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Apple launched a brand new model of its Apple tree Scout called the ‘Ultra’ at this year’s ‘Far Out’ launch outcome and it has been a major talking point. It’southward bigger, chunkier, offers meliorate hardware, and is designed keeping in mind a very special set of users. Another thing that the Apple Picket Ultra managed to exercise is steal the show from the standard Apple Watch Serial 8. The new model does pack a few upgrades over the previous Series vii, but not as much equally we were hoping for. Is the new Apple Watch Series 8 worth upgrading to or should y’all stick (or upgrade) to the Series seven instead?

Apple Sentry Series eight price in India

The Apple tree Watch Series eight is available in two case sizes (41mm and 45mm) and two case finishes (aluminium and stainless steel). Another category you demand to keep in mind when choosing an Apple Watch is connectivity. Here, yous can choose between the GPS model or the GPS + cellular model.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 with the 41mm aluminium case starts from Rs. 45,900 for the GPS model, and Rs. 55,900 for the GPS + cellular model. The Serial eight with the 45mm aluminium case is available at Rs. 48,900 for the GPS model, and at Rs. 58,900 for the GPS + cellular model. The stainless steel models of the Apple Spotter Serial 8 are just available in GPS + cellular, and are priced up of Rs. 74,900 (for the base of operations 41mm case).

The 45mm instance Apple Watch Series eight GPS + cellular in the Midnight terminate with the black Sport Ring attached

In that location are a number of colours to cull from and the same can exist said about the watch straps which range from simple silicone straps to rugged steel and the premium leather options. I received the Apple Watch Series viii GPS + cellular model in the Midnight finish with the 45mm aluminium case for this review.

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Apple Scout Series 8 design and specifications

The design of the Apple Watch has barely inverse over the years. We got a bigger brandish with the Apple Spotter Series 7 terminal year and Apple has retained the same display with this year’s model as well. In fact, there are no cosmetic changes between the two watches at all, unless you flip them on their backs and take a closer expect at the rear example, which at present says ‘Series 8′ instead of ‘Series vii’. Even the older straps from the Series 7 (depending on case size) are compatible with the Apple Spotter Series 8.

The quality, and the fit and finish of the new Apple Watch Serial 8 remains the same as before, which is to say, is very good. While my picket came with the standard blackness Sport Band (made of silicone), I used the smartwatch with the Summit White/Black Nike Sport Band instead, which tin be purchased separately for Rs. iv,500. Despite its weight of 38.8g, the Series viii felt quite comfortable to wearable while working, exercising, or otherwise, and so much so that I even wore information technology to bed, which is something I don’t usually practise with regular watches.

Apple Watch Series 8 case back ndtv AppleWatchSeries8  Apple

The back of the Apple Watch Series 8 case with the ‘Series 8’ engraving

The Ion-10 glass display on the Apple Lookout man Series 8 did not get scratched during the review menstruum, and the aforementioned can exist said about the aluminium case which rubbed against a thick metal chain and survived with no scratches. The more expensive stainless steel model offers better brandish protection with a sapphire crystal glass display, merely is as well priced a lot higher.

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The Apple Watch Serial eight is h2o resistant up to a depth of 50 metres and comes with an IP6X rating for grit resistance. In the box, Apple tree thankfully withal bundles the Magnetic Charger, with a USB-C port at the other terminate.

In terms of specifications, the Apple Scout Series 8 comes with the new S8 SiP or organization-in-bundle and offers 32GB of storage which is used to store synced songs, photos and applications (apart from the watchOS software and respective app caches). Despite switching from the first generation Apple Scout SE (Review), I only managed to employ near 10GB of the available infinite. The new S8 SiP supports WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, and includes the W3 wireless chip for connecting with supported Bluetooth accessories, as well as the U1 chip (Ultra Wideband).

Apple Watch Series 8 nike strap ndtv AppleWatchSeries8  Apple

The Apple Watch Serial 8 with the Summit White/Blackness Nike Sport Band

Like the previous model, the Apple tree Watch Series viii also includes diverse health sensors for detecting blood oxygen levels and has the power to tape an ECG. The new bits that are brand new to the Serial 8 include a more powerful gyroscope and accelerometer which helps with Apple’s new Crash Detection feature, and a new two-temperature sensor blueprint, that’south used to rail skin temperature when sleeping, and for the new ovulation tracking feature for women.

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Apple Sentinel Series 8 performance

The Apple Sentinel Series viii’southward 1.9-inch LTPO OLED brandish is the same as the Series 7, offering a peak brightness of m nits, and up to 500 nits in its always-on state. Since the brandish is quite bright, I had no issues viewing information technology outdoors in the harsh afternoon dominicus. The ever-on implementation works brilliantly with every watch face from the Confront Gallery.

This not only works well with the regular picket faces that evidence data (time, date, weather, etc) but also for the Portrait watch face up that dims the photo downwards to a level where it’s even so possible to view and enjoy every photo when in this always-on state. This made information technology quick and easy to glance at information bachelor on a watch face without having to film my wrist and wake the brandish all the time.

Performance with watchOS 9 and the new S8 SiP is a smooth and fluid experience, whether information technology’south opening and running apps, using the watch to monitor workouts, or just switching between the beautifully designed watch faces. Among the new watch faces is Playtime, which has these fun, ballooned numbers floating in and out of the display to reveal the electric current time.

