The Sonos Beam Gen 2 Black Friday deal you’ve waited for is here

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It’s merely simply been released and Sonos’ products don’t often become discounts this early into their life cycle, just this eBay deal for the Gen 2 Beam is an accented cracker.

Caput over to eBay armed with the code ‘BLACKFRIDAYUK’ and y’all can go a discount on the brand new Sonos Beam Gen 2 model, bringing it down from its RRP of £449 to £374.

The Sonos Beam Gen ii Blackness Friday bargain y’all’ve waited for is here

Head over to eBay with the code ‘BLACKFRIDAYUK’ and you tin get a discount on the brand new Sonos Axle Gen two, bringing information technology down from £449 to £374

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  • Was £449

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We reviewed the 2d gen Sonos Axle model and gave it 4.5 stars. Our reviewer stated that the new compact soundbar was “a pace upwardly from the previous model, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) adds an actress dimension to sound, literally, with its clever virtual Dolby Atmos support.”

Dolby Atmos is the headline characteristic of Sonos’ new soundbar, the Axle 2 the latest compact endeavor to incorporate the immersive 3D sound format into its feature ready. Information technology delivers the height channels required for Atmos by using a newly developed phased speaker array and more processing power to steer effects around the room to create a bigger, more spacious sound.

And it does and so while maintaining the meaty dimensions of the original soundbar. That makes it perfect for those in smaller rooms or who don’t have as much space for bigger sound system to get Hollywood-esque audio in your dwelling. It’s primed for TVs 55-inches and smaller.

Other new features include an easier set-up procedure through the Sonos S2 app, too equally Hi-res audio compatibility with an update coming to activate Ultra HD tracks and Dolby Atmos Music via Amazon Music for even more means to enjoy high quality sound.

As well coming to the Sonos Beam Gen 2 (and other Sonos products) is DTS Digital Surround audio, which increases the number of soundtracks that the Axle 2 can play, so you won’t be left wondering why there’s no sound coming out of the soundbar.

The Sonos Axle Gen 2 Black Friday deal yous’ve waited for is here

Caput over to eBay with the lawmaking ‘BLACKFRIDAYUK’ and you can get a discount on the brand new Sonos Axle Gen two, bringing it downward from £449 to £374

  • eBay UK
  • Was £449

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And there is, of form, the Sonos platform that offers an incredible amount of features. From Google and Alexa voice banana support, integration of streaming services that includes the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon Music, to multi-room capabilities and Apple AirPlay two wireless streaming, there’s plenty of ways to relish music with the Sonos Beam 2.

Given how infrequently Sonos products get discounts of this nature so early in their lifecycle, you’ll want to spring on this cracking deal before the stock runs out. Y’all can bank check out our another best Black Friday Deals in our dedicated hub.

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