Spotify How To Remove Recently Played

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Before we look at how to clear the recently played list on the Spotify app, let usa explore Spotify and its interface a bit.

Spotify is a music streaming app that has get quite popular over the past few years. In the pandemic, its usage shot up due to the various features it offers. These features not just allow
to enjoy music just in fact
bask music collaboratively, where you tin can create a playlist together with your friends and share it with all. Some other noteworthy characteristic of Spotify is that it allows yous to create as well as listen to a variety of podcasts on a multitude of topics. In fact, yous must be a Spotify user likewise, since you are hither reading an article on how to clear recently played on Spotify!

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Some songs are very close to our hearts considering of various reasons, but we might often forget their names. Spotify solves this problem for y’all with the ‘Recently Played’ listing. Afterwards searching for a vocal on the search bar, the name of the song gets listed under the Recently Played section. This ensures that if y’all want to listen to the song again in the well-nigh future, you lot will be able to locate it hands instead of having to type it on the search bar all once again.

While this is in fact a very convenient and beneficial feature, some people might not want to clutter their Spotify screen with a lot of recently played songs. In such a case, the option to clear your ‘Recently Played’ on Spotify is available to you lot. If you are in love with music, then bank check out this article on the Sony 360 Reality Audio Speaker.

Before we enumerate the steps to clear your recently played section, there is one affair y’all should keep in mind. You can use the function to articulate recently played on your Windows or Mac. The selection to clear information technology is unfortunately not available on the mobile phone app or the Spotify web browser. Withal, once you make the changes through the desktop app, they will be reflected across all the devices that are linked to that item account.

How to Clear Recently Played on Spotify?

You can just follow the steps listed here on how to clear recently played on Spotify to brand your troubles go abroad:

  • Open up the Spotify app on your Windows PC or Mac equally feasible.
  • On the left hand side of the habitation page that comes up, you will find the
  • On the list of options under the Menu, navigate to the
    Recently Played
  • When y’all click on it, a sub menu will open upward under the option.
  • When yous use your mouse to hover over one of the songs on that list, yous will notice a number of options. Yous will notice the option to add together the song to your
    Liked Songs, to mind to the song over again, or to remove it completely from the department.
  • In social club to remove the song from the list, click on the 3 dots nowadays on the right side on pinnacle of the song. Some other list will open up in one case you click it.
  • Select the pick
    Remove from Recently Played

    one time the list opens up. Once you practise that, the song will be permanently removed from your recently played department.
  • Once yous delete the vocal, the change will be synced across all the devices where you utilize this account instantly.

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Unfortunately, at present, there is no pick that will allow you to clear the entire ‘Recently Played’ list with a unmarried click. You will need to individually follow the above steps one by i for each song to remove all the songs from the ‘Recently Played’ section. Hopefully, Spotify will soon introduce a function that will allow 1 to perform this activity at ane go to save fourth dimension and effort.

Well, with this article we are sure that all bug related to how to articulate recently played on Spotify has been covered properly. If you take any suggestions or hacks to the techniques, feel free to share them in the Comment section beneath!