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Stray: Everything we know so far

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

There are plenty of AAA titles stacking the side by side few years, but among the fray lies an adorable little game chosen Devious, which follows a devious cat through a dystopian world.

Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio, a small team from the south of France, and published past Annapurna Interactive. Thanks to a few trailers, we already have an idea what the game is about, what the game feels like to play, and most importantly, when information technology’southward launching. Sorry, Xbox fans, you’re going to miss out on this one.

Here’s everything nosotros know about Stray so far.

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Stray release date

Stray’s July 2022 official gameplay trailer revealed that the game would launch Early 2022 for PlayStation four,
and PC. Information technology’southward unclear if it’ll e’er launch on Xbox, just if information technology does, it would make an splendid entry to its valued Game Pass service.

Keep in mind that Early 2022 tin can be anywhere between January to March, merely since there’due south no definitive release engagement, it could go delayed.

Stray story

Stray has a rather elementary story. Information technology’s about a cat that finds himself in a dystopian world run by robots, and he’s trying to discover a way back to his family unit.

Stray: Everything we know so far

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Eventually, the main catracter (ha) meets a drone named B12 who helps him translate the robot language as well as shop and use items found throughout the world. From what we tin can discern through the trailer, there doesn’t seem to exist any other cats around, but the robots aren’t especially perturbed that a feline walks among them. They take some bigger issues to deal with, like the creepy face up-hugger-looking enemies known every bit the Zurks.

I’g excited to larn more about the globe of Stray and what happened to this world, if information technology even is the earth as we know it.

Stray gameplay

In Stray, y’all play as a cat, and that might not seem equally heady as your average AAA high-octane average game, but information technology’south definitely cuter.

Stray: Everything we know so far

(Paradigm credit: Annapurna Interactive)

This is a 3rd-person adventure game that has you explore, platform, and puzzle-solve your way through a dystopian city. In one case you notice B12, yous’ll be able to employ sure items, and even defend yourself against the Zurks that volition attack you in swarms. Apart from using B12 to defend yourself, your only other option is to run or milkshake them off you when they pounce.

Information technology seems like there’s enough of interaction the player tin encounter thank you to B12’s translations. In the trailer, we saw the cat hand over a piece of sheet music to a street performer, and the robot started playing music on their guitar while the principal graphic symbol snuggled up in a pillow (so cute).

I wouldn’t necessarily phone call Stray a “platforming” game from what we’ve seen, and that’south because there’s no accuracy involved. You simply click the prompted push, and you’re there. There’south some pros and cons to this. One pro is that information technology makes the cat’s leaps look graceful similar a true cat should be. The con, of grade, is that it takes abroad a potential gameplay element from the thespian. But overall, Stray is more of an take a chance-puzzle game than it is a platforming game.

Hopefully, those Zurk chase sequences are as heady as they await considering I am worried because Devious doesn’t look particularly difficult.

Stray PC requirements

Yay, Stray is launching on PC. Unfortunately, we don’t have any recommended specs as of yet, just Devious does have an entry on Steam, so we imagine it’ll be updated eventually.

Stray: Everything we know so far

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

As far as specs go, I have to venture a guess that the
best inexpensive gaming laptops
volition exist more capable of handling Devious. Information technology doesn’t await graphically intensive. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look adept because the art design is stunning, just I don’t see it needing a tank to run in the hereafter.


Information technology’s rare that nosotros get a unique and fun game similar Devious launching amongst a body of water of homogeneous AAA games, so we’re super excited to jump in when information technology launches.

My married woman was besides hyped when the trailer outset launched considering she loves cats. Maybe there will be some co-op capabilities with B12 — It would be fun to play this alongside her.

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