The Best iOS 15 Features for iPhone

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Apple appear iOS 15 at WWDC. iOS 15 offers a glimpse into what’due south adjacent for Apple’s mobile operating system. Afterward shaking up the decade-former iPhone home screen with widgets, App Library, and custom app icons, Apple is now shifting focus to the core apps, privacy, security, continuity, and seamless sharing with the iOS 15 update. Read along to learn all the top iOS 15 features coming later this yr to all compatible iPhone models.

iOS 15 brings much-needed enhancements to the cadre iPhone apps such as FaceTime, Safari, Messages, Notes, Health, Weather, Maps, and more. Information technology also adds new capabilities to the Spotlight search, beefed up the AirPlay share content, custom focus profiles to avoid distractions, and a faster Siri experience.

These are the best iOS fifteen features that volition be soon coming to your iPhone. Let’s start the list with new features and add-ons coming to the FaceTime app on the iPhone.

i. Have FaceTime Calls to the Adjacent Level

Apple is calculation spatial audio support to FaceTime in iOS 15. Meaning, the voices in a FaceTime call will sound every bit if they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen. There is a new voice isolation add-on that uses machine learning to block groundwork phonation during FaceTime calls. It all leads to a more than natural video/voice calling experience on FaceTime, something that’s a welcome change in the current era.

Apple has added the portrait mode in FaceTime video calls. It’s like to blur the background in Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and it helps you hide that messy room or background behind you lot.

facetime blur

Group FaceTime video phone call has received a makeover with a new filigree view. It’southward easy to glance at, and you tin clearly run across who is currently talking with a new animation.

Users can at present create FaceTime links and invite their friends and family members to bring together the chat. That’southward at present all. In a rather surprising annunciation, Apple tree at present allows Android and Windows users to bring together the FaceTime party via web browser equally well.

two. SharePlay

SharePlay in FaceTime takes the sharing experience to the next level. Users can now share experiences with SharePlay while connecting with friends on FaceTime, including listening to songs together with Apple tree Music, watching a Idiot box evidence or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to view apps together.

Everyone on the call can heed to the same song, lookout man the same motion picture, and even view the same screen. Information technology’due south similar to Spotify’south Group Session, and we are glad to meet Apple extending it to the Apple tree TV app also.

iOS 15 FaceTime

One can too share a screen using SharePlay. This is a boon for those helping friends or parents to showcase how to apply a specific app or access a particular option in the Settings app.

Apple is also releasing SharePlay API for developers, and behemothic media names such equally Disney, Hulu, HBO, NBA, ESPN, and others are already working to integrate SharePlay on the iPhone.

Improved Messaging Experience

When you lot receive a bunch of photos in the iMessage conversion, the Messages app will showcase a new pattern with a stack of photos. It’s a cleaner look that takes less infinite on the screen.

You can too see those photos in a separate
Shared with You
section in the Photos app on the iPhone. Similarly, a separate Shared with you section volition be available in Apple News, Safari, Podcast, and the Apple tree Tv app. These apps read the weblinks and data straight from the Messages app.

four. Focus on What Matters

Apple has integrated a brand new Focus characteristic that helps users focus and reduce lark. Focus volition filter notifications and apps based on what a user wants to focus on. Users can set up their device to help them be in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest which people and apps are allowed to notify them.

For example, you can enable the Slumber focus profile at nighttime, and your iPhone will limit the notifications from only a handful of apps based on your addiction and machine learning.

focus app

Focus learns from user behavior. It keeps runway of your usage pattern and offers custom suggestions designed for you.

Another absurd fob is custom domicile pages and widgets arrangements in the Focus mode. Y’all can specify exactly what to showcase on the iOS dwelling house screen when using the Focus mode.

Likewise, don’t worry about missed call notifications. Focus style will automatically transport status in the Messages app reflecting your current unavailability to reply to letters or calls.

5. New Notification Experience

One of the best new iOS 15 features is the revamped notification experience. This was long overdue from Apple. For starters, there are now larger icons for notification. Information technology likewise offers people a preview to meet who is messaging you. These are pocket-sized changes, though. The one that caught everyone’due south attention is the Notification Summary. Let’s talk about it.

iOS 15 notifications

Notification Summary collects non-time-disquisitional notifications for delivery at a more opportune time, such every bit in the morning time and evening. It learns from customer habits and uses on-device learning to prioritize and deliver notifications based on user’s interactions with apps.

6. Live Text

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and allow users to take activeness. For example, users tin can search for and locate the picture of a handwritten family recipe or capture a phone number from a storefront with the option to place a call. Y’all can also visit the website accost or email the possessor straight from the visiting carte du jour paradigm.

Live Text in iOS 15

At this time, Alive Text support is limited to 7 languages only. The feature tin can also identify art, books, nature, pets, landmarks, and more. The concept is similar to what Google has been doing with Google Lens on Android.

vii. Advanced Spotlight Search

Spotlight now uses intelligence to search photos past location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight can also discover text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight at present offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, Television receiver shows, and movies.

spotlight search in ios 15

Contacts search through Spotlight has also received a UI makeover. It now displays recent conversations, shared photos, and fifty-fifty their location if shared through Find My.

