The Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases in 2022

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If you accept purchased an iPhone 12 Pro and are searching for a example to protect your expensive piece of tech, yous’ve come to the right place. We have made a list of all the cases for the iPhone 12 Pro from the top example makers that y’all can await into buying.

Hither’south the listing of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases to protect your iPhone from dings, drops, and scratches:

one. Official Apple cases

Apple Clear case for iPhone 12 Pro

In that location are plenty of third-party cases for the iPhone 12 Pro. Nonetheless, some people similar to buy merely an Apple-branded case. And if you are one of them, you tin can cull from two cases that Apple is offering for the iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Silicone Example ➤
    Buy Now [Apple]
  • Clear Case ➤
    Purchase Now [Apple]

If you lot want a no-nonsense case, become with the Silicone Example; it offers a decent level of protection and comfortable concord in hand, thanks to its polish rubberized texture. Clear Case is transparent and thus great for people who want to show off the truthful beauty of their iPhone. Information technology offers the aforementioned level of drop protection equally the Silicone Example. Notwithstanding, continue in listen that it will turn yellow with fourth dimension.

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ii. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 12 case

Spigen is arguably the most pop third-party smartphone case manufacturer. Cases from Spigen are not plush and at the same time offer ane of the all-time protection and quality among all the cases in the market. Spigen is offer a staggering, xiv cases for the iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Thin Fit ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Rugged Armor ➤
    Purchase Now [Amazon]
  • Liquid Air ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Liquid Crystal ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Liquid Crystal Glitter ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Neo Hybrid ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Neo Hybrid Crystal ➤
    Purchase At present [Spigen]
  • Ultra Hybrid ➤
    Buy At present [Amazon]
  • Quartz Hybrid ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Slim Armor ➤
    Buy At present [Spigen]
  • Slim Armor Essential S ➤
    Buy Now [Spigen]
  • Slim Armor CS ➤
    Purchase Now [Amazon]
  • Tough Armor ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Bike Mountain Case ➤
    Buy Now [Spigen]

The Thin Fit case, as the proper name suggests, is extremely thin, and perfect for those who want to proceed the contour of their smartphone thin. However, the Thin Fit example scores the lowest points in terms of protection because, you guessed it right, information technology is very thin.

This is where the Liquid series cases come into the play. These cases are slightly thicker than the Sparse Fit case just offering much better protection for your smartphone. So, you go the best of both worlds. If you want something more than premium, Spigen has Hybrid-series cases. These cases, while offering excellent drop protection, are thin, and they likewise look premium.

If you are the kind of person who drops the smartphone occasionally, y’all need a case that offers better protection. And Spigen’s Armor series cases are made exactly for that. You tin become for Slim Armor if you want to a slim profile or choose Tough Armor for better protection.

3. Speck

Speck Presidio2 Armor Cloud case for iPhone 12 Pro

Speck is another brand that offers affordable and loftier-quality smartphone cases. Its instance drove for the iPhone 12 Pro is similar to that from Spigen. The brand is offering nine cases in full for the iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Presidio Perfect-Articulate ➤
    Purchase At present [Speck]
  • Presidio Perfect-Articulate with Glitter ➤
    Purchase Now [Speck]
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips ➤
    Buy Now [Speck]
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear + Ombre ➤
    Buy At present [Speck]
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear Impact Geometry ➤
    Buy At present [Speck]
  • Presidio Perfect-Mist ➤
    Buy Now [Speck]
  • Presidio2 Grip ➤
    Purchase Now [Speck]
  • Presidio2 Pro ➤
    Buy At present [Speck]
  • Presidio2 Armor Cloud

    Buy Now [Speck]

Almost cases from Speck feature ‘Impactium Cushioning’ technology, which according to the brand, offers upward to 13-foot drib protection. And the higher-terminate cases come with Presidio2 Armor Cloud Technology, which offers an even higher, 16-human foot drib protection.

The Perfect-Clear series cases from Speck are transparent and then that y’all tin can testify the truthful dazzler of your iPhone 12 Pro. These cases are available with Glitter and Grip design.

The Presidio2 Grip is a high-end silicone instance with 3D patterns on information technology to offer a firm grip in hand. The Presidio2 Pro is like to Presidio2 Grip but with manifestly texture on the surface for an elegant look.

The Armor Cloud case is the top of the line offering from the brand; information technology offers the best smartphone protection that Speck has in its store. The company is promising 16-feet drop protection with this case.

