Take Your Video Editing Experience to the Next Level with Wondershare Filmora

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One of the reasons for Mac’s glorying popularity is third-party apps support for professionals. The Mac ecosystem carries a good number of video and audio software for creators. Most users are familiar with Final Cut Pro and the software suite from Adobe. Another histrion is emerging to challenge the electric current market leaders. Filmora by Wondershare is promising powerful and fun video editing functions with a familiar UI. Let’s take information technology for a spin.

What Is Filmora?

When it comes to video editing for Mac, we oftentimes talk about Adobe Premiere Pro, Movavi, and the Final Cut Pro from Apple. They are capable on their ain but they do require a steep learning curve. And here is where the problems begin for someone looking for basic video editing on Mac.

After all, not anybody is a professional creating video for a living. Those video editing software solutions from Apple and Adobe might be overkill for some. This is the gap Wondershare is trying to fill with Filmora.

video tracks in filmora

Don’t mistake Filmora every bit a basic video editing app though. Ability users volition find themselves correct at domicile with a familiar UI and rich editing functions. The company is trying to cover the majority from beginners to pros with Filmora video editing software.

Unlike some of its rivals, Filmora isn’t limited to Mac only. You can download and use the software on Windows as well. If you plan to alter your workflow in the future, Filmora has got you lot covered on that as well. You don’t need to larn new software from scratch.

Why do You need to Requite Filmora a Try?

Equally we mentioned above, cross-platform availability isn’t an issue with Filmora. Y’all tin download and utilise Filmora on both Mac and Windows with an identical UI. The pricing structure (more on that afterward) is simplified also.

The company hasn’t forgotten most millennials as well. The software is total of fun elements such as AR stickers, AI portraits, a agglomeration of video effects, motility tracking, and more.

A steep learning curve is needed whenever you decide to have a new video editing software for a spin. That’south not the case with Filmora though. There are a couple of reasons for an easy onboarding experience.

video transitions

Filmora has an piece of cake-to-utilize UI with the correct elements at the right identify. If you are already using a rival software, you won’t have a hard time figuring out menus and buttons in the software.

On top of that, the Filmora software is jam-packed with several tutorials and guides, to begin with. This is mighty useful for someone beginning his video editing journeying with Filmora.

Still not convinced to give Filmora a try? Let’s take a wait at major Filmora features on offering.

Filmora Features at Glance

Filmora has integrated dozens of useful video editing functions to create a cute video on Mac. Nosotros take red-picked some of the best features among them.

  • AI Portrait to remove video groundwork automatically
  • AR stickers with emojis, animals, and and then on
  • Auto reframe to observe and crop a focal point in any video
  • Motility tracking for intuitive tracking
  • Stunning split-screen templates for middle-catching social media posts
  • Customizable built-in video effects
  • Tons of filters to choose from
  • Blur furnishings
  • A huge diversity of built-in transitions
  • Speed controls
  • Congenital-in music and audio controls
  • Back up for Apple M1 bit
  • A lot of import options and much more.

As you tin can see from the list above, Wondershare wasn’t kidding when they announced to have on market place leaders in the video editing market.

Some of the features are often missing from the rival apps. Other add together-ons such as auto reframe, motion tracking etc. are better implemented on Filmora. It’due south all about the execution and hither’s where Filmora pulls alee from the contest.

Allow’due south have a await at some of the features in detail.

Lots of Import Options to Start Video Editing

Filmora has nailed the nuts for video editing software. I of the hurting points for a professional dealing with video editing software has been a limited number of import options. Filmora takes intendance of the hassle with lots of video/photos import options.

You lot can directly import/export photos or videos from multiple sources such as Photos library, iPhone, GoPro, camcorder, and other devices. No matter which device you own, Filmora has got you covered with rich import options.

Simply plug in the device to Mac and it will bear witness upwardly in the Filmora dwelling interface. Yous can peek and import the exact items you need for video editing.

AI Portrait

Equally the name suggests, users tin easily remove the background or blur information technology using the built-in tool.

If you program to remove the background during video editing, yous no longer need a green screen or chroma central. You lot can utilise the congenital-in AI in Filmora to remove the background. The software is smart enough to delete the prime object in the video feed. It volition apply the portrait filter or even offers to change the background with your choice.

One time you get hang of it, it will exist difficult for y’all to go dorsum to other software that doesn’t offer such a function. Even the market leader Adobe is express to manual outline portraits.

Significant, y’all will have to manually crop out the prime number objects in a video feed so utilize the blur consequence in the background. It’s time-consuming and some users might not become comfortable with information technology due to the initial learning curve.

Filmora’s AI Portrait tool takes abroad the hurdle of transmission work. Y’all can let the Filmora AI tool apply the magic and change the video background without a green screen or blush fundamental.

AR Stickers

This is even so some other useful add-on designed to attract a immature audition to the Filmora ecosystem. You lot tin click and drag the sticker on the timeline. The system is smart enough to automatically observe the human face and add a sticker on the face.

Every bit of now, Filmora offers 40 face up stickers including animal, accessory, graphic symbol, and more than. Nosotros expect to see more sticker packs arrive in future updates.

New Stock Media Experience

With the v10.iv update, yous no longer demand to juggle between the web and Filmora software to find the perfect picture for your projection. You can directly download files from Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay from the Filmora software itself.

Automobile Reframe

Auto reframe function is limited to a few video editing software solutions out at that place. Filmora is one of them. Information technology automatically detects and crops a focal betoken in any video. For example, the Filmora software is capable enough to detect a moving object and the video tin exist cropped automatically for social media channels.

Motility Tracking

Movement tracking offers intuitive tracking to allow you to follow any subject area in your video. Filmora provides hundreds of absurd elements to light upward your motility.

motion tracking in filmora

Built-in Music and Audio Controls

First, we talked near the Pixabay, Unsplash, and Giphy integration to import gifs and wallpapers in the Filmora app. Wondershare doesn’t cease hither.

The company has added a congenital-in sound library that lets you access a choice of royalty-complimentary music and sound effects. You lot can adjust audio speed, book, use audio keyframing to turn sound up or down without cutting.

Native Screen Recorder Tool

This is a must-have for those who need a video editor to create online guides and educational courses. Instead of relying on Mac’s born screen recorder or any tertiary-political party solution, yous can use Filmora’s built-in screen recorder tool to capture the screen area and narrate at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

Record the screen, record a voice-over, edit the video based on your preference, fashion, and animations, and your next Skillshare or Udemy course is good to get. It can also be useful for teachers trying to make a quick grade explaining primal elements using Filmora’due south congenital-in screen recorder tool.

Nosotros are merely scratching the surface hither. Filmora offers many color correction features, blitheness styles, the ability to create custom blitheness, custom speed, a built-in screen recorder, the ability to capture different frames of a video every bit a PNG file, and more.


First of all, Filmora offers a complimentary trial, to begin with. Yous tin can try the software earlier committing to a paid program. Speaking of paid plans, you lot can either purchase Filmora X annual plan at $51.99 per twelvemonth or subscribe to the Perpetual program at $79.99as a onetime fee.

View Filmora pricing

Filmora opens a door of opportunity for anyone looking to start his/her career as a video editor or content creator. It carries enough goodies to please a young audience as well as professionals.

Download Filmora, give it a try and tell united states of america about your experience with the software in the comments beneath.


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