Apple Watch Series 8 aod ndtv AppleWatchSeries8  Apple

The always-on display (AOD) implementation shows enough data from the watch face

Apple’due south new motion sensors (loftier-range accelerometer and gyroscope) tin can now detect a wider range of G-forces than what was previously possible. According to Apple tree, once a crash is detected by the watch, both the iPhone and Apple Watch work in sync and will phone call for emergency services (or notify emergency contacts) if the user does not respond within 10 seconds. The new temperature sensors at present go far possible to receive retrospective ovulation estimates for women (requires the lookout to exist worn for at to the lowest degree two months before predictions brainstorm), which tin be handy when planning a family and is said to likewise provide improved period predictions.

While slumber tracking was previously bachelor with the Apple Sentry, watchOS ix adds sleep stages (detecting and tracking REM, cadre and deep sleep) for delivering a lot more data to help users develop better sleeping habits. Apple says it has adult an advanced algorithm to bank check the same and tries to predict sleep stages based on signals from the accelerometer (movements when comatose) and the heart rate sensor. In my experience, I found the sleep stages data to be quite accurate. More so, because I have the addiction of checking the time whenever I wake up in the centre of the night.

Apple Watch Series 8 sleep stages ndtv AppleWatchSeries8  Apple

Sleep tracking is quite accurate and sleep stages gives adept insights about sleep patterns

What’s interesting is how the Apple Watch Serial viii provides two slumber tracking readings in the Health app, ane telling me the total fourth dimension I spent in bed (lying about motionless, reading a book, or watching videos) and the reading showing me the time I really spent sleeping. What the Apple Watch is still missing compared to other smartwatches is the ability to track naps, as the sleep tracking only works during the assigned bedtime hours. With the new temperature sensors, the watch also tracks your temperature while sleeping, but it won’t alarm you lot when you take a fever equally it just tracks pare temperature and not body temperature.

In terms of fitness-related activities, the Apple Watch Series viii’s accuracy was quite good, whether it was GPS tracking when walking through my neighbourhood lined with trees and buildings, or tracking short indoor workouts. I as well did a basic footstep count of 1000 steps without the iPhone and the results from the watch were close to accurate, with it but missing out on a few steps.

SpO2 tracking, when compared with a pulse oximeter, was not perfectly accurate. It kept fluctuating between 95 to 97 percent every fourth dimension I took a reading which was minutes apart, and this besides required me to hold my arm upward in a particular position in order to practise the test and get a outcome. SpO2 readings from the Apple Watch took just xv seconds, compared to my oximeter which took virtually thirty seconds but with more consistently authentic results.

WatchOS nine also brings the new compass feature called Backtrack (also available on older models), that volition tape your road using GPS and then you can find your way dorsum if you become lost. It can be activated manually but information technology likewise turns on automatically when there is no information or Wi-Fi connectivity available on the watch or via an iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 8 playtime backtrack ndtv AppleWatchSeries8  Apple

The new Playtime scout face (elevation) and the new Backtrack characteristic in the revamped compass app (bottom)

Battery life on the Apple tree Sentry Series 8 was as good as the Series vii, and it lasted me about two days on a single charge when connected to my Wi-Fi network or to the iPhone. My usage mainly involved viewing and responding to notifications, and near xxx minutes of exercise on some days, all with the always-on display enabled. Those who work out for a couple of hours could see battery life drib to about a day and half. Switching on the new low-power mode in watchOS 9 extends bombardment life by half a day, but it’s simply useful for those who solely apply the Apple Sentinel for viewing notifications as all the automated health tracking features and the ever-on display are switched off.

One health-tracking characteristic that the low-power style does not turn off is sleep tracking. It turned out to exist the main source of battery bleed, without which, the low power style seemed pretty efficient at its job. Apple’south fast charging feature for the Apple tree Watch which was introduced with the Series 7, is present on the Serial 8 and this charges it up quickly going from 0 to 100 percent in about an hour and fifteen minutes.


The Apple Picket Series viii is a solid smartwatch for health and fettle tracking, and thanks to watchOS 9 users can now likewise get accurate slumber tracking data. What hasn’t changed or improved a lot is the bombardment life, which Apple seems to take addressed with the Apple Watch Ultra, simply this model isn’t exactly meant for the boilerplate iPhone user. Crash Detection is a characteristic that no other mainstream smartwatch manufacturer has delved into yet, which is currently unique to the 2022 Apple Sentry models.

Notwithstanding, the Apple Watch Series 8, just similar the Apple Watch Series 7, offers just minor incremental updates and this time, well-nigh no cosmetic changes. If you are using an Apple Watch Series seven, y’all really don’t need to upgrade unless features such equally ovulation tracking and crash detection are something you need to have. If you are looking to upgrade from an Apple Picket Series 5 (or older), I would recommend waiting for a good auction and getting the Apple tree Lookout Series 7 at a discounted price. The current cost of the Series 7 starts from approximately Rs. 39,000 (online), which makes piffling sense every bit the Series 8 starts from Rs. 45,900.

If you are an Apple Sentry user and but crave something different, you should bank check out the Apple tree Watch Ultra (Kickoff impressions). It’s clearly built for the more adventurous blazon given its large dial size, just those looking for better battery life, a big display and don’t mind the hefty price, might find it appealing.

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