4. Supcase

Supcase UB Royal case for iPhone 12 Pro

Cases from Supcase are much more affordable compared to those from Spigen or Speck. However, don’t judge these cases merely by their cost. Cases from Supcase take won CNET’s annual drop exam, which means that if y’all want ultimate protection without spending much, Supcase is the fashion to become.

  • UB Style ➤
    Buy Now [Supcase]
  • UB Exo ➤
    Buy Now [Supcase]
  • UB Exo with Screen Protector ➤
    Buy Now [Supcase]
  • UB Wallet

    Buy Now [Supcase]
  • UB Pro ➤
    Buy At present [Supcase]
  • UB Royal ➤
    Buy Now [Supcase]

The UB Pro case has a dual-layer pattern with the inner part existence made out of silicone and the outer function from polycarbonate. It besides has a built-in kickstand for you lot to remainder your smartphone in the landscape mode.

The UB Style case is transparent to show off your iPhone. If you want 360-caste protection, you should become for UB Exo with Screen Protector. This case protects the screen of your smartphone cheers to the 2-part blueprint.

5. Ringke

Ringke Fusion case for iPhone 12 Pro

Ringke is known for offering high-quality transparent cases. Yet, the brand has developed not-transparent, traditional-looking cases over time. And it is offer the same for the iPhone 12 Pro. Ringke has a full of eight cases for the new iPhones.

  • Fusion

    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Fusion X ➤
    Buy At present [Amazon]
  • Fusion Ten Design ➤
    Buy Now [Ringke]
  • Fusion X2 ➤
    Buy Now [Ringke]
  • Air ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Air Due south ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Onyx ➤
    Purchase Now [Amazon]

The legendary Ringke Fusion case is the ane you would want if you are looking for a transparent case with excellent drib protection. The make has too launched the Fusion X case. Information technology offers even better corner protection compared to the standard Fusion. However, keep in listen that it is non transparent on the corners. The Blueprint versions of the Fusion and the Fusion 10 add a fleck of spice to the mix by offer funky-looking patterns if that is what you are into.

The Air is 1 of the slimmest transparent cases out there for the iPhone 12 Pro. While it offers very basic drop protection, information technology is perfect for someone looking for a slim instance. Ringke as well offers Air S, which is a colored version of the Air. Unlike the Air, the Air S has a matte end, which, in my stance, looks fantastic. If I had to cull a case for my iPhone 12 Pro, information technology would exist the Air S. Lastly, in that location is the Onyx case; it is a decently-thick no-nonsense TPU case for everyday use.

vi. Totallee

Totallee Super Thin case for iPhone 12 Pro

Totallee says information technology offers “The Earth’s #1 Thin iPhone Example.” While we tin’t confirm those claims, we have to hold that cases from Totallee are exceptionally popular. The brand offers but one case for the iPhone 12 Pro (or any other iPhone) and information technology is dubbed the Super Thin. The Clear variant of the case is fully transparent, whereas, the Frosted Clear, Frosted Blackness, Navy, and Green variants accept a matte look to them. This case is extremely thin and extremely lightweight. It doesn’t have whatsoever branding or logos for a sophisticated look. The instance has a raised lip around the camera and screen to protect information technology from scratches. If you are a fan of thin transparent cases, the Totallee Super Thin should exist top of your list.

  • Super Sparse ➤
    Buy At present [Totallee]

7. Otterbox

Otterbox is popular for offer one of the near rugged cases in the market. Fifty-fifty its bones case offers better drib protection than loftier-terminate cases from most other brands. Otterbox also has a pretty large case lineup for the iPhone 12 Pro. It is currently offer as many as seven case models for the new iPhone.

  • Defender Series ➤
    Buy Now [Otterbox]
  • Symmetry Serial ➤
    Buy Now [Otterbox]
  • Symmetry Series Articulate ➤
    Buy Now [Otterbox]
  • Otter + Pop Symmetry ➤
    Buy Now [Otterbox]
  • Strada Serial ➤
    Purchase At present [Otterbox]
  • Strada Series Via ➤
    Buy At present [Otterbox]
  • Commuter Series ➤
    Buy Now [Otterbox]
  • Aneu Series Case with MagSafe ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Symmetry Series+ Case with MagSafe ➤Buy Now [Amazon]

The Defender Series offers the highest level of drop protection from Otterbox. This case has a super-soft silicone layer on the inside and a 2-part polycarbonate example on the exterior. While this configuration makes the case superbly capable of shock absorption, it also makes the instance thick, which ways that it volition be extremely hard to carry your phone around with this case. Then buy this example only if you are sure that you are going to drop your smartphone from higher heights and on uneven surfaces occasionally.

