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Excellent aesthetics and a warm presentation, the Sivga Robin SV021 are an highly-seasoned pair of wired over-ears.


  • Striking looks
  • Warm, lush presentation
  • Doesn’t require much amplification
  • Very comfy to clothing


  • Not the brightest sounding cans
  • Could do with more than fine detail


  • UK
    RRP: £149
  • USA
    RRP: $149
  • Europe
    RRP: €159
  • Canada
    RRP: CA$199
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$249

Key Features

  • Earcups
    Earcups made out of high density rosewood

  • 32 ohm impendance
    Can hands be driven by laptops or smartphones (with iii.5mm jack)


We’ve not reviewed any products from Sivga Audio before, and then this Chinese brand is a relative unknown to u.s..

The company sprung to life in 2022, and according to their Near U.s.a. page, their team is made up of a number of “elites” from electronic and audio-visual fields – their appetite to become the leading hello-fi company. Talk nigh lofty goals.

The Robin SV021 are Sivga’due south latest and affordable wired over-ears primarily for home listening, and after puting the SV021 through their paces, we’re intrigued to hear what else Sivga has to offer.


  • Wood material earcups
  • Excellent comfort
  • Striking aesthetics

The Robin SV021 are closed-back over-ear headphones, simply they come with a whiff of exoticness in their use of high-density rosewood for the earcups.

Sivga Robin SV021 ear cup

This type of rosewood is the kind used for high-end musical instruments. The result the utilise of forest material has is one of a warmer, clearer, and natural sound, which sets up expectations of the Sivga having a big, lush presentation. The airtight-back design also ways the headphone won’t leak whatever audio to whatsoever unsuspecting passers-by if you lot’re using them outside, but the wired cabling plain offers less convenience than a wireless selection.

Sivga Robin SV021 headband

The gloss finish on the wood earcups is excellent, the embroidered stitching on the protein leather headband looks elegant, while the metal linkages that secure the earcup and the headband emphasises the Robin’southward natural, homespun experience. The Robin are a handsome pair of headphones.

At that place are two finishes to choose from, a blackness (the sample here) and a lighter dark-brown model, and both are striking. The earpads are generously big, using ‘ultra’ soft memory foam for a cushy, comfy feel and they’re also detachable if they need replacing. Comfort levels are excellent – you could wear these headphones for extended periods without result.


  • Low impedance
  • Large 50mm dynamic drivers

Compared to a wireless headphone there’s not much to speak of in terms of features. Impedance is rated at 32ohms so the Robin tin easily be driven by a smartphone or laptop, though for more than performance a DAC or portable music player would assist.

The 50mm dynamic driver uses a diaphragm that’s described as ultra-thin and flexible. Fabricated from polycarbonate and very elastic fibre, its presence should lead to a more dynamic operation.

Sivga Robin SV021 wire accessories

The frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz is pretty standard and just as standard is the 3.5mm cable that snaps and lock in to ensure they can’t be pulled out with an accidental tug. I presume the cable also has some anti-tangle design since it is relatively easy to untangle them if they (somehow) become into a agglomeration of knots. The carry example is, well, not a carry case but a pouch for slipping the headphones in when you’re taking them somewhere else to protect that wood finish from any nicks or scratches.

Sound quality

  • Warm tone
  • Good bass levels
  • Big sound

There’south a warmth to the Robin SV021’s audio that’s appealing right off the bat. The presentation is smooth and lush, backed upwardly past an energy – specially at higher volumes – that gives these headphones an enthusiastic and musical grapheme. While the Sivga website makes references to the Robin SV021 being balanced, just that’southward perhaps not quite the apt clarification if y’all’re thinking they take a crisp or neutral presentation.

Sivga Robin SV021 on table

The soundscape they provide is a vivid and punchy one. Levels of clarity are good but in terms of teasing out all the fine detail in a track they’re non the most insightful. Separation between instruments is good – yous can sense their placement inside a rail – merely the warmth does serve to present music as 1 single whole, rather private elements that come together.

Sivga Robin SV021 linkage

Corey King’s vocals in Fade from Fly Moon Dice Soon and Zara McFarlane’southward in Everything is Connected are served well by the warmth and smoothness on offer, with the Sivga giving vocals skilful presence within the soundstage. Bass is presented with solidity and depth, while at the top end of the frequency range the warm tone does reduce the sharpness and brightness of those highs.

It’southward the Robin’s sense of expression that stands out: a sweeping, energetic sense of progression that’s consistently enjoyable.

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Should you lot purchase it?

If yous like a lush, warm sound
The warm tone of the Sivga’s sound makes for a pleasant listening experience, bringing musicality to albums and soundtracks

If you lot want convenience
The Sivga aren’t wireless, obviously, which limits their employ outside the abode and with also newer products that have ditched the 3.5mm jack

Final Thoughts

If yous’re someone who listens to music at home ofttimes and are in market for an affordable pair of wired over-ears, the Sivga are a skilful shout. Their warm, smoothen, and lush presentation is a satisfying and pleasant one, and at the cost they’re currently at, they’re a solid recommendation.

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Do I need actress amplification for the Sivga Robin?

The impedance for the Robin are low, and then could be driven easily by a laptop or smartphone.

Full specs


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Sivga Robin SV021








275 Chiliad




50mm dynamic

Black, Brown

xx 20000 – Hz


105 dB


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