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Chapter 1

An introduction to sustainable technology

Consumers are beginning to brand purchases with sustainability in mind. The modern shopper wants to know that the products they’re purchasing were manufactured with ethics at the forefront. There’s a growing demand for businesses to pace up and show a sustainable initiative.

1 of the leading industries for this green revolution is the technology sector. With tech playing such an integral role in the 24-hour interval-to-day life of most people, larger companies accept had to exercise what they can to step up and embrace this new-establish passion for sustainability.

Whether with a 18-carat desire to assist the earth, or just their bottom line in listen, a number of tech giants are doing what they can to make products greener. In this guide, we’re going to assess the current state of sustainable (or greenish) engineering science, while likewise looking at how larger businesses are doing their bit to help.

What is sustainable technology?

The phrase sustainable engineering is something of an umbrella term. Technology that is sustainable operates through a trio of core principles:


Negative by-products of manufacturing are eliminated when light-green methods are utilised. That means things like contamination or anything that encourages deterioration. There’s likewise a focus on preventing any kind of potentially harmful ecology impact.

Paper water carton

Maybe at the core of sustainable tech use is the replacement of something which causes damage with a more than environmentally friendly alternative. For example, a not-biodegradable substance existence swapped out for something which volition naturally break down over time, or a non-renewable resource being replaced with a renewable ane.

Manufacturing robots

The technology has to be equally efficient equally possible in terms of its employ of energy and any natural resource. That means no wasteful utilise of any of the fundamental materials being used in a process.

Anything which has been produced keeping these factors in mind can be considered a class of sustainable or green technology.

The importance of green technology in sustainability

It’south clear that sustainable applied science has a big touch on the world around us. But just how valuable is it in the overall fight for sustainability and natural resources management? Here are some of the most of import means engineering science has a positive touch on sustainability efforts:

Types of

sustainabe technology

To actually empathize the affect of this kind of tech, information technology’due south important to get a grounding in the kinds of things which fall into the sustainable bracket. Some of the virtually prevalent forms of this kind of tech include:

Sustainable engineering at home:

  • LEDS

    While they might remind you more than of something you’d find in decorative lighting, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are actually a fantastic way to illuminate a holding without excess levels of energy consumption. These types of low-cal utilise far less wattage than traditional options, making them a really desirable green alternative.

    Close up of LEDs

  • Solar powered homes

    While the concept of using solar ability from the dominicus has been prevalent for the bulk of the 21st century, it’s merely in the terminal few years that the renewable energy source has become seen equally a feasible alternative to traditional methods. The UK now produces a whopping xiv GW (gigawatts) of solar ability per yr, with hopes to expand this to 15 GW by the end of 2022. Homeowners tin can attach solar panels to their house in social club to generate and shop their own energy.

    Solar panels on roof of houses

  • Smart heating devices

    In order to prevent backlog wastage, smart meters tin can exist placed in a home to cap your usage. They are also able to monitor where you lot’re using the well-nigh amount of free energy, and assistance you accommodate your habits accordingly. Devices can often exist accessed via mobile apps, pregnant you lot tin stay on pinnacle of things remotely.

    Smart thermostat

  • Lawn wind turbines

    The big scale turbines which tin can be found on wind farms aren’t the just way that power can exist generated. There are likewise smaller versions which can exist placed in the backyard to help ability the dwelling (or at the very least supplement energy usage).

    Small wind turbine

  • Dual flush toilets

    By upgrading your toilet to one which uses a dual affluent, you’ll waste product less water every time you pull the chain. The flush works by letting y’all choose between a regular flush for liquid waste (which requires less h2o to remove), or a more industrial flush for solid matter.

    Bathroom with duel flush toilet

  • Electric transport

    Another sustainable form of technology which was teased for years, electric vehicles (EVs) are now condign increasingly mutual on British roads. The RAC estimates there to be as many as 300,000 EVs on UK roads, with a further 995,000 unlike kinds of hybrids (which use both electricity and a combustion engine). Government plans are for there to be an outright ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel cars by the yr 2030.