8. Apple Music Integration with Memories in Photos App

Your Memories drove in the Photos app is virtually to get better with a brand new look, animations, transitions, new effects, moods, and Apple Music integration. Based on the vocal selection, Memories will change the slideshow look and feel with custom filters and animations.

ix. Safari Improvements

Last year, Apple offered users to select 3rd-party browser apps as the default browser on the iPhone. This year, the redesigned Safari is a key new iOS fifteen characteristic.

For starters, Safari now carries a new tab bar that is compact and lightweight and floats at the bottom of the screen, so users tin hands swipe between tabs. Group tabs also receive a new menu-manner await.

Extensions back up is too coming to Safari with iOS fifteen later this yr. Hopefully, this will speed up the extension development for Safari compared to other Chromium browsers.

10. New Apple Maps Experience

Apple isn’t waving the white flag to Google Maps yet. The new Apple tree Maps app in iOS 15 volition offer more details in cities for neighborhoods, commercial districts, elevation, buildings, new route colors and labels, and custom-designed landmarks.

Apple Maps in iOS 15

Spike your seatbelts to experience a iii-dimensional city driving with new route details that help y’all better see and understand important details similar turn lanes, medians, and bicycle lanes.

Those navigating at night will appreciate the new moonlit glow theme in the Maps app.

11. Apple Wallet Upgrades

Apple Wallet adds support for additional types of keys such as car keys, the ability to integrate driver’s license or state IDs, and digital identity cards to speed up the check-in process at Airports.

iOS 15 Wallet

Users can also unlock home, hotel room, or even function using the stored key in the Apple Wallet app. Of class, information technology will exist up to third-party devices and hotel chains to integrate the functionality with the Apple Wallet app.

12. App Privacy Report

Similar to Privacy Written report in the Safari browser, Apple now offers a dedicated App Privacy Report in the Settings app. It offers an overview of how apps apply the admission that has been granted to location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts in the concluding seven days and which other domains are contacted behind your dorsum.

privacy report in ios 15

xiii. Revamped Weather App

The Weather app in the iOS fifteen is now more in line with other third-party weather apps with AQI (Air Quality Index) support, beautiful graphics, blithe backgrounds to showcase current of air, rain, snow, and total-screen maps. The app has been redesigned from the ground upwardly to evangelize a better experience.

xiv. Tags and Action View in Apple Notes

The Notes app in your iPhone is getting some major usability improvements with iOS 15. Using tags, you can neatly organize and find notes — no need to become through folders and sub-folders to find the relevant note.

apple notes in ios 15

Ane can besides share a note with some other person and tag them to a specific part in the note. You tin can see all the changes to the note from a defended Activity view department in the Notes app.

15. iCloud+

Don’t go dislocated past the Plus branding hither. Cipher has inverse when it comes to iCloud subscription prices. However, you lot are getting new features with the iCloud subscription. They include Hide My Email and a new privacy service called iCloud Private Relay.

iCloud plus features

iCloud Private Relay hides your online identity such as IP address, device details, and more when browsing the web.

xvi. Apple tree Health Advancements

Apple Wellness is getting two noticeable improvements. The app can at present record your running or walking speed. It volition also display the length of the steps in summary. With Apple Family unit sharing, one tin see other family member’s data right within the Health app, and you tin message them directly nearly a specific wellness tendency.

17. Faster Siri

Some bones queries such as setting an alert, opening an app, and adding a reminder will be processed directly on the device with Siri. Pregnant, yous don’t need an active internet connectedness, making Siri responding to your queries faster than ever.

18. New Shared with You lot Department

You will notice a new Shared with yous section in the Apple tree Music, Television set, Podcast, and Photos app. iOS basically takes the shared suggestions from the Messages conversations and place them neatly inside the relevant app.

19. Siri Back up for Third-Party Home Devices

This is huge news for those living in the Homekit environment at home. Smart home device manufacturers can brainstorm working with Apple to integrate Siri into their accessories. Before long you will see the market flooding with smart home devices with Siri back up.

20. Live Translate in the Translate App

Interpret adds a new Live Translate feature that makes conversation flow naturally across languages. In that location is besides a new systemwide translate office that allows users to translate text anywhere on iPhone.

21. Built-in Authenticator

With iOS xv, users can now generate verification codes needed for additional sign-in security. If a site offers two-factor hallmark, you lot tin fix verification codes under Passwords in Settings – no demand to download an additional app.

You can also get through all the new features and changes in iOS 15 beta 1 in the video below.

Apart from the list above, iOS 15 brings many small improvements to the Reminders, Discover My, and Shortcuts app. The widgets and App Library remain unchanged from iOS 14.

We experience Apple has taken a step in the right direction with all the changes in iOS 15. Apple could have hit it out of the park with the split-screen function on the iPhone. What do you call back about the features in iOS 15? What are your all-time iOS 15 features? Share your thoughts in the comments department below.


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