Here’s a guide to the vocalisation cast of the latest motion-picture show in theIce Age
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
. This movie marks the 20-yr anniversary of the original, which was released in 2002, just while the characters have stayed the aforementioned over the years, the people who play them have not. Seeing what the cast ofAdventures of Cadet Wild looks like in real lifeis quite a different experience than it would have been twenty years ago.

Ice Age
was originally a Blue Sky production, andAdventures of Cadet Wild
is actually the commencement pic in the series not to accept this distinction. Blue Sky was one of the assets Disney acquired when they bought 21st Century Play tricks, meaningIce Age
became one of many movie franchises Disney bought from Fox in the process. However, Disney shut Blue Sky down in 2021 due to underperformance and the touch of COVID-19, leavingAdventures of Buck Wild
to instead exist a Disney+ original, released on January 28th.

Notwithstanding, despite behind-the-scenes changes of buying, theIce Agefranchise is forging alee with many familiar faces inAdventures of Cadet Wild. The motion-picture show sees Ellie’s possum brothers, Crash and Eddie, return to the Lost Earth and reunite with their swashbuckling idol, Buck Wild, merely as he’southward facing a new dinosaur threat. The brothers then attempt to help their hero while their family tries to detect them and bring them home, all with much of the same slapstick one-act and funny quotes theIce Age serial has become known for. Here’s a guide to who voices the gang inWater ice Age‘s latest installment, and what the actors look like in real life.

Simon Pegg as Cadet

Simon Pegg voices Buck Wild in Ice Age Adventues of Buck Wild

The only original vocalism actor to be reprising his role inAdventures of Buck Wild
is Simon Pegg as the eponymous, 1-eyed weasel adventurer. Buck first appeared in 2009’due southWater ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and he’due south one of the franchise’s most colorful characters thanks to Pegg’due south hilarious delivery to the part. Outside ofWater ice Age, Pegg is best known for playing the titular protagonist ofShaun of the Dead, Nicholas Angel in
Hot Fuzz, and Scotty in theStar Trek
film franchise of the 2010s. While it’s good that Amazon Prime’sThe Boys
didn’t cast Simon Pegg equally Hughie, he does play the father of Jack Quaid’s graphic symbol, Hugh Campbell Sr.

Vincent Tong as Crash

Vincent Tong voices Crash in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The twin possum brothers, Crash and Eddie, are known for their silly antics, but they also have good hearts as evidenced past their loyalty to each other, their adoptive sister Ellie, and the balance of theIce Agefamily unit. Crash, the older twin, tin can exist told autonomously past his rounded nose and blue eyes. Originally played by Seann William Scott, Crash is voiced inAdventures of Buck Wild
by vox thespian Vincent Tong. Tong’south credits include the Aki Light and Mega Man in the animated seriesMega Homo: Fully Charged, equally well as Maximus in the upcomingSupernatural Academy
on Peacock. While Tong isn’t among the voice cast ofThe LEGO Ninjago Pic, he does star as Kai in the related seriesNinjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.

Aaron Harris as Eddie

Aaron Harris voices Eddie in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Eddie, Crash’south twin, has a similar audacious spirit, equally the 2 are an inseparable pair. Eddie shares everything with his brother, except for a few fundamental traits: a dark-brown stripe down his nose and chocolate-brown eyes. Player Aaron Harris voices Eddie inAdventures of Buck Wild, which marks his first IMDb credit. However, Eddie was originally voiced by Josh Peck, who’s known for playing Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon bear witnessDrake and Josh, and more recently for starring in the Disney+ show remake ofTurner & Hooch.

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Orson

Utkarsh Ambudkar voices Orson in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

One of the few brand-new characters introduced inAdventures of Buck Wild
is Orson, a Protoceratops. The main antagonist against Buck, he wants to have over the Lost World for himself. He’s voiced by Utkarsh Ambudkar, who stars every bit Jay on CBS’ new testify,Ghosts. Ambudkar also appears inFree Guy
every bit Mouser, ane of Keys’ coworkers at Soonami, and is prepare to be in the upcoming Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson romcom,Ally Me. His voice acting credits include the role of Chikku on the Disney evidence,Mira, Royal Detective.

Justina Machado as Zee

Justina Machado voices Zee in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Adventures of Cadet Wild‘s other fresh face is Zee, who’s a skunk-like mammal chosen a zorilla. Even more than confident and capable than Buck himself, Zee is a warrior who helps to foil Orson’s plans of Lost World domination. The voice behind Zee is actress Justina Machado. Machado is best known for her TV roles as Penelope Alvarez onOne Day at a Time, Darci Gene onJane the Virgin, and Vanessa Diaz onSix Feet Under. She also plays Henderson in 2004’s
and Tanya in 2014’sThe Purge: Anarchy.

Ice Age: Adventures Of Buck Wild Supporting Cast & Characters

The supporting voice cast of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Sean Kenin equally Manny –Vox player Sean Kenin has taken over a rolefrom one of Ray Romano’s all-time films, as he’southward voicingWater ice Age‘southward de facto protagonist, Manfred “Manny” the mammoth, inAdventures of Buck Wild. Kenin’southward credits includeFamily Guy
and47 Secrets to a Younger Yous.

Jake Green every bit Sid –
Sid the sloth, voiced by John Leguizamo in previousIce Age
movies, is played by Jake Greenish in the sixth installment. Green’s voice acting resume is all-encompassing and includesThe Boss Babe
andKipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts.

Skyler Stone every bit Diego –
Diego the sabertooth tiger, previously voiced by Denis Leary, is played by Skyler Stone inAdventures of Cadet Wild. Stone is most recognizable for his starring office as Mike in the 2005 Comedy Central showCon.

Dominique Jennings as Ellie –
Crash and Eddie’due south mammoth sis, Ellie, was previously voiced by Queen Latifah. In
The Ice Historic period Adventures of Buck Wild
, still, she’s played by Dominique Jennings, who’south best known for playing Virginia Harrison in the NBC soap operaSunset Embankment.

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