    Electric car charging

  • Hydrogen power

    This form of gas-based ability is tentatively being considered 1 of the neat saviours of the modern era. As something of an alternative for EVs, hydrogen-powered cars are able to store energy using less weight. This healthy boxing between electric and hydrogen could help to accelerate both to new sustainable heights.

    Hybrid car

  • Wind-powered street lights

    Wind power is a technology which has get increasingly popular in recent years. Roads could soon employ the use of street lights which produce energy equally a issue of the cakewalk. As nearly motorways are relatively exposed to the elements, there should be no shortage of supply.

    Wind street lights

  • Energy harvesting

    Piezoelectric energy harvesting sees the natural heat and motion of cars running on the route converted into electricity. This is in plough used to power whatever electrical features of the road itself. The power is collected by a sure type of crystal, which can generate energy when pressure is applied to it.

    Moving car tyre

Sustainable engineering science stats and facts

Now we have a meliorate understanding of what sustainable engineering actually is, we tin assess how much of an impact it has on the world effectually us. 1 of the best examples of how important the sustainable market is comes in the course of a study from the IEA.

They found that renewable forms of electricity will account for 196.1 GW of global ability come the end of 2022. That was a steep rise from the amount produced in 2022, which totalled just 166.7 GW.

When cleaved downwards by region, Prc is without doubt at the forefront of electric energy production. The figures show rates to be:

Encouragingly, all forms of renewable power chapters saw a predicted net growth for 2022. In most instances, these saw a huge step-up from the figures shown the previous year:

Encouragingly, the UK Government is looking to embrace the development and use of green technology to fund next-generation forms of sustainable energy. Equally part of their programme to kicking-off a new light-green industrial revolution, they are introducing the Cyberspace Nothing Innovation Portfolio (NZIP).

This fund promises a total of £1bn across a number of priority areas, including the likes of:

Offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind

Energy plant

Energy storage and flexibility



Hydrogen cell

Hydrogen ability

Robot arm

Disruptive technologies

As much as £92m of the total sum will be distributed to three cadre areas of green technology. Those being:

Energy storage


The bulk of the money will be directed towards enhancing the capabilities of energy storage engineering. With the majority of renewable free energy generated past the natural weather of the weather (which can be unpredictable), it’south vital a constant supply of energy is kept stored twelvemonth-circular.

Bioenergy production


This form of energy is generated from organic materials, without the need to tap into any non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. The money would exist used towards cultivating depression-cost and low-maintenance feed crops to be used for energy product.

Floating offshire turbines


With the Britain fortunate enough to have a very expansive coastline, funding volition besides be diverted towards this grade of natural energy production. Floating turbines can reach further out to sea than those embedded in the seafloor. This allows them to harness wind power which is much stronger, found in choppier waters.

Chapter 2

How tech giants are using sustainable engineering science

It’southward the responsibleness of bigger names in the tech manufacture to practice what they tin to promote the employ and sensation of sustainable technology. Let’s look at what kinds of green tech are being implemented, equally well as any efforts beingness made by larger corporations to brand them a part of their solar day-to-day business operations.

What big companies are doing to be more than sustainable

With and so much weight placed on environmental bug past consumers beyond the world, it’southward no surprise the tech giants of the earth are doing what they tin to embrace their demands. Hither are some of the biggest changes which larger businesses are making in a delivery to exist more green:

  • Google

    Google entrance

    The global search engine giant that is Google has been at the forefront of sustainable technology for some time. In 2022, the company had managed to ability itself with 100% renewable free energy, a few years ahead of schedule.

    And with A.I. (artificial intelligence) and global mapping systems which are far in advance of most other businesses, they’ve been able to turn attending towards searching for sustainable wins. Some big successes take come in optimising the use of solar energy, as well as regrowing and protecting forests.

