Sound and Vision: Here’s what the AirPods Pro 2 need to be great

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Opinion: Details relating to the upcoming AirPods Pro 2 have leaked this calendar week, teasing what’s in store for Apple tree’s next-gen in-ear ANC buds.

While the majority of the details leaked are similar to those heard previously, we are at present starting to go a fairly comprehensive picture show as to what Apple tree’due south 2nd version of its high-end in-ear buds will be.

Large upgrades look fix to include a rejigged pattern, possibly more in line with the Samsung Milky way Buds or Beats Studio Buds style, an upgraded chip for better connectivity and even some fettle tracking skills. All fairly welcome upgrades, I am sure yous’ll concord.

But there’s certainly more that I would like to see particularly as, if the rumoured Q3 2022 release turns out to exist true, it’ll have been well-nigh three years since the AirPods Pro were initially launched.

I had used the AirPods Pro pretty much every mean solar day since that 2022 launch, right upward until the moment I was tempted to pick up a pair of Sony’s WF-1000XM4 in the recent Black Friday sales. I’d been recommended those buds from our Audio whizz (and usual writer of this column) Kob Monney, who awarded them a perfect 5/5 score in his review. With a hefty discount practical I took the plunge – assuming they’d be a little bit (but not too much) amend than the AirPods Pro.

Sony WF-1000XM4

A few weeks on and I can’t see myself ever going back to Apple’s ANC buds. Everything is only meliorate on the Sony’s. The sound is richer and more than immersive, the dissonance-cancelling is meliorate at diminishing the rattle of the morning commute and the battery life far longer.

Considering both earbuds toll roughly the aforementioned (taking frequent sales and cost drops into account) the current AirPods Pro are something of a hard sell.

There are numerous things I would like from the next-gen AirPods Pro if they are going to dislodge the XM4’s from my ears, but the biggest is an comeback to the audio quality.

That’south not me saying the AirPods Pro sound bad, because they certainly don’t, but the warmth and the detail achieved by the XM4’southward are a pace above. Before things like fitness features are added, sound quality needs to be the very best that it can be.

An updated bit will probable aid with sound quality and I am already optimistic nigh big jumps here after spending some time with the cheaper AirPods 3. The advancement in terms of sound quality from the previous AirPods to the AirPods 3 is monumental and this makes me retrieve that an comeback of a like calibration is likely for the Pro buds.

I’d also like Apple to implement some form of higher-res streaming support for the next AirPods Pro. While Apple Music has a huge amount of high-res and lossless content, these can’t be streamed to the AirPods due to a lack of support for the correct codecs. If Apple could add together support for these then that would be some other boost for audio quality (and make Apple tree Music more of a tempting choice). Many Android phones support higher-quality streaming over Bluetooth and it’southward a feature missing completely on iOS.

MagSafe charging was added on the AirPods Pro shortly after the AirPods 3 were announced, but aside from the magnetic aspect, the quicker wireless charging that made the tech interesting on the iPhone 12 was absent. I’d like to meet some form of quicker wireless charging added to the next buds.

Nosotros also know the iPhone 13 can utilise a form of reverse wireless charging to juice the MagSafe Battery Pack, so beingness able to accuse the AirPods by only magnetically attaching them to the iPhone seems like it would exist a great addition.

Finally, I remember the AirPods Pro ii need to take a folio from the XM4’southward book and become with foam tips. The current AirPods are comfy, simply the foamy tips used by Sony feel so much comfier for long periods and seem to practice a much meliorate job at staying in my ears.

At that place will likely be a lot more than rumours surrounding the side by side Apple tree AirPods over the coming year, but with these features added they could very well be the best wireless headphones around.

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