The 5 most exciting laptop innovations of CES 2022

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OPINION: I spent last calendar week in Las Vegas for the CES 2022 convention, where all of the biggest tech companies unveil their latest devices.

As Trusted Reviews’ Computing Editor, I was hoping to see some wacky laptop designs and new components that would provide a significant functioning upgrade for the adjacent moving ridge of portable PCs. At present that the conference has ended, I can confirm that I wasn’t disappointed.

But what were my absolute favourite laptop innovations of CES 2022? Check them out beneath:

The about powerful mobile processors nevertheless

Allow’due south start with an obvious one. During CES 2022, Intel revealed that information technology’s launching its 12th Generation Intel Cadre mobile processors, which offer up to a whopping 40% functioning upgrade compared to the preceding generation.

Intel claims that its new 14-core i9-12900HK chip offers faster processing speeds than any of the rivals from AMD and Apple. The performance increment will manifestly be substantial for both gaming and creative workloads, and and then it should entreatment to a broad audience.

Both Intel and AMD too revealed that their new mobile processors will support DDR5 RAM, therefore increasing the functioning ceiling even further for laptops in 2022.

Dell XPS 13 Plus

The keyboard on the Dell XPS 13 Plus

In what was arguably ane of the bigger surprises of CES 2022, Dell revealed that it will be launching a new version of its popular XPS 13 with a fresh blueprint.

I personally get quite frustrated when laptop manufacturers opt for small keys with large spaces in betwixt, and then information technology was dandy to see Dell unveil a laptop (entitled the XPS 13 Plus) with large, chunky keys with no wasted space. I’ll need to wait until I tin can go hands-on with the keyboard earlier confirming whether this is an upgrade on previous designs, merely this is withal still an exciting release from Dell.

The new keyboard as well features a row of capacitive touch buttons, replacing the traditional part keys. I’m less certain about this characteristic, especially after the failure of the MacBook Pro’southward Touch Bar, but I’m still happy to see Dell experimenting with new ideas rather than sticking with safe designs.

AMD Ryzen 6000

RDNA 2 integrated graphics

Information technology wasn’t just Intel that announced new laptop processors as AMD also got in on the activity with its new Ryzen 6000 chips. Early on signs point they may not exist quite as powerful as the upcoming twelfth Intel Cadre chips, only AMD has put more focus on the graphics power instead with the RDNA ii iGPU.

AMD claims that Ryzen 6000 processors will offer 2x the graphics power when compared to the preceding range. This means that the new laptop chips will apparently be able to run the “vast majority of PC games in Total Hd”, and then you won’t need a power-hungry discrete GPU in order to play games in your Steam library.

The RDNA 2 compages is too technically capable of ray tracing, although nosotros’re a little sceptical whether the Ryzen 6000 processors will be powerful plenty to cope when this taxing feature is activated. Even so, this is still a very heady advancement for laptops, and I can’t personally expect to start playing my favourite PC games on light and portable machines.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Second screen on the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

I’ve got a soft spot for laptops with weird and wonderful designs, then I felt compelled to include the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus in this list. The new laptop features a touchscreen right next to the keyboard, which looks equally if someone has fused a smartphone into the side of the motorcar.

Lenovo claims this second screen is useful for multiple scenarios, whether yous’re jotting down notes, using a calculator or even mirroring your smartphone display so y’all don’t miss an important notification.

It volition be interesting to see how useful and versatile this 2nd screen actually is in use, but it’southward neat to come across information technology hasn’t really impacted the balance of the laptop design, or fifty-fifty pushed upward the price significantly since it’s bachelor for just $1,399.

The new gaming tablet hybrid from Asus

Yous tin always rely on Asus to launch a new laptop with a left-field pattern. For CES 2022, information technology revealed the ROG Menstruum Z13 gaming tablet, which can be turned into a laptop with its detachable keyboard. It’s essentially a Surface Pro that’due south been designed primarily for gamers.

The gaming tablet is admittedly limited to an Nvidia 3050 Ti GPU, merely information technology can be bundled with the XG Mobile which provides the ability of an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU one time plugged in. This means yous can become the best of both worlds: an ultra-portable gaming system, as well every bit a powerful gaming PC.

Of course, bundling the ROG Flow Z13 with the XG Mobile will be very costly, although loftier-stop gaming PCs are never cheap. It may not to be to everyone’s gustatory modality, but we once once more accept to applaud Asus for thinking exterior of the box rather than only updating the specs of its more conventional gaming laptops.

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