  • Apple

    Apple store

    Apple unquestionably holds rule over the world of convenient smart technology, only what are they doing to ensure their impact on the globe around them is a positive 1? Well, it’s hard to really know. The company certainly makes something of a commitment to sustainability, but they lack the actress-curricular projects which Google can tout.

    Equally part of their efforts to remain environmentally friendly, Apple merits to:

    • Reduce waste matter in the manufacturing process
    • Provide software which supports the control of free energy-saving features on smart dwelling house appliances
    • Select only environmentally friendly materials for manufacturing
    • Provide recycling programmes for customers across the world

    In truth, with what are relatively vague and somewhat unsubstantiated claims, it’s hard to really assess merely how seriously Apple are taking their ecology impact.

  • Amazon


    Having come under some heavy fire for the amount of carbon their commitment vehicles were pumping into the atmosphere, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was forced to act. In 2022, he announced the company’southward delivery to post-obit the Paris Accord – a legally binding treaty which laid out plans to operate more sustainably by those involved.

    To take information technology one step further, Amazon would also co-found the Climate Pledge, which strives to meet the targets of the Paris Accordance as much as ten years early on. Equally of early 2022, over 100 signatures (including some large names similar Heineken, Visa and Alaska Airlines) can be constitute on the Pledge. They would get on to announce four dissimilar levels of certification for Climate Pledge Friendly products, which would be sold on their online marketplace with discounts of anywhere from fifteen-25%.

    What’due south more, the company can also boast 206 renewable energy products across the earth, with 71 utility-calibration current of air and solar projects, and a further 135 solar rooftops.

  • Samsung

    Samsung building

    This tech giant has been ahead of the curve for some time when it comes to sustainability efforts, having introduced the Samsung Environmental Declaration equally far dorsum equally 1992. Their PlanetFirst initiative ensures that they arroyo every product with ecology bear on in listen.

    They use equally few resources as possible in structure, while also reusing waste and end-of-life products. Just some of the steps they’re taking to ensure they reduce the size of their carbon footprint include:

    • Using energy direction systems at all piece of work sites
    • Monitoring and helping suppliers with greenhouse gas emissions
    • Analysing the run a risk and affect of any proposed new production before manufacture

    Every Samsung worksite operates past strict rules, pregnant these practices are carried across countries and continents.

  • LG

    LG Phone

    South Korean company LG acknowledges that while technological advancements are of import, they shouldn’t be a priority over the health of the planet. That’southward why they’ve introduced a nothing negative environmental impact plan, which lays out a set of targets to strive for by 2030.

    Those include:

    • Reducing carbon emissions past l% from 2022 to 2030
    • Achieving carbon neutrality
    • Achieving 95% in waste recycling at production sites
    • Completing a switch to 100% electric vehicles or hydrogen concern cars in S Korea

    As well equally this, they’re also looking to transition to 100% renewable energy across all areas of their business by 2050.

  • Sony

    Sony Headphones

    Japanese business firm Sony has introduced an ecology programme called “Road to Nada.” In truth, the targets for the programme aren’t entirely clear, merely they intend to take reduced their environmental footprint by the year 2050.

    While it’s something of a vague goal, they are at to the lowest degree taking steps to try and improve their sustainability efforts. Those include by:

    • Introducing recycled plastics in manufacturing
    • Reducing power consumption
    • Eliminating plastics from the packaging of newer, small products
    • Using more renewable energy

    Fifty-fifty these changes are a little vague, and so it will be interesting to meet if the company comes out with farther details nearly what they’re doing in the time to come.

  • Panasonic

    Panasonic Billboard

    With an aim to ensure that energy usage is made as efficient as possible, Panasonic have introduced their Surround Vision for 2050. They were prompted to begin reassessing free energy waste when they realised that but 10% of all energy they were creating was being put to good use.

