Nigh of the time,
is victorious. He’s ane of the best superheroes effectually, ever doing his utmost to save the day no matter how dire the circumstances. However, on occasions, he fails. Nobody, not even somebody with the abilities and skilful-nature of Peter Parker, is capable of saving everybody from death.

So we’re now going to await back at all the Spider-Man movies and pick out the saddest expiry from each one. Starting with the blockbuster that started it all…


Spider-Human being (2002): Uncle Ben

Spider-Man Uncle Ben

When we first meet Peter Parker in 2002’s
Spider-Human being

he’s somebody pushed effectually by his peers, with honey involvement Mary Jane Watson the just person willing to fight his corner. Nevertheless, he can always bank on the honey and support of Uncle Ben and Aunt May at his domicile in Queens.

And it’s that fact which makes Ben Parker’s death that bit more than tragic. He’due south shot by Flintstone Marko (although nosotros wouldn’t know that for five more years) with Spider-Man chasing down Dennis Caradine, who he believes is to blame. Ben’s passing comes after a final substitution with Peter where the latter had been rude and disrespectful. Thankfully, information technology fuels his determination to rid New York City of super villains in the years that follow.


Spider-Human being 2 (2004): Rosalie Octavius

Octavius and his wife sitting at a table in Spider-Man 2

Nosotros very nearly went with Otto Octavius for this one. Otto, after almost destroying the metropolis, sacrifices himself in order to prevent New York City from being sucked into his unsafe fusion power projection.

Just it’s the expiry of Rosalie Octavius that triggers his descent into villainy. Nosotros run into her and Otto before the experiment and they’re loved upwards, an inspiration to Peter and his ain hopes of romance with Mary Jane. She’due south killed when Otto’s experiment goes incorrect and the villain is never able to recover, adamant to fix things correct and prove a point to her from beyond the grave. Unfortunately, all this leads to is more destruction – earlier Spidey, with a little help from his old mentor, saves the day.


Spider-Man iii (2007): Harry Osborn

Venom kills Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn and Peter Parker are close friends when we start meet them in 2002’south

but, by the time
Spider-Man 3
rolls around 5 years afterwards, they’re enemies instead.

Harry blames Peter for the death of his male parent and had come close to killing his friend in the previous blockbuster. However, upon learning that Norman Osborn’s wounds had come via his ain glider, he decides to reunite with his pal in order to take downwards Venom and Sandman. Tragically he pays the ultimate price with Eddie killing him using his glider – in scenes that echo the expiry of his begetter two movies before.


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Helm Stacy

Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Stacy dies

Captain Stacy isn’t the nicest of people in
The Amazing Spider-Man. He’southward against everything our hero stands for merely, upon learning the spider web slinger’s identity is none other than Peter Parker (who is dating his daughter Gwen), he changes and agrees to team up with him to save New York’s citizens from Brusque Connors’ horrific Lizard experiment.

Before Peter can finish Connors, Stacy is killed by the Lizard. Prior to his death, he tells Spider-Man to leave his daughter alone but information technology’s something he finds extremely hard, with the duo getting back together after a brief split past the fourth dimension the credits whorl.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014): Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacys Death in The Amazing Spider-Man

To this day, there’south not been a scene in a solo Spider-Man movie similar the death of Gwen Stacy.
The Amazing Spider-Human 2
left much to be desired but information technology nailed the biggest moment of the movie, turning usa all into blubbering wrecks in the process.

Gwen’s death comes about as Spidey is battling Harry Osborn, who has become the Green Goblin. She falls from a great height and, though Peter Parker attempts to salve her life, he fails with Emma Stone’due south character hit the floor. This, and the funeral scene that follows, left barely a dry out eye in the theatre.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017): Jackson Brice

Okay, this expiry isn’t actually that lamentable. Only it is a bit of a accident from an audience perspective, with Jackson Brice the far ameliorate Shocker of the ii that appear in 2017’s
Spider-Human being: Homecoming.

He’s got charisma, backbone, and a fondness for being bad – but Jackson is killed by Adrian Toomes for acting upwardly. Herman Schultz and then dons the Shocker gloves but he’s got null personality and we can’t assist simply experience the bigwigs at Sony and Disney should have just stuck past the first rendition of the character instead. Plus Herman gets defeated by Ned – which is, quite bluntly, embarrassing.


Into The Spider-Poesy (2018): Uncle Aaron

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales

Every superhero gets to a point where they need that extra push to knuckle downwards and achieve their goals. And Miles Morales’ in
Into The Spider-Verse
comes when Uncle Aaron is killed off by Wilson Fisk.

He was too closer to his Uncle than he was his own begetter and this tips him over the edge, convincing him to embrace his powers and take the fight to Fisk. Thankfully the expiry of Aaron does have one silvery lining – that Miles and his dad finally go to get shut over again.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019): Mysterio

Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio Video

Okay, then this is a bit similar to the
Spider-Man: Homecoming
ane. Nosotros’re thinking selfishly hither because Mysterio was an excellent villain and, in Jake Gyllenhaal, he was portrayed past an actor at the pinnacle of their profession.

His death was pitiful, though. He was somebody molded by Tony Stark, who had treated all his hard work with zippo but mockery. Mysterio wanted to be something special when really he was a nobody – is that and then bad? His methods certainly were, though, and information technology’s a good thing he was stopped before murdering Peter Parker and all his friends.

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