Stream Netflix From Iphone To Tv

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Streaming giant Netflix is a staple in every flick and series fan’south streaming service collection. If you lot’ve been streaming Netflix on your phone or laptop but wish you could enjoy it on a Tv screen, yous accept quite a few options for making this happen.

In this postal service, we’ll share how to watch Netflix on TV using your smart TV, laptop, streaming device or mobile device.

Key Takeaways:

  • About smart TVs are Netflix compatible, only it’south always best to check before you invest in one.
  • If yous don’t take a smart TV, you lot tin apply a streaming device similar Chromecast, Roku or Firestick to stream movies and series on Netflix on your TV.
  • If you lot have a Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast built in, you can cast Netflix to your TV from your phone or within the Google Chrome browser. Alternatively, you can download Netflix on a games console like Xbox or PlayStation.
  • Some other method is to connect your phone or laptop to your TV with a compatible HDMI cable. Yous can then open up Netflix in a browser or on the mobile app, beginning streaming and it will show up on your TV screen. Cheque cables for compatibility with your device earlier you brand a purchase.

If yous’re not the most confident with applied science, the good news is that it’southward actually easy to get Netflix on your TV, fifty-fifty if yous don’t have a smart Boob tube. As well, you can always effort dissimilar methods if one doesn’t work out for you. Let’s get directly into it.

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    This article shares upwards-to-date data on how to watch Netflix on your Idiot box and we’ve added a how-to for each method.

  • Absolutely. If yous don’t have a smart TV, you can go a streaming stick, similar a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku device to sentinel Netflix on a regular TV. This is a not bad way to get access to other popular streaming apps besides, like Amazon Prime number Video and YouTube.

  • Most smart TVs are compatible with Netflix. If you don’t take a smart TV, you tin use a streaming device, a gaming console, or connect your laptop or telephone to your TV with an HDMI cable.

  • The best way to get Netflix on a non-smart Television set is to use a streaming device like Chromecast, Firestick or Roku. Alternatively, you tin connect your laptop or phone to your Tv with an HDMI cable.

  • You have quite a few options here. You tin apply your smart TV, phone, laptop, gaming console or a streaming device.

How to Scout Netflix on TV: Smart Television receiver

One of the simplest ways to stream Netflix is on your smart TV. Sony and Samsung are Netflix’s smart TV recommended brands, which may exist helpful if you’re thinking near buying one.

Most smart TVs — peculiarly newer TVs — are compatible with Netflix, and many come up with Netflix already installed and prepare to get on the home folio, or include a remote control with a dedicated Netflix button.

That said, information technology’s best to cheque if the TV supports Netflix before you make the investment, equally some — especially older smart TVs — might not be uniform. If y’all’re having whatever issues finding Netflix on your smart TV’s home screen, you tin can install information technology from your Television set’s app store. These steps may differ slightly depending on the Netflix-compatible smart Boob tube you’ve got.

  1. Check Your Smart Tv set’southward Homepage

    Plow on your TV and
    check if Netflix is on the homepage. If information technology’south there, only
    click on the Netflix icon
    and either download it or log in to your Netflix account, depending on your smart Tv set’s prompts.

    smarttv homepage
  2. Search for Netflix in the App Shop (Optional)

    If Netflix isn’t on the homepage already, navigate to your smart Idiot box’due south app shop. Its location will vary depending on the brand and model you lot have. In that location,
    use the search function
    to find and download Netflix.

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How to Watch Netflix on Your TV With a Streaming Device

If you don’t accept a smart TV, you might want to consider a streaming device like Apple Television receiver, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. Streaming devices are an easy, inexpensive method of getting Netflix and other popular streaming services on your Idiot box and at that place are a wide variety of models on offer to suit every need.

To detect out more about the available Chromecast models, cheque out our Chromecast buyer’southward guide.  Check out our Amazon Burn down Stick buyer’s guide and Roku heir-apparent’s guide if either of these is more up your street.

Brand sure y’all have already fix your Chromecast or other streaming device before starting this process and that yous take an internet connection. In this how-to guide, we’re going to show you how to watch Netflix on your Goggle box via Roku or Chromecast.

Watch Netflix on Your TV via Roku

Allow’s boot off with Roku, one of the most popular and easy-to-use streaming devices on the market. Brand sure your Roku is plugged in and fix to become before you get started.

  1. Search for Netflix

    Navigate to the search tab,
    then press “OK.”
    Blazon “Netflix” into the search bar.

    Roku search
  2. Select Netflix

    Select Netflix
    from the listing, then click “OK.”

    roku search netflix
  3. Add Netflix

    Select “add channel”
    and printing “OK.”

    netflix add channel
  4. Open up Netflix

    Select “go to aqueduct”
    and printing “OK.”

    go to channel
  5. Log In to Netflix

    Log in to Netflix
    on the homepage or
    create a Netflix account.

    netflix log in

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Watch Netflix on Your Idiot box via Chromecast

In this tutorial, nosotros’ll be using a Google Chromecast (3rd generation) to show you how to cast Netflix from your phone to your TV.

  1. Plug In Your Chromecast

    Plug your Chromecast into your Tv’s HDMI input.
    Turn on the Telly
    tune in to the correct HDMI setting.

