Sound and Vision: I want Sky Glass, just without the TV

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Stance: Our in-depth review of Sky Glass went upward this week, with our resident TV expert Kob Monney giving his final verdict on Sky’s beginning Telly set.

I’ve been intrigued, rather than necessarily excited, about Glass since information technology was unveiled. I liked the unique style and the approach to software, while having an in-built Atmos-capable ‘soundbar’ couldn’t exist a bad affair.

Simply after reading Kob’s review, and spending some time with our Sky Drinking glass review unit at Trusted Reviews HQ over the past few weeks, one thing sticks out for me – tin can we just have a Sky Drinking glass streaming stick?

Read the review and you’ll detect about of Kob’south issues with the production revolve around the actual TV aspect. He criticises information technology for lacking a 120Hz refresh charge per unit (something more than doable at this toll), calls the HDR performance ‘underwhelming’ and condemns the ‘lacklustre’ viewing angles. These aren’t the sort of things I want to be hearing before I make a hefty TV purchase.

I also accept a adequately ok Telly at abode and while information technology’s not a fancy OLED or anything like that, it does the chore and I don’t actually want to get rid of it. What I exercise want though, is the software side of Sky Glass that sounds like it works very well.

Streaming sticks and boxes are all the rage now, with Amazon, Roku, Apple, Google and more all vying for an HDMI slot. If Heaven offered this dishless Glass experience without needing to have the Goggle box, I’d sign up for information technology in a heartbeat.

Where I feel Heaven Glass beats out other streaming boxes is that it fantastically combines traditional television (BBC 1, ITV, Dave etc) with the more modernistic streaming services (Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime). No other UK box does this in the mode of Sky Drinking glass and information technology genuinely feels keen to combine the two.

Sky also has the content in the best quality, something you can’t get with its At present streaming service. I pay through the olfactory organ every calendar month for a NOW Sports Pass, simply for it to be streamed at 1080p. With Sky Glass, I could stream football in 4K HDR, and F1 in 4K. The same goes for Sky Original shows – many of these are available in 4K HDR through Sky Glass, but top-out at 1080p on Now.

I likewise really like the whole Playlist feature, which lets you pull shows from multiple platforms, both streaming and traditional Television, and take them all prove up together in a spotter listing. Granted, there’due south no actual recording going on – simply it sounds similar a skilful mode to keep my scout listing in good social club.

I have tried just about all the current streaming boxes and while many are expert, null is perfect. Fire Tv set is too jammed with ads and has an awful UI, while Roku has the apps only in an ugly shell with a cheap-feeling remote. The Apple tree TV 4K is smashing (if very expensive) but the Apple TV app doesn’t integrate Netflix – the streaming service I use the most. Then there’s Google Goggle box, which is bang-up aside from the lack of back up for many Uk-specific catch-upwardly services. And, of course, none of these gives me what I actually desire by combining TV and streaming services into one packet.

Dishless Sky has been a dream for years, and with Heaven Glass we can run into that dream becoming reality. The next step is for Sky to untether this seemingly excellent software experience from a TV that doesn’t quite match it. I’ll be commencement in line when that day finally arrives.

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