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Know Why Adobe PDF Content Copying Not Allowed

Nowadays, security is one of the major concerns for all users. People always put a lot of effort to protect their data from catastrophic conditions such as data alienation, hacking, information loss, etc. When it comes to sharing information, well-nigh of the people use PDF files considering they can add passcodes & restrictions in the certificate. It is convenient for the users to share data in PDF format considering information technology has no compatibility issues. Simply, at times the serious issue occurs when users find that the Adobe PDF content copying not allowed due to restrictions present on it.

One of the most common issues faced by the users is that they are unable to re-create from protected PDF file. However, sometimes the user needs to utilize the content present in the PDF file for some work. But he/she needs to enable copy in PDF first.


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“I am struggling with a serious problem. Recently, my Manager asked to make a report past comparing the growth statistics of the past and contempo years. All the data is present in one PDF file & he shared that PDF file with me. The state of affairs became complicated when I find that Adobe PDF content copying non allowed. I have to create the report in just ane day and at that place is and then much useful content present in that PDF file. I am stuck and did non know what to exercise next. Delight guide me on how can I resolve this consequence?”

Are you also facing the similar result? Unable to re-create and paste PDF text? Practise not panic, you are landed on the perfect page. In this blog, we are going to innovate a manual method & professional method that can be used if you can’t copy and paste from PDF certificate.

Use Snapshot Tool When Adobe PDF Content Copying Not Immune

To copy the content from the PDF file the user can implement the method given beneath. In this method, the user should employ the Snapshot tool.

  1. Starting time, you have to
    open the PDF file in Adobe Reader
    on which restrictions are imposed
  2. Now,
    Tools menu

    (Adobe Reader 8 or 9) or
    Edit menu
    (Adobe Reader X)
  3. In Adobe Reader 8/9, get to

    and and then
    Snapshot Tool. In Adobe Reader X, navigate towards
    Take a Snapshot choice.
  4. Hover over the text in order to re-create from protected PDF file
  5. Make utilise of the
    Translucent + icon
    and then
    the text yous want to re-create
  6. Now,
    the mouse to

    the text expanse and so release the mouse to take a snapshot of the content
  7. Open up
    a word document and
    printing Ctrl+Five
    to paste the copied text from the PDF file.

Manual Method Limitations

Nosotros have described a transmission technique that has to be followed when Adobe PDF content copying not allowed. But, in that location are some shortcomings associated with the above-mentioned solution that the user will be having the data in the grade of snapshot. In a simpler way, one can say that the content is nowadays in the grade of the image. The user cannot edit that content further. Therefore, to enable copy in PDF, it is suggested to opt for an automated and instant solution.

Direct Method to Copy from Protected PDF File


software by SysTools

enables the permissions and allows yous to re-create and paste from a secured file in a seamless style. This is just an amazing tool, inside a few clicks the user tin can enable content copying in PDF. Moreover, the tool is having an easy-to-use interface so, that every user can work with it in a smooth way. The software is compatible with the latest version of the Windows operating organization i.east. ten, viii.1, viii, 7, etc & also with all Mac OS X versions.

Along with the copying, information technology too enables other permissions like printing, signing, commenting, form filling, certificate assembly, page extraction, etc. Also, information technology maintains the originality of the content present in the PDF file.

Now, follow these steps to enable PDF content copying permissions:

  • Launch and
    run the tool
    on Windows OS or Mac OS 10
  • Cull the PDF files by clicking on
    Add Files / Add together Folder

add pdf files

  • Click on either
    Salve or Print option


  • Select the destination location by clicking on the
    “Modify” button


  • Click on the
    Unlock push
    to let PDF Content copying permissions


  • Finally, the
    process completion message
    will go displayed

confirmation message

Afterward completing the process the user can easily copy and paste content from a PDF file past post-obit the method given below:

Enable Copy in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  1. Open
    the PDF file in Acrobat Acrobat Reader DC from which you desire to copy the content
  2. Then
    highlight the text, which yous want to copy
  3. Now,
    on the
    Edit button
    the Copy selection. After that,
    press Ctrl+C primal
    to re-create the text
  4. Get
    to the
    Text Editor
    open Discussion document
    and paste the text in it.
  5. Save
    the file in which you copied the text
  6. Now, you will exist having an editable text

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Final Words

Almost of the times users observe that the Adobe PDF content copying not allowed, therefore, in social club to fix it, they tin use the automated solution as described in this blog. Because this tool tin easily remove re-create restriction from PDF files and enables the user to re-create from protected PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why tin’t I copy and paste in Adobe Reader DC?

Yous are unable to copy text from PDF in Adobe Reader DC due to security. Thus, to copy data from secured PDF it is necessary to
unlock PDF file

How to change content copying role from “Not Immune” to “Immune”?

To do this first remove the security from the file & in one case it is done you can hands copy from protected PDF file.

Can I resolve copy and paste from PDF to word problems?

Yes, use this software and easily copy and paste from protected PDF documents.

Why Copy is greyed out in Adobe Reader?

Copy option
is greyed out because the file is having
Copy Restrictions
. The best fix for this is to unlock the document.

Source: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/updates/adobe-pdf-content-copying-not-allowed/