Texting A Number That Blocked You

How exercise you know if someone blocked your number? While you can’t know for certain without request the person, there are some telltale signs that will certainly help. We’ll cover a few means to tell if someone blocked your number, plus some specific tips for how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage. Let’s dive in!

What You Need to Know:

  • If you receive an automated response or your texts show a delivery notification, you can residue easy! Your number has not been blocked.
  • Nonetheless, you might have been blocked if your calls go straight to voicemail and your texts don’t show a “Delivered” or “Read” status.
  • A common myth is that the iMessage “Not Delivered” mistake means yous’ve been blocked, but it actually means your texts are just non sending.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone—v Quick Methods

You lot tin combine the methods below to aid you lot determine whether you lot’re blocked or the person is simply unavailable, out of service range, or has Do Not Disturb mode enabled. While these methods can give you groovy hints, there’s not a foolproof method for how to know if someone blocked yous on iPhone. Below, we’ll cover four ways to know if someone blocked you by looking at text messages, plus the ruddy flag to watch for if you exercise telephone call.

one. Got an automatic response to your text? You’re Non blocked on iPhone!

This first tip is pretty straightforward. Another person might have an automated text response set to send if they’re in Do Not Disturb style or have the Driving Focus mode enabled. If you receive an automated text response to a message you send, good news! You’re definitely not blocked, because those auto-generated text responses don’t go through to numbers that take been blocked on iPhones.

If y’all don’t get an obvious automatic response (or any response, for that matter), go along reading to learn about how to tell if someone blocked you on iMessage.

ii. If you see a delivery notification, you lot’re NOT blocked. They might just have Practice Not Disturb enabled.

For this method, let’south cover how to tell if someone blocked your number, or if they but take Do Not Disturb enabled. In social club to test the difference, I had my friend set her iPhone to Practice Not Disturb for one text, and so block me for a second text.

When I texted her while she was on Do Not Disturb, I got a commitment notification correct away, despite the fact that she didn’t receive the text until afterward she turned off Do Not Disturb. For the blocked iMessage, my text looked like information technology sent, just I didn’t get whatever kind of confirmation; it just sabbatum there.

Then, if someone just has Do Non Disturb or other Focus style enabled, yous’ll still see delivery notifications. Withal, if you do not see delivery notifications, this is a great way to know if you’re blocked on iMessage (more on this in the next section).

how to know if someone blocked you or if it's Do Not Disturb

3. If your iMessage doesn’t show a “Delivered” or “Read” condition, you MAY be blocked.

How do yous know if someone blocked you on iMessage? If you’re blocked, you lot won’t see “Delivered” or “Read” below the recent text bubbles. However, it is of import to note that this method but works if the other person owns an iPhone. If the person has an Android phone, your iPhone will non display delivery notifications.

Here’s a great tip for how to tell if you’re blocked on iMessage: Wait underneath the last text you sent before y’all suspect you were blocked. If the previous iMessage says “Delivered” nether the bulletin bubble merely the most recent one doesn’t, it can mean that you’ve been blocked.

how to know if someone blocked your number

If y’all see an iMessage Not Delivered error instead, you may want to try the fox in the adjacent department.

4. An iMessage Not Delivered fault doesn’t mean you’re blocked, information technology ways your messages are simply non sending.

Hither’s some other smashing method for how to tell if someone blocked your number from texting them: if you’re seeing the iMessage Not Delivered error, try enabling SMS texts on your iPhone. This mode if an iPhone message is not delivered via iMessage, your device will automatically reattempt the text using your cellular programme, or you can manually reattempt with SMS instead of iMessage. If your SMS message as well fails to receive a respond, it’s another sign that you may have been blocked on an iPhone.

Here’s how to manually resend a text via SMS after an iMessage Not Delivered error:

  1. View the text you attempted to send and tap on the redinfo icon.
    iMessage Not Delivered error
  2. TapSend every bit Text Message. This selection will send your text every bit an SMS message instead of an iMessage.
    iMessage Not Delivered error
  3. Your device volition attempt to resend the text. If you lot practise non see the “Not Delivered” error, your message has been successfully sent.

Resending the text rules out the other person not responding due to a technical glitch on your side. Still, if you lot still don’t receive a reply, this indicates that your number might have been blocked.

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5. If your telephone call goes straight to voicemail, y’all MAY be blocked.

Calling someone tin can be a bully way to tell if someone blocked you on the iPhone. Nevertheless, because there tin be other reasons a call you make from your phone rings once and goes straight to voicemail, it’southward best to combine this step with the iMessage examination to be more certain you’ve been blocked.

Note:Unless there’southward an emergency, our recommendation is to wait to telephone call your friend or family unit member for a few hours after the iMessage Not Delivered test, just in case they’re out of their cellular service area or otherwise unable to respond temporarily. If your text nonetheless isn’t answered after a few hours and you decide to telephone call, here’s how to know if yous’ve been blocked on an iPhone.

For this experiment, I asked my sister to cake my number, and here’s what I discovered. The telephone rang, just very briefly, non fifty-fifty a full ring before connecting to voicemail. I was able to get out a message equally with any unblocked phone call, but it appeared in a divide section of the voicemail on her iPhone, called Blocked Messages. While I was blocked, there was no way at all for her to know I’d called, and no notification to either her or me about the blocked voicemail.

Blocked messages

For me, I know I’m almost certainly blocked when I’ve tried the iMessage steps and and so chosen, but their telephone rings one time and goes directly to voicemail.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You lot

While there tin be many reasons a number gets blocked, sometimes emergencies happen and users need to contact someone who has previously blocked their number. This is a tough area, and
we do not recommend using this tip unless it’south a true emergency. There can be legal ramifications to contacting someone who has made it clear they do not desire you lot to do and so! We strongly recommend respecting people’s privacy, and we practice non accept responsibility for users who act otherwise.

Yet, if you lot truly need to contact the person who has blocked your number, you lot can endeavor hiding your caller ID by using *67. This will hibernate your phone number and permit the call to go through; it volition evidence up as No Caller ID or a like message. This means that many users volition still decline the telephone call, only it at least hides your caller ID. Note that this yet doesn’t always work depending on carrier settings, only it’s an choice in an emergency.

Tin you get out a voicemail if your number is blocked? Yes, but your voicemail will announced in a separate department nether Blocked Letters. Because the other person will non receive any notification that you have called, it is highly unlikely they will come across your voicemail.

Now that you have a few helpful clues to cheque for in your texts and calls, you lot’ll be able to tell with reasonable assurance whether your number has been blocked or not. If this has happened to you, hopefully, there’south been a misunderstanding! However, if they did intend to cake you and no longer desire to be in contact, please respect their wishes and privacy.

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