The Best iMessage Tips and Tricks for iPhone in 2022

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iMessage plays an integral part in the Apple ecosystem. Exclusive to Apple devices, iMessage has been one of the stiff pillars to drive people to keep investing in Apple tree’s latest hardware lineup. Over the years, iMessage got a number of features that put information technology caput to head with rivals like WhatsApp and Telegram. If yous are new to the iOS earth, check out some of the best iMessage tips and tricks.

Apple often takes inspiration from the popular third-political party IM (Instant Messaging) apps and services to integrate new features in iMessage for iPhone. With recent releases of iOS, Apple has made some notable improvements to iMessage to make information technology the preferred selection for the majority to communicate with friends and family. Let’s get started with the best iMessage tricks.

iMessage Tips and Tricks

ane. Pin Conversations on Elevation

We receive dozens of messages from friends, family, banks, marketing companies each day. Sometimes, the well-nigh important messages get tucked away in those irrelevant messages. With iOS fourteen, one tin easily pivot conversations on the top for easy access and achieve.

There are three ways to pin conversations in the Messages app. You can either use the swipe gesture, use a long-tap option, or select multiple conversations at once and pin them at the top.

pin imessage conversation

Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram pivot the conversations at the height with a small Pivot icon indicator. Apple tree’s implementation is different and, in some ways, better than WhatsApp and Telegram. When you lot pin a chat in the Messages app, you will run into a rounded profile avatar of users. I like and adopt that compared to WhatsApp’s implementation.

two. Use SMS Filters

Different Android, you lot can’t use any third-party messaging app on the iPhone. Apple tree has packed an SMS filter that allows you to filter Unknown senders, Junk, Promotions, and Transactions from the important messages. You can enable the pick by going into the Settings app -> Messages -> Bulletin Filtering -> and select SMS Filter. You will notice the Filters menu at the upper left corner in the Messages app.

sms filter

3. Disable Read Receipts

Like to WhatsApp, iMessage allows you to disable read receipts and then that the other person in the conversation won’t know that y’all have read the message. Open up the Settings app on the iPhone and navigate to Messages > disable Send Read Receipts option. When the choice off, people won’t get notified when you have read their messages.

turn off read receipts

4. Enhance to Heed

Raise to listen allows you to quickly listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising the phone to your ear. Past default, the audio bulletin will expire subsequently two minutes. The option is enabled out of the box but you lot can turn it off from the Settings > Letters > Sound Letters carte.

raise to listen imessage

5. Marking All Messages as Read

You lot can hands mark all unread messages as read in iMessage. Open up the Letters app and tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Tap on the Select Messages option and select Read All at the lesser left corner. If you are tired of seeing a three-figure unread badge on the Messages icon and so go ahead and employ this trick to mark all letters as Read.

mark all imessage read

vi. Send Images In Original Quality

By default, iMessage compresses the image quality when you effort to transport a picture to the other person. Withal, you tin change the behavior from the Settings app. Open the Settings app on the iPhone and go to Messages, roll down to the bottom and disable Depression-Quality Epitome Manner.

full quality images

7. Add Expression to a Message

This is my favorite iMessage trick. Virtually IM apps permit you to add together an expression to a message with an emoji. iMessage has a dissimilar arroyo here. You can long-tap to a message and cull from a center, thumbs up/downward, question marker, and expressions to react to a bulletin.

expression to a message

8. Send Memoji

Memoji is Apple’south mode of adding a fun element and differentiating itself from rivals. When you lot send an iMessage to someone, you can tap on the piffling memoji icon and it will open a agglomeration of ready-to-use avatars with various expressions. At any signal, you can create your own memoji with a bunch of customization options.

send memoji imessage

ix. Download iMessage Apps

The Messages app on your iPhone lets you lot use a whole host of third-political party iMessage apps to enhance your text letters. Well-nigh 3rd-party iMessage apps exercise little more offer stickers for you to add together to your messages. But the best iMessage apps go way beyond that to take texting to a whole new level.

iMessage store

iMessage apps are ever continued to a full-size, standard app on your iPhone. For example, the Spotify iMessage app is a part of the regular Spotify app. That means y’all tin download iMessage apps from the App Store as you would any other app.

Even so, there is too a split iMessage App Store y’all can apply if yous merely want to see apps that work with iMessage.

10. Use Polls

This is one of my favorite third-party iMessage apps on the iPhone. Download the app from the iMessage Shop and it allows you to create polls on the fly. Y’all can add together multiple choices, change votes, view results without voting, and even choose from different poll templates to get started.

➤ Download
– Poll

use polls in imessage

Go through the tricks above and start using iMessage like a pro on your iPhone. While y’all are at it, do allow usa know almost your favorite iMessage feature in the comments section below.


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