The Best M1 Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Features

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Apple’s MacBook lineup finally has a change of heart. At a virtual ‘Ane More Thing’ event, the company officially unveiled a new line of MacBook models with Apple’s custom silicon – M1. Both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are identical in wait and feel to their predecessor. The existent modify is within the processor that powers the Mac. Apple has replaced the Intel-based CPUs with in-firm custom silicon to power the next generation of the MacBook lineup. Let’southward take a look at all the new MacBook Pro and Air features.

Best Features of M1 Apple Silicon-based MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The swap from Intel to Apple Silicon leads to operation and graphics gains as well as hitting new benchmarks in battery life. Because the electric current situation, Apple is also giving attending to the integrated webcam in both the MacBook Models.

one. New M1 CPU Inside

Apple tree is targeting two years of the timeline to replace all Intel-based MacBook models with Apple tree Silicon. The journey starts today with the addition of the M1 chip inside MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Only then again, why is there so much fuss nigh Apple tree’s transition? Read along to find major advantages and features of the 2022 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.


2. Faster CPU Performance

M1 features an 8-core CPU consisting of iv high-functioning cores and four high-efficiency cores. Each of the high-performance cores provides manufacture-leading performance for single-threaded tasks while running as efficiently as possible.

As a result, the 2022 MacBook Air is 3.5x faster than the one it’southward replacing. The improved performance will allow users to perform intensive tasks such as 4K video editing and large RAW editing on a small and slim ultrabook.

Speaking of MacBook Pro, Apple is claiming 2.8x operation than the 2022 MacBook Pro model. In raw numbers, this ways the new MacBook Pro can play an 8K video without skipping a beat. You lot edit loftier-resolution photos with lightning speed and developers to build apps nearly 3x faster than before. And all four high-performance cores can be used together for a huge boost in multithreaded operation.

three. Improved Graphics Performace

With integrated graphics in the M1 scrap, Apple tree is taunting 5x graphics operation on both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The viii-core GPU volition enable futurity buyers to play graphics-intensive games like ease.

Featuring up to eight powerful cores capable of running nearly 25,000 threads simultaneously, the GPU can handle extremely enervating tasks with ease, from smooth playback of multiple 4K video streams to rendering circuitous 3D scenes. With 2.half dozen teraflops of throughput, Apple claims to deliver the globe’due south fastest integrated graphics on a personal reckoner.

graphics improved on Macbook air and pro

4. All-Day Battery Life

With the jaw-dropping boost in CPU and graphics functioning, one would expect to take a hit on bombardment life on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Well, that’s not the case here. Apple is claiming 15 hours of web browsing and xviii hours of video playback while keeping the MacBook Air’s fanless design cool and calm.

MacBook Pro with its thicker blueprint can run 17 hours of web browsing and xx hours of video playback on a unmarried charge.

v. Better Webcams

Apple’due south determination to improve webcams on MacBook Air and Pro couldn’t have come at a better time. For years, users accept been asking Apple to upgrade the abysmal webcam performance on the MacBook.

The webcam resolution remains unchanged at 720p only. The real advancements come from the inclusion of Internet access provider on the Mac. The image bespeak processor (Isp) in the M1 flake helps you look your best for every FaceTime telephone call and video conference. Three built-in microphones brand sure what you say gets heard whether you’re on a telephone call, dictating a annotation, or asking Siri nearly the weather.

half-dozen. Instant Wake from Sleep

M1 silicon’s advancements allow MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to instantly wake the device and Bone from sleep. According to Apple, the wake-up time is on par with the current iPhone and iPad models.

You lot can attribute the instant wake to the 2x SSD performance on the belatedly 2022 MacBook Pro and Air models. Users tin can experience grade-leading read and write performance on new MacBook models. This ane is helpful to those dealing with large files and external storage all the fourth dimension on MacBook.

faster SSD on MacBook Air and Pro

vii. Responsive Web-browsing Performace

All the Apple apps are already optimized to take advantage of the M1 silicon. As a result, yous can expect 2x Safari web-browsing functioning on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro compared to its predecessors.

8. Wi-Fi 6 Support

The 2022 MacBook lineup finally make a jump to the latest Wi-Fi 6 applied science. Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It’ll even so do the same basic thing — connect you to the internet — but with a bunch of boosted technologies to make that happen more than efficiently, speeding up connections in the process.

You lot can wait upwards to 9.6 Gbps speeds compared to Wi-Fi 5’s three.5 Gbps. This may seem overkill now but remembers, most users stick with their MacBook buy for a longer catamenia of time.

9. Compatibility With All Your Favorite Apps

You can expect to run all the Intel-based apps on the new MacBook Air and Pro. Apple has launched the Univeral Apps (Which allows developers to run a single app on both Intel and Apple tree Silicon laptops) and Projection Rosetta to allow you to bask all the apps on the new Mac compages.

Developers volition have an option to run iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac platform. You tin look to see thousands of apps and games landing on the Mac App Store in near future.

10. Thunderbolt 4 Add together-on

Thunderbolt 4 enables ultra-high bandwidth to ultra-versatility. Thunderbolt enables data transfer, charging, and video output all through a single port.

11. Unchanged Price

With all the advancements, Apple is keeping the toll as aforementioned before. The latest MacBook Air starts at $999 ($899 for education) and the MacBook Pro will retail at $1299 ($1199 for education) to all. The pre-order starts today with the shipping engagement scheduled for the next calendar week.

Which MacBook model are yous looking forward to ownership this holiday season? Which feature sounds tempting from the list to a higher place? Sound off in the comments section below.


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