoft iphone unlocker screen time passcode remove success

Now, your iPhone or iPad will restart automatically and you should reset it.

half-dozen. Follow the instructions on your iPhone/iPad to set it up once again. In the
Apps & Data
setting process, you should click
Customize Settings.

make this your new iphone apps data customize settings

7. From
Apps & Data
lists, select
Don’t Transfer Apps & Data.

iphone settings apps data don't transfer apps data

Choose not to transfer apps and data to avoid data loss. Now, you tin use your iPhone as before.

Turn Off Screen Fourth dimension Manually (With the Screen Time Passcode)

ane. On your iPhone or iPad, notice out
Screen Time.

screen time in iphone settings

2. Scroll down to locate and hit
Plow off Screen Time.

turn off screen time

Enter Screen Time Passcode.

enter screen time passcode

Later entering the 4-digit passcode, you lot will take disabled the screen time. At present, you can go to
Apple ID
and and so
Sign out of
the current iCloud business relationship.

After that, you can see whether you can sign out the electric current Apple ID. Similarly, you can too Wipe Passcode to remove the lock screen passcode to the iOS device and Remove the Apple ID for your iPhone or iPad when the “Find my phone” option is enabled or disabled.

Solution 2: Power off the iPad and iPhone

Some users reported that powering off the Apple device when signing out is unavailable due to restrictions works. If you find disabling the screen time manually or automatically doesn’t piece of work to fix the ‘“sign out” greyed out’ upshot, y’all tin can just ability off the iPad or iPhone immediately to refresh the system.

When powering on the device once more, move to
Apple tree ID
to check whether you lot can log out of the Apple ID or iCloud business relationship.

Solution 3: Update the iOS and iPadOS

When you find that “sign out is not bachelor due to restrictions”, it may doesn’t mean that your Apple ID is disabled or the screen time limits the utilise of the iPad or iPhone.

In fact, it may imply that the iOS for your iPhone or the iPadOS for the iPad is outdated, then you need to update the system to gain improved features for the Apple device to avoid bug such as the Apple account non signing out.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, get to
Software Update.

software update on iphone

2. You can see the iPhone or iPad is Checking for Updates.


No thing when you find the mistake “sign out is not available due to restrictions” on the iPad or iPhone, you demand to plow off the screen fourth dimension with or without the passcode. When necessary, you should as well power off the device or update the organisation to ready the Apple ID not working issue.