The Best MacBook Pro Accessories in 2022

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Apple gave its MacBook Pro lineup a pretty significant overhaul concluding year. The thirteen-inch MacBook Pro was upgraded to a quad-cadre processor while the xv-inch MacBook Pro was replaced by a more than capable 16-inch variant. If you programme on buying a MacBook Pro or have purchased one recently, cheque out some of the best accessories for the motorcar below.

Depending on your piece of work profile and usage, some of the accessories below MacBook are almost going to exist a necessity while others are going to be a useful tool to accept. And so without further ado, below is a list of some of the top accessories for the MacBook Pro.


If you want to travel light with your MacBook Pro, y’all should consider using a sleeve. It will be good plenty to protect your precious MacBook Pro from dings and drops. There are quite a few sleeve options bachelor for MacBooks, some with pockets that tin can be useful to carry other small items similar a mouse or USB-C dongles. Below are a few options that you can go through depending on your preference.

  • AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve [Amazon] ($eleven.49)
  • Tomtoc Protective Sleeve [Amazon] ($xviii.99)
  • Mosiso Laptop Sleeve [Amazon] ($13.99)
  • RadTech Sleeve [Amazon] ($30.95)

2. USB-C Hub/Dongle

Anker USB-C Hub

When y’all get yourself a MacBook Pro, you finish up committing yourself to the dongle life. Since all MacBooks now come with just USB-C ports, you lot will have to buy dongles or hubs to connect other devices, external monitors, etc. to the car. While the marketplace is flooded with USB-C hubs and dongles, not all of them are worth your money.

My personal feel says that it is better to purchase a hub if yous primarily utilize your MacBook on a desk or don’t travel much with it. Otherwise, it’s better to get a dongle depending on what your requirements are. I have faced connexion problems with most USB-C hubs and they tend to heat upward quite a fleck also when all ports are used simultaneously.

  • Anker vii-in-2 USB-C Hub [Amazon] ($59.99)
  • HyperDrive 7-in-2 USB-C Hub [Amazon] ($69.99)
  • Vava 9-in-one USB-C Hub [Amazon] ($59.98)
  • Ugreen USB-C Hub [Amazon] ($27.99)
  • Choetech 7-in-1 USB-C Hub [Amazon] ($28.97)

3. GaN Charger

Anker USB-C Adaptor

If yous want to travel light with your MacBook Pro, you should seriously consider investing in a GaN charger. Even otherwise, information technology is e’er good to have a spare charger lying around equally you lot never know when it might come up in handy.

Gallium Nitride (or GaN) is the latest development in the world of chargers. GaN chargers are notably smaller than a traditional silicon charger. They are more efficient in nature which ways they tin can push button higher current in a smaller package. You tin easily become a 60-65W GaN charger with multiple USB ports to accuse non simply your MacBook Pro but also other devices that you lot travel it. With USB-C and GaN chargers, yous will only ever take to travel with just one charger in your bag for all your devices.

  • Anker 60W GaN Charger [Amazon] ($39.99)
  • Aukey 60W GaN Charger [Amazon] ($32.99)
  • Choetech 61W GaN Charger [Amazon] ($30.99)
  • RavPower 61W GaN Charger [Amazon] ($35)
  • Baseus 3-port GaN Charger [Amazon] ($49.90)

4.USB-C Cablevision

Apple Watch USB-C Watch charger

Merely like a spare charger, it is highly recommended that yous get a spare USB-C cable for your MacBook Pro as well. If you travel a lot, perhaps but put a spare cable in your travel bag. Do not rely on your existing USB-C cables every bit they volition not be good enough for the job.

Most USB-C cables height out at 60W of power and offer 10Gbps transfer speeds.  The thing is that your MacBook Pro needs at least 65W of ability to charge, with the 16-inch MacBook Pro requiring as much every bit 87W. However, not all USB-C cables are made to bear so much power. The regular USB-C cablevision that you become with your smartphone is not meant to behave so much ability. You must use a USB-C cablevision that’s rated to carry 100W of ability. While Apple sells such a cable, it is expensive. At that place are some tertiary-political party alternatives, though they are not Thunderbolt cables and thus can only exist used for charging purposes and data transfer purposes.

  • AmazonBasics USB-C Gen i Cable ($27.99)
  • Anker Powerline II ($19.99)

5. Thunderbolt Cable

Ok, now this is a completely optional accessory. If you rely on external GPUs, hard disks, or other devices that make use of Thunderbolt 3 and want 40Gbps transfer speeds, you lot must continue a few spare cables around. Thunderbolt 3 cables are extremely expensive though, and so only consider buying them if required.

  • Anker Thunderbolt 3 cablevision ($29.99)
  • Nekteck Thunderbolt 3 cable ($12.99)

vi. Dbrand skin

I am not really a case person and volition strictly tell everyone to avoid putting a case on their MacBook Pro. This is because the case puts boosted stress on the hinge which might crusade issues down the line. If you desire to foreclose the top and lesser shell of your MacBook Pro from small scratches, scuffs, and dings, put a Dbrand pare on it. Non only will information technology give your MacBook Pro a unique look and experience, but information technology will also do a great chore of preventing it from getting it all scuffed upward.

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7. ScreenSavrz

RadTech ScreenSavrz

Now, this might be an odd choice but if yous have ever used a MacBook Pro extensively in the by y’all volition sympathise its importance. The trouble is that over a period of time, the keyboard of the MacBook Pro ends upward leaving major abrasions and imprints on the display of the machine. This is due to the top and bottom beat out pressing confronting each other due to external force. To prevent this, you can put a screen baby-sit on your MacBook’s display only that will deteriorate the viewing quality.

The best option is to use a keyboard cover from RadTech. Dubbed ScreenSavrz, its nothing but a sparse and small piece of cloth that you will take to put on meridian of the keyboard every time you travel with your MacBook Pro. The cloth will practise a good enough job of protecting the keyboard from dissentious the brandish.

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What are some of your must-have accessories for your MacBook Pro? Drib a comment and let us know!

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