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Gone are the days when we used to rely on Adobe Photoshop to create UI/UX pattern and mockups. It’s 2022, and now we have dedicated UI pattern software available for Windows and Mac. At that place are dozens of UI design tools out in that location. Amongst them, Wondershare Mockitt stands out for several reasons.

Wondershare’s Mockitt carries all the necessary elements required in UI pattern software. These days, UI design software shouldn’t exist limited to design tools and functions only. Creators now enquire for prototyping and live collaboration with the team also. And we have to say, Wondershare Mockitt doesn’t disappoint in any of these areas.

What Is Mockitt? Why Should Yous Download It?

Wondershare Mockitt by Wondershare is a UI/UX design software that allows creators to build beautiful UI designs and UX mockups on the go.

Unlike some of its rivals (hi Sketch), cantankerous-platform availability isn’t an issue here. Mockitt is accessible on Mac, Windows, and the Spider web. No matter which device y’all use, you are e’er in good company with Wondershare Mockitt.

Mockitt isn’t express to UI blueprint functions only. The software also nails the alive collaboration part with team members, advanced prototyping, and more. Convinced to give information technology a try?

Let’s dig more.

WonderShare Mockitt Overview

Permit’south start the list with the major headline feature of Mockitt – Real-time collaboration.

Real-time Collaboration with Pattern Team

One tin can likewise refer to Mockitt as Google Docs of UI design tools. And there is a adept reason for that. The software comes with alive sharing among squad members.

This is mighty useful when you are working as a team on a big project. Y’all need inputs from the squad to implement into the final design. Sharing the design files dorsum and forth can bring down the overall productivity.

Instead, you can invite a team member to your design space and have live input directly in the software. This is ane reason for Figma’due south sky-rocketing popularity these days, and we are glad to see the same implementation in Mockitt.

wondershare mockitt sharing

Share your design with a simple link, and others can preview it on any device anywhere. Inspect the design and generate code automatically.

Online Platform for Easy Admission

Mockitt isn’t limited to Windows and Mac merely. The software is also available on the web. Meaning, one tin view, edit, and create UI designs from a Chromebook and Linux-based organization too.

Mockitt is a joy to utilize with your team members, and some of the members on your team might adopt Chrome OS or Linux for their needs. Mockitt covers them with the web version here.

Collaboration Tools for Developer Team

To execute your UI design vision into reality, you need a seamless collaboration with the developer squad. Mockitt covers them also with congenital-in functions.

The software offers a Flowchart tool, Prototyping tool, and a Mindmap tool to brainstorm ideas with the developer team.

Design Tools

Here is where Mockitt has nailed the execution with several features on offer.

First of all, Mockitt design tool supports Sketch (electric current industry leader) file import. If you have a Sketch file from an old project, you can import it in Mockitt and get-go making changes.

wondershare mockitt design tools

The software also comes with History direction and Team Library direction. The latter is very useful as it lets you create consequent design specifications and standards for your team.

Storage and Security

Mockitt offers financial-grade security to protect your creativity with professional person qualifications. The default cloud storage will ensure that you’ll not lose your files.

Templates Back up

Templates gallery is the eye of any UI design software. Most users prefer to commencement with a template compared to creating a design from scratch.

Mockitt offers a good corporeality of templates to begin with. Y’all can find some of the beautiful templates from the official Mockitt website.

mockitt templates

Mockitt has a defended department for showcasing UX/UI design templates fabricated by the company likewise every bit the community. For case, Mockitt offers many pre-built dynamic components, including charts, diagrams, dropdown menu, collapse, navigation menu, and more. You lot only demand to make full in data or options to generate mutual dynamic components, without setting the interactive state manually. It’s a skilful place to go some ideas and motivation for your next design project.

Fast prototyping just by drag & drib

Mockitt has the most user intuitive user interface. With it’s abundant widgets, icons, and templates, fifty-fifty beginners can work similar pros just by dragging and dropping vast components from its library. Add together and typeset widgets as well equally create interactive events hands. Mockitt offers an extensive range of options that are piece of cake to find and use – Dynamic and Static widgets, Stock Photos, Royalty-free Action Sounds, and more than.

Multi-Mention Support

This is a part of the live collaboration characteristic. You can mention a team member, and they will get a notification about the feedback or blueprint change. It is similar to what we use in Google Docs, and the overall implementation is spot-on in Mockitt.

As you can see from the list above, Mockitt is absolutely worth a try if yous are looking to starting time your journey in the UI pattern space.

Experienced designers won’t miss out on anything besides. Mockitt supports Sketch files, and the whole interface is designed in line with the standard buttons and menus in relevant places.

Wondershare is committing long-term support for the design customs. The visitor has a defended YouTube channel and Medium presence with all the necessary tutorials and guides to get started.


Wondershare Mockitt offers a five-day gratis trial. I can also pay for a quarterly or yearly plan to relieve some bucks.

Go far Mockitt Workspace and begin your UI/UX design journeying for free!

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the best design tools out there. What are yous waiting for? Apply the link above and give Mockitt a try. Practise permit us know about your feel using the software in the comments section below.


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