    Fundamental areas of focus include:

    • Reducing CO2 emissions
    • Recycling equally many resources equally possible
    • Limiting the use of water resources
    • Lowering the affect of chemical substances
    • Conserving biodiversity where possible

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft building

    While most companies strive to become carbon neutral, Microsoft have set their sights a little higher. They are striving to go carbon negative by 2030 – meaning they not only offset the corporeality of carbon they put into the atmosphere, but actually reduce the amount.

    A year into the projection things announced to exist going well. Some milestones the company take already hit include:

    • A reduction in carbon emissions of half dozen% (roughly 730,000 metric tons)
    • The purchase of 1.3 million metric tons of carbon removal from 26 projects across the world
    • Providing total transparency by releasing their sustainability report to third-party companies (such every bit Deloitte), with sustainability progress serving equally a determining factor in deciding executive pay

    Every bit if the pledge of carbon negativity wasn’t enough, Microsoft accept likewise fabricated it a goal to beginning all of the carbon produced directly or through electricity which has been pumped into the atmosphere since their founding in 1973.

  • Dell

    Dell logo

    Dell has implemented a project called Progress Fabricated Real in order to hitting their ambitious sustainability goals. These targets range from those which could be achieved in a few years, to more than challenging endeavours. Some of their about important include:

    • Reusing or recycling an equivalent production for everything they sell by 2030
    • Using 100% recycled material in all packaging and over one-half of their production line by the same year
    • Achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Go on what y’all’ve learnt in mind when considering which tech giants to opt for in the futurity. And call up, if you’re someone who likes to make ethically conscious purchasing choices, ever do your own research first.

What businesses tin can do to be more than sustainable

Information technology’s non but the giants of the globe who tin exercise their bit to protect the earth effectually them. Other businesses also have the potential to footstep up and make a existent and meaningful bear upon. While they might not accept the same resource available to them as the likes of Apple or Google, in that location’s still enough that tin can be done to accept a positive impact.

Some of the most constructive ways to make a change include:

  • Remote working

    A remote-first policy means your workforce are using considerably less carbon during their daily commute to work. This can have a huge bear upon on the overall carbon footprint of a business organisation. What’south more, recent global events have highlighted how working from is a feasible pick for a huge proportion of companies.

    Woman working at home

  • Energy-efficient upgrades

    There are a host of free energy-efficient upgrades any company tin can make to have a positive impact on their carbon footprint. They include things like LEDs, automated light sensors, smart thermostats and whatsoever other kind of smart sensory device. Yous can as well make the switch to an energy supplier who offers a more sustainable approach. You lot’ll find that not but will the size of your footprint drop, but nearly probable besides your monthly energy bills.

    Mobile app controlling lights

  • Green spider web-hosting services

    While it might not seem similar it, the internet, websites and fifty-fifty emails all employ energy and fifty-fifty produce carbon. Later all, something needs to power these digital marvels. Store around and discover a spider web-hosting service who have a proven commitment to remaining upstanding.

    Hosting servers

  • Invest in carbon offsets

    If you’re finding that the changes you’ve fabricated aren’t doing plenty to satisfy your demand to be more sustainable, you can make direct investments by purchasing carbon offsets. This means paying a third-political party a fix amount of money to save emissions equivalent to those you’ve produced


Schemes to promote sustainable technology

Fortunately for both larger and smaller companies looking to improve their environmental affect, a serial of schemes exist to help support them. Hither are simply some of the initiatives which have been created to ensure sustainability is at the forefront in the digital sector:

  • Introduce UK
  • Bio-energy
  • ECA
  • Cradle to Cradle

Innovate United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland’s Sustainable Innovation fund.

As part of their initiative for a dark-green industrial revolution, the Government has made £134m bachelor to more than than 1,000 of the U.k.’s greenest businesses in order to assist them thrive. A total of i,069 businesses in total have been given £175,000 to further progress projects which look to heighten sustainability in the UK.