The Symmetry Series instance is significantly thinner than the Defender Series case. While it doesn’t protect the smartphone equally practiced as the Defender Series does, information technology is yet more than enough for most people. This case has a silicone jacket on the inside and a polycarbonate case on the outside. Withal, keep in mind that since this instance has a polycarbonate outer shell, it volition be slippery to hold, particularly when your hands are sweaty.

Otterbox is offer a PopSocket version for the Symmetry Serial cases, which means that you don’t have to purchase PopSockets separately for these cases. For those who want a page instance can go for the Strada Series cases. The new iPhones, equally you might know, feature MagSafe mounting technology. And if you are planning on using MagSafe compatible accessories with your phone, you will take to go for Aneu Series and Symmetry Series+ cases.

8. RhinoShield

RhinoShield SolidSuit case for iPhone 12 Pro

RhinoShield not only offers ane of the most premium-looking smartphone cases in the market place but information technology also has a slightly different approach towards cases than virtually other brands. For example, it offers bumper cases that don’t have any dorsum panel protection. Many people desire such cases just there aren’t many in the marketplace. Fortunately, RhinoShield is notwithstanding offering such designs. And what’south interesting about cases from RhinoShield is that the make gives y’all an option to customize major elements of the case to suit your preferences. RhinoShield is offering iv cases for the iPhone 12 Pro.

  • SolidSuit

    Buy Now [RhinoShield]
  • Mod NX ➤
    Buy Now [RhinoShield]
  • CrashGuard NX ➤
    Buy Now [RhinoShield]
  • Impress Serial ➤
    Buy Now [RhinoShield]

The SolidSuit case is made out of silicone and information technology has thick walls to protect the phone from serious drops. Since this example is fabricated from silicone, information technology has a smooth texture, which offers a comfortable concord in hand. The SolidSuit case has an elegant and understated pattern that will lure many people. In many ways, it will be one of the highest-selling cases for the new iPhones.

The Mod NX is totally different from nigh other cases in the market. As the proper noun suggests, this instance is modular. You tin can change the backplate and buttons of this instance to modify it later purchasing. You can likewise remove the backplate totally to make information technology a bumper instance. This instance also supports improver lenses for iPhone 12 Pro from RhinoShield.

The CrashGuard NX is one of the most interesting cases for iPhone 12 Pro on offer. It is a bumper case, significant that information technology doesn’t offer any protection for the dorsum panel. This way, you lot can prove off the back panel of your iPhone without any cover on it and at the aforementioned time protect your smartphone from drops. RhinoShield as well offers Print Series cases, where you tin give the brand the logo or design that you want to be printed on the example.

9. UAG

UAG iPhone 12 case

UAG or Urban Armor Gear is some other brand that offers actress-tough cases. Cases from UAG have always had a distinctive look. UAG is offering eight cases for the iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Monarch Series ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Civilian Series

    Purchase At present [Amazon]
  • Pathfinder Serial ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Pathfinder SE Camo ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Plasma Series ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]
  • Plyo Series ➤
    Buy Now [UAG]
  • Metropolis Serial ➤
    Buy Now [Amazon]

The Monarch Serial case is the peak of the line offering from UAG for the iPhone 12 Pro. According to the brand, this example has v layers of protection. From what we tin encounter, this instance seems to accept a silicone layer wrapped with a polycarbonate case. This case is thick and has a rugged look.

The Noncombatant Series case, as the proper noun suggests, has a civil look to information technology. It doesn’t look equally utilitarian as other UAG cases and at the same time, it is very bonny. This is the case that y’all would want to buy for day to day usage. The Pathfinder Series and Plasma Series are like to the Monarch Series example just they are slightly less premium in terms of await and experience.

UAG is also offering a transparent instance, dubbed, the Plyo Series. Then there is the Urban center Series case; it is a folio case with the same level of protection as other rugged UAG cases.

ten. Dbrand

In that location is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard most Dbrand. It started as a company that offered skins for smartphones and gadgets. But it is now making smartphone cases as well. Dbrand offers only one case for the iPhone 12 Pro dubbed the Grip. This is a TPU case that offers a decent level of protection for your phone. Nevertheless, the best part about the Grip case is that information technology tin can be customized with 21 pare options.

  • Grip ➤
    Buy Now [Dbrand]

Expect these brands to launch more than cases for the iPhone 12 Pro in the future. Residual assured, nosotros volition be updating the article with new cases in the market. In the meantime, practice cheque out our article most the all-time screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro.


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