The iPhone 13 is 1 of the best smartphones available in 2022, and similar all Applehandsets since 2011, it comes with
to reply any hands-free questions/commands. Digital voice administration are a mutual feature on nearly devices today. And many of us probably take that for granted! Google Assistant’s on every Android smartphone, in that location are endless smart home devices with Alexa, and Siri is readily bachelor on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and HomePod.

While Siri may not exist as widely bachelor equally its voice banana competitors, there’south still a lot that you tin can do with Apple’s virtual helper. It’due south a great tool for sending text messages, placing phone calls, setting reminders, decision-making smart home devices, etc. Just become Siri’s attention, say your command or question, and information technology’due south (usually) quick to respond with an reply. And on the iPhone 13, specifically, accessing Siri is a piece of block.

In that location are a couple of ways to use Siri on the iPhone xiii — the easiest of which is with the iPhone 13’s side push. Simply press and hold the button on the right side of your iPhone thirteen, and in less than a second, you should encounter an blithe circle announced at the bottom of the screen. That circle indicates that Siri is active and listening for your voice command. If pressing and property the button doesn’t practise anything, you may demand to enable the characteristic. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll downward the page, tap ‘Siri & Search,’ and tap the toggle next to ‘Press Side Button for Siri.’

Other Means To Use Siri On The iPhone xiii

iPhone 13 Pro

If you want an fifty-fifty easier way to use Siri on your iPhone xiii, another option is to enable hands-free control. From the same Siri & Search page in the Settings app, tap the toggle side by side to ‘Listen for Hey Siri.’ Tap the blue ‘Continue’ button and follow the vocalization prompts on the screen (this helps Siri learn your voice and know when you lot’re talking to it). In one case that’s complete, you tin can now activate Siri on your iPhone xiii past saying ‘Hey Siri,’ followed past whatever you want to say. If you ever want to disable ‘Hey Siri’ commands, just get back to the Siri & Search page and tap the toggle next to ‘Listen for Hey Siri’ to turn information technology off.

While those are the ii main means to use Siri on the iPhone thirteen, they aren’t your merely options. iPhone 13 owners can also access Siri by typing commands to the vocalisation assistant. You’ll need to enable information technology in your iPhone’south Accessibility settings, though anyone is free to use information technology if they wish.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Gyre down the page.
  • Tap ‘Accessibility.’
  • Curl to the bottom.
  • Tap ‘Siri.’
  • Tap the toggle next to ‘Type to Siri.’

When you press the side button on your iPhone thirteen, you’ll be prompted to blazon a message to Siri instead of speaking to the assistant. If you have difficulty speaking or simply prefer typing over talking, it’s a dandy option to exist aware of. No matter which of the three methods you choose, that’due south how you use
on the iPhone 13.

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