Tekken 7 Vs Mortal Kombat 11

Tekken 7

Mortal Kombat eleven

Which of these two fighting games practise you prefer? Feel free to post your thoughts below.


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MK 11. I stopped playing Tekken after the quaternary installment.

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I enjoy tekken more than just mk11 is the meliorate game imo

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I grew upward playing Tekken. I personally prefer the characters of Tekken and enjoy their stories more.

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Gameplay Tekken>>>>>>

The more consummate packet MK11>>>>>

Tekken 7 is a rare breed, because content wise it’s barebones but the quality of the gameplay is pinnacle tier.

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@sar_annihilator said:

MK 11. I stopped playing Tekken subsequently the fourth installment.

So do you think that they will be releasing the third Kombat Pack around E3 2021 or thereabouts? I would love to meet Ermac, Fume, Reptile, Cyrax, Sektor, Tanya, Sareena, Reiko, Havik, etc. I realize that this is a lot to enquire for, but I still would love to see these characters. I don’t remember that they should include Quan Chi and Shinnok, though.

Unfortunately, probably not.


This was the well-nigh recent video on the update. But we shall see.

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I merely played takken three lol

MK11 is ameliorate IMO

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I liked Mortal Kombat 11 a lot more than Tekken 7. Tekken 7 is a skilful game only I have been a fan of Mortal Kombat for ages.

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Tekken seven landslide.

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MK11, far fluid mechanics, more balanced and better graphics.

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Tekken 7 any day. MK11 is probably the most barebones of the Netherrealm releases. Questionable animations, remainder issues, horrendous competitive way, and a very poorly written story fashion brings the entire experience down a lot of notches for me. The only thing I enjoyed with MK xi is some aspects of the gameplay and the invitee characters. As well I find information technology embarrassing that Namco can produce stuff for Tekken for 7 years straight whereas with MK11 Netherrealm couldn’t even muster 2.

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Tekken also has rest issues and the net code is piss poor. In terms of blitheness MK11 is by far the best NRS game in that section, the story was an improvement from the last one.

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Tekken stomps.

Far better in every unmarried way.

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grew up with tekken simply it isnt good

loading times are a drag and fights are and then short

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Mortal Kombat. Always.

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grew upward with tekken simply it isnt adept

loading times are a elevate and fights are so short

What well-nigh the fighting mechanics though?

That’s where I think it shines, and it’s why Tekken vii is i of my all time favorite games.

I oasis’t played a game with more fun fighting mechanics than Tekken, only I’ve heard Virtua Fighter is skillful.

I tried Virtua Fighter five and it didn’t click with me though.

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The balancing for Tekken hasn’t been even vaguely as bad as MK11. Remember how an entire tournament was won by a non competitive role player who spammed Sheeva stomp? I tin’t remember that with Tekken. And then there’s the questionable mechanics which make the residual even worse.

The best blitheness in NRS history? Certain, when it’s non in gameplay. As well giving it that praise is meaningless when you recollect how embarrassing some of the Injustice 2 animations were. I’d recommend SugarPunch Design Works video on the subject. He covers a myriad of issues with the animation of the latest NRS games with nifty detail.

Saying MK11 had a better story than MK X is as well an empty compliment. That’s similar proverb The Room is meliorate than Troll 2. That existence said, I really disagree with you on this one. While MK X didn’t have a great story, it didn’t butcher any characters and deal with nonsensical time travel. MK 11 had a horrible principal villain (Kronika), a highly questionable plot, multiple plot holes, a variety of bad earth building choices, and absolutely ridiculous power levels to a silly extent (Kitana beating Shao Khan anyone?). That’s not to mention how they forgot all nigh Kung Jin and Takeeda (Despite being big players in the terminal game), destroyed Scorpion’s whole story arc via D’Vorah, and ruined Sindel entirely. We also have to go along with the fact that every activeness made by the characters throughout MK9, 10, and 11 were completely pointless because they were all retconned.

And before anyone attempts to call me a Tekken fan boy, the only Tekken game I’ve played is 7. I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat games since I was a kid playing Charade and Armageddon. MK 11 is merely and then disappointing to me. It’s quite perchance the most disappointing fighting game I’ve played other than MVC Space and Playstation All Stars.

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NRS games take notoriously bad blitheness, I know this. Just I didn’t say the blitheness was dandy, information technology’s just better than what they accept done in the past.

MK new trilogy never had proficient power levels. Sonya beating Jade and Kitana by herself, Cassie beating Shinnok because of green stuff. Kronika was bad merely so was Shinnok. Shang Tsung in Aftermath> Sindel and Shao Kahn in Aftermath>

Takeda and Kung Jin wasn’t needed in MK11 story. How was Scorpion story ruined? Sindel was more entertaining than ever. Retcon or no retcon MK11 and Aftermath is far more entertaining than MkX story, MK9 is still their best piece of work in that department.