  2. Launch the Netflix Mobile App

    Open the Netflix app
    on your device and
    search for the prove or film
    y’all want to watch.
    Tap the “cast” icon
    in the top right corner and
    select your Chromecast device from the listing. If you have whatsoever bug, check out our Chromecast troubleshooting tips.

How to Picket Netflix on Television set With a Game Panel

Those with a video game console similar Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox 360, PlayStation iii, PlayStation 4, PlayStation four Pro and PlayStation 5 can download Netflix. In this tutorial, nosotros’ll show you where to find and download Netflix on a PlayStation 5. Again, these steps will differ slightly depending on the gaming console you’re using.

  1. Become to “Media”

    Navigate to  the “media” tab
    at the top of the screen and bank check if yous can come across the Netflix icon. If you encounter it,
    select “Netflix”
    and then
    click “download”
    when prompted.

    nettflix ps5
  2. Search for Netflix in the Search Bar (Optional)

    If you take any issues finding Netflix,
    navigate to the search bar
    in the top correct corner,
    type in “Netflix”
    and download information technology from there.

    netflix searchbar


How to Picket Netflix on TV With a Laptop

If you have a Google Chromecast device continued to your TV or take a TV with Chromecast built in, you tin cast Netflix to your TV screen from your Google Chrome browser, as long as the browser is up to date.

If you lot don’t have a Chromecast device or smart Boob tube with Chromecast built in, an alternative is to use an external HDMI cablevision to connect your laptop to your TV.

One time the cablevision is connected, y’all only accept to tune into the correct HDMI setting on your TV. At that place may exist a few unlike options (HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.) and then you may take to check a few to find the correct ane.

External HDMI cables are pretty easy to come by online and in stores; simply be sure to check the ports on your laptop and Tv to exist certain the cablevision you lot’ve picked is compatible earlier you buy information technology. Another matter to be aware of is that Autoplay is non supported with a cablevision connection.

For now, we’re going to testify you how to cast from your Chrome browser to your TV using either a dissever Chromecast device or a Chromecast smart TV. Brand sure your Chromecast device is plugged in earlier you outset.

If you have a Chromecast with Google Telly — Chromecast’southward latest and almost advanced model — you won’t demand to use an actress device like a phone to stream Netflix on your TV. You will be able to notice Netflix on the user interface that comes upward on your TV screen.

  1. Open Netflix in Your Chrome Browser

    Open the Chrome browser
    on your laptop and
    log in to your Netflix business relationship.
    Search for the movie or Tv set show
    yous desire to stream.

    netflix search
  2. Click on “Cast”

    In the bottom right corner of the screen, y’all should see a “cast” icon if your Chromecast is connected properly.
    Click on the “cast” icon
    and your content will testify upwardly on your TV screen.

    netflix chrome cast
  3. Click “Cast” in Google Chrome (Alternative Pick)

    Some other manner to cast Netflix to your Telly is to click on “bandage” in Google Chrome itself. To do this, but
    go to the 3 vertical dots
    in the tiptop right corner of Chrome and
    click “cast.”
    Cull the device you want to use to stream
    from the list of devices that appears.

    cast option

How to Watch Netflix on Television receiver From iPhone or Android

If you have a Chromecast or smart TV, it’s easy to cast Netflix on the bigger screen from your telephone. All y’all have to practice is click the “cast” icon in the Netflix mobile app then select the TV or Chromecast you want to connect to.

That said, if you take a smart Tv set, you probably won’t need to do this because about smart TVs already have the Netflix app.

An culling for those without a smart TV or Chromecast is to use an HDMI adapter to connect your telephone to your TV. The HDMI adapter you’ll need will vary depending on what blazon of phone you accept and the viewing quality you’re aiming for (1080p, 4K, etc.) This is how it mostly works, but the process may differ slightly depending on the adapter you lot take.

One thing to be aware of is that if yous’re watching downloaded titles, they volition be mirrored on screen equally they appear on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For this reason, you may see black confined surrounding the video on your TV.

  1. Connect the HDMI Cable to Your Phone

    Connect the HDMI cable to your phone,
    place the other cease in your TV’southward HDMI port. Then,
    plug the adapter into a ability outlet
    notice the correct HDMI setting
    on your TV.

    phone hdmi
  2. Open the Netflix App

    When you see your phone screen appear on the Tv set screen,
    open the Netflix app
    on your telephone.
    Search for the Netflix show or motion picture
    you desire to lookout and commencement streaming.

    netflix app cable

Concluding Thoughts

If yous’re ready to scout Netflix content, streaming Netflix up on the big screen shouldn’t be a hassle, especially with all the available methods. To sum it upward, your options are a Netflix-compatible TV, a game panel like Xbox or PlayStation, a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast and using a laptop or phone.

Whichever selection y’all cull, it’s easy to download or watch Netflix in a few quick and like shooting fish in a barrel steps. If you don’t have a smart Tv set, we recommend checking out the various streaming devices on offer. These nifty, often inexpensive little dongles are great for fans of popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

We hope yous’ve found this article helpful and are gear up to enjoy your new “home cinema.” Which method exercise yous use for streaming Netflix on a TV? Have we missed annihilation? If so, feel free to share your tips in the comments. Thanks for reading!