The First 12 Things to Do with Your New Apple Watch

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Although the latest Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t come with the rumored flat-edged design, it still has a couple of tricks upwardly its sleeve to summit the sales chart this holiday season. If yous plan to become 1 or gift it to a loved ane, now is the right time to learn about basic Apple tree Watch setup and a few tricks.

Yous can easily pair your brand new Apple Watch with your iPhone and start getting all notifications on it. But that’due south the central part. Over the years, Apple has made the wearable platform entirely customizable and implemented neat add-ons. Let’s learn about them to boot off the perfect Apple tree Watch experience.

1. Install Apps

While Apple tree Watch comes arranged with default Apple apps, information technology’s perfectly fine-tuned with popular third-party apps as well.

During setup, watchOS will offer an option to download uniform apps from iPhone to your watch.

Open the
Apple Watch app
on iPhone and go to the
My Sentinel
menu. You will encounter the available apps menu to install third-party apps on your Apple Sentry.

install apps on Apple Watch

2. Customize Apple tree Watch Face

This one is quite obvious. If the default Apple Watch face doesn’t suit your personality, y’all tin hands alter information technology from the scout itself.

Simply press your scout’southward screen, and it will open up upwards a menu to let you choose dissimilar watch faces.

If yous are not a fan of the default collection, swipe to the left and tap on the “+

to browse through available watch faces to download.

Yous can add up to 35 watch faces to your personal gallery on the Apple Sentinel. You can customize and modify the Apple tree Spotter face up from the connected iPhone as well. Open up the Watch app on iPhone to get through additional customization options.

Some Apple Lookout man faces let yous pick two or 3 complications to add. Long-press on the watch face and press the

push button below the face.

You shall find complications by swiping to the last screen. You will see complications from both the default Apple tree apps and third-party ones.

customize Apple Watch

iii. Set up Activity Goals

Fitness is a big part of the Apple tree Watch. If you buy one to get in amend shape, yous need to gear up activity goals.

Long-press on the activity screen and tap
Change Motion Goal. Set your goal from ten to 1,000 calories to burn over a mean solar day.

4. Alter App View

By default, the Apple Watch comes with a Filigree View. When yous have dozens of apps installed on the Apple Watch, picking a specific app from the grid view can be confusing.

You have an option to change information technology to a List View from the Sentry app on iPhone.

on the iPhone select
App View
from the
My Sentry
menu. Select
Listing View,
and you lot are good to go.

use list view in Apple Watch

5. Set Cellular Connection

There are ii types of Apple Watch models. Y’all can either apply it with Bluetooth or opt for the Cellular model. The latter connects to a 4G mobile network using an eSIM.

Once you take a cellular connectedness up and running on the Apple tree Watch, you are gratuitous to get for a long run without carrying your iPhone along. Yous tin stream Spotify songs over AirPods directly from the Apple Watch without iPhone.

6. Handwash Detection

Considering the electric current state of affairs, this one is a neat improver by Apple. The visitor has added a handwash detection function in WatchOS seven so that the Lookout man can remind y’all to wash hands regularly.

Once Apple Spotter detects you lot are washing hands, it will run a 20-2nd timer to permit you lot launder your hands properly. Go to
> My Picket > Handwashing
and enable the
Handwashing Timer
toggle. Read this detailed postal service nigh the Apple tree Picket’due south Handwash Detection characteristic to acquire more.

handwashing timer in Apple Watch

7. Walkie-Talkie

If your friends or family already employ an Apple tree Watch, y’all can talk to them by turning your Apple Watch into a walkie-talkie. The entire process is pretty cool, specially if your honey ones too use an Apple Scout. Follow this guide to learn how to plough your Apple Watch into a walkie-talkie.

walkie talkie apple watch

8. Enable Autumn Detection

Nosotros have seen many examples of Apple Watch users being saved past the fall detection characteristic. On Apple tree Watch Serial 4 and newer, the characteristic will automatically detect if you have slipped or fallen. If you don’t answer to the notification inside 10 seconds of such an action, it will automatically notify your emergency contact.

Navigate to the
Watch app > My Lookout man > Emergency SOS
menu and enable the
Autumn Detection

fall detection in apple watch

9. Meliorate Know WatchOS 8

This year’s WatchOS 8 comes with goodies such as the ability to set multiple timers, control HomeKit devices, a new Mindfulness app, Focus way, and more.

Read our dedicated post to larn about the best watchOS viii features to get the virtually out of your contempo purchase.

x. Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Apple’s Confront ID authentication doesn’t work well with the current requirement for face masks. You must pull down your mast to unlock your iPhone. The whole practice tin become irritating throughout the day.

Apple tree already offers an option to unlock the Mac with an Apple Watch. Now, you can do the same with an iPhone too.

Open up the
Settings app
on iPhone and go to the
Confront ID & Passcode
menu. Authenticate yourself and scroll down to
Unlock with Apple Picket. Enable the unlock toggle from the following menu.

unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Your scout must be passcode protected, unlocked, and on your wrist near the iPhone to unlock it.

Similarly, you can unlock the Apple Watch with an iPhone also. Open the
app and select
from the
My Watch
carte du jour. Enable the
Unlock with iPhone

unlock apple watch with iPhone

11. Employ the ECG App

The ECG functionality on the Apple Watch tin be a lifesaver. While many other wearables in the market might offer ECG, the experience is nowhere nearly as reliable as what the Apple Watch offers. Read our detailed guide on how to utilise the ECG characteristic on the Apple Sentry to understand how it works.

12. Get New Apple tree Watch Bands

The all-time part about the Apple Watch is that you can hands bandy the default band with those you like. While Apple sells its own set of bands for the article of clothing, you can buy them from 3rd-party sellers as well.

They come in a diverseness of colors and sizes to conform your needs. And they are all compatible. What’due south even meliorate is that the whole process of changing bands is straightforward as well. It volition take y’all a few seconds at most. Read this guide to understand how to change your Apple tree Lookout band. And while you’re at information technology, besides bank check out our collection of the best Apple Sentinel bands.

At that place you have it. Go ahead, use the tricks above, and bask your Apple tree Lookout experience. Which Apple tree Watch feature pushed yous towards Apple’s wearable platform? Share your reasons in the comments section below.


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