Some of the most heady initiative who’ve benefited from this funding include:

A.I. used to help reduce beer waste

Robots that detect and repair cracks or potholes in roads

Seaweed conversion into compostable packaging

It’southward hoped the money will provide these companies, which range in size, with a foothold to become out and make a significant difference.

Bio-energy Capital Grants scheme.

This initiative is aimed at championing the use of biomass for free energy. Grants are awarded which can be used to fund the installation of equipment in biomass-fuelled projects in the commercial, industrial and community sectors. Some of the schemes principal aims are to:

Stimulate the Uk renewable industry

Provide learning benefits that volition accelerate the industry

Help contribute to UK targets for reducing greenhouse gas

Enhanced Capital Alliance scheme.

This scheme was created with the aim of encouraging businesses to invest in efficient technologies. You’ll be able to get full revenue enhancement relief on sure investments, technologies and products for the first year, equally long as they comply with the scheme’s interpretation of sustainability.

Cradle to Cradle Certified.

This global standard for the creation of products that are safe and sustainable is used equally a postage stamp of authority for anyone looking to ensure they buy ethically. To be given a C2C certification, five different areas are assessed. Those beingness:

Material health

Production circularity

Clean air and climate protection

H2o and soil stewardship

Social fairness

Once you’ve designated a product for certification, you lot can use to one of the scheme’s many accredited assessment bodies for approving. Y’all’ll piece of work with an assessor to compile information, before existence given a pass or neglect mark for your efforts.

Chapter iii

The future of sustainable technology

Now we’ve taken a look at what companies are doing to fight for sustainability, let’southward turn our attending towards the future. The style in which engineering science governs our lives is adapting and evolving on a daily ground. And then it only stands to reason that our greenish tech will continue to change at the aforementioned rate. So what comes next for sustainable technology?

What a more sustainable future might await like

Information technology’s impossible to know what the future has in store for us. But with something as data-driven as technology, you tin at least make an educated judge. If the prioritisation of sustainable engineering science continues at the rate which you lot’d await, here is a snapshot of what our social club may i 24-hour interval look similar:

Roof top gardens

Zip-carbon cities

With carbon standing to stand up out as the chief adversary of an environmentally-friendly hereafter, information technology wouldn’t be unthinkable to see entire cities which have developed to the point of carbon non-dependency. With then many alternatives to carbon-based energy now available, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see cities outright ban its apply.


Cocky-charging motorways.

The global push for EVs has and will continue to run into a huge variety of electric cars on roads. If targets beyond the next few decades are met, nosotros could see a near-exclusive electric state highway in the future. Should that happen, electric roads themselves may become the norm. These could have a number of forms.

There are already plans in place to employ overhead wires to accuse trucks, but this may not be a feasible option for regular vehicles. As such, we might see charging technologies employed in the road themselves. These would go on a vehicle topped up on electric ability every bit they drive, reducing the need to stop and use manual charging points.

Eco protest

Sustainability at the forefront of politics.

Sustainability has already become a major talking bespeak in a number of debates and even elections. But the growing pressure from voters to see global warming taken seriously could effect in it overtaking the likes of taxation, international relations, educational activity and even healthcare as the main topic of debate.

A recent written report establish every bit many as 77% of voters across 11 European countries saw issues around climate change equally 1 of the most important factors in deciding their vote. This was closely mirrored by young people (those anile 30 and less), where 75% chose based on this.

Sustainable engineering science currently beingness developed

We’ve already covered some of the incredible forms of green tech which accept been introduced. Merely what’s currently in the pipeline? Hither are some forms of sustainable technology which nosotros might exist seeing sooner rather than later:

Chapter 4

We’ve covered a lot in this guide, only there might nevertheless be more than you want to learn nearly the world of sustainable engineering science. Make sure to bank check out these helpful secondary sources to detect more about the constantly evolving world of sustainable tech.


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