I don’t even intendance if you’re a Tekken fanboy considering I prefer it too. Only maybe your attachment to MK is why you hate 11 so much. As someone who but started MK from MKvsDC, MK11 is by far the best MK I’ve played.

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I estimate it’south improve? But fighting games literally have their gameplay centered around animations, and when the animations are bad, that’s a problem.

Saying that they never had practiced power levels is no excuse. They could’ve at least tried to be more consistent. Kitana chirapsia Shao Khan rips a massive plot hole in near of Mortal Kombat. Also I never said Shinnok was good, just that Kronika was exceptionally bad. Her motives were dumb and her programme was even dumber. The woman literally controls the flow of fourth dimension, yet for some reason doesn’t just go dorsum to when Shinnok wasn’t decapitated to solve her problem.

Takeda and Kung Jin were big heroes alongside Cassie and Jacqui. We should’ve at least heard something most them. They were literally there when they vanquish Shinnok in the previous installment. Every bit for Scorpion, he spent two games reconciling with Sub Zero, his oldest enemy, just to die at the hands of D’Vorah. All that progress was completely lost to one of the lamer characters. Sindel was literally watered down into generic evil woman #108. She initially had at to the lowest degree a little depth to her, now she was only e’er evil. 4thsnake covers this better than I can however. I observe it very difficult to be entertained with a story riddled with holes, that ruins several characters, forgets others, and massively dumpsters the world edifice with retcons. Once again, MK X wasn’t great, just at least it didn’t do any of those.

Although honestly if you started with MKvsDC of all things, no wonder you’d consider MK11 the best you’ve played. Literally anything is upward from there.

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so you like MK from young but acknowledge that the animation has always been bad. If that’s the norm for MK games, why mutter about MK11 and so?

Raiden cutting off Shinnok’s head wasn’t her event.

Hearing about Takeda and Kung Jin doesn’t do anything for the plot. Nosotros hear near them in character intros and that’south good enough. Scorpion and Sub-Zero story had closure so Hanzo getting killed isn’t that big of a deal. D’vorah is a great villain, she gets shit washed.

Sindel is leaps and bounds better now imo, the acting is much improve and then that does a lot for me. Her motives are generic only she’s a scene stealer at present. MKX defended an entire game to characters I don’t intendance for so I’m not a fan of it. I’g not a fan of that game equally whole so I’ll simply leave it as that.

The former games are outdated, the new trilogy is way better.

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I will never understand this logic of “onetime matter did it bad also! You should be ok when new thing is bad!”. No. That doesn’t help the new matter’s case whatsoever. If anything that makes the new thing worse because they had a chance to improve. It’s frankly bizarre how they have the funds to not only cast Rhonda Rousey as Sonya, and accept the ability to have Sonya look real too, merely when information technology comes to actual gameplay animation, they fall incredibly brusque. Besides that, nosotros’re comparing MK11 to Tekken seven, not older Mortal Kombat titles. The norm being mediocrity isn’t good. Why stick with a bad status quo?

While non her only motivation, Kronika was definitely mad most Shinnoks death, given that she’southward ya know, his mother. Really shinnok’s death is just part of the greater problem. Kronika could literally disengage everything Raiden did, given she controls fourth dimension, merely picks a much more than nonsensically convoluted route for “reasons”. In reality, she pretty much only exists for NRS to bring back sometime characters for the sake of nostalgia. Which is practically ludicrous when yous call back that nosotros saw all the MK ane and 2 characters back in MK 9.

Let me repeat this. Kung Jin and Takeda were big heroes. They are quite literally on the primary roster of heroes. They aren’t just side characters. Kung Jin and Takeda non beingness involved with stopping a globe catastrophe upshot is like if Beast Boy and Cyborg decided to not show up to help the Teen Titans fight. An intro does not sufficiently comprehend them not being in the story, particularly given their connections with the other characters.

Regardless of what y’all think of D’Vorah, we could’ve actually had time for Sub Nada and Scorpion to move on from their rivalry. We’ve only actually had them work together for two games. Now we won’t become to run into how that human relationship could evolve. And frankly, if anyone deserved to kill Scorpion, it’southward Noob Saibot. That would’ve made much more than sense given their history together.

And so Sindel is all flash no substance. Great. Happy that’s what she’south been boiled down to. Also I just really similar MK X from a gameplay perspective (although fifty-fifty that’s flawed). Only over again, MK X didn’t waste time with whatever of the issues I already mentioned.

Saying a set up of games from the present day part amend than older games is a very obvious statement. But that doesn’t hateful new games are always improve in every attribute. Mortal Kombat Armageddon for example, completely dumpsters MK eleven in terms of content, with a create a character system, a multitude of mini games, an innovative hack and slash like entrada, customizable graphic symbol movesets, and the biggest roster of arguably any Mortal Kombat game.

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allow’s only get out it as that cba to contend MK tbh

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Tekken seven is unbelievably clear.

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