The Trusted Reviews Christmas Gift Guide: Our top picks for 2022

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Christmas is almost upon u.s.a. and that means there’s precious time left to get all your shopping washed in time. Of grade, if you’ve yet to even decide what to get for your loved ones then don’t worry, nosotros’ve got you covered with our extensive souvenir guide for 2022.

With all ages, tastes and budgets in mind, there’s a lot to choose from on this list only rest assured that there’s something for everyone. All that’due south left is for you lot to determine which tech items take your fancy and snap them up before within proficient time. Happy shopping!

Lamy Safari Ncode Smartpen

Stationery always makes for a bully present, but what happens if you’ve already gifted someone every pen, pad, pencil and periodical under the sun? That’s exactly where the Lamy Safary Ncode Smartpen comes in. This slice of futuristic tech blends the digital with the physical, as the pen records all the notes you brand in the compatible digital paper notebook so that yous tin look back at everything you’ve written on your smartphone. For people who just aren’t ready to give up handwritten notes just nevertheless, this gift is a great go-between.

A silver-blue Amazon Echo Dot standing on a white table beside a water bottle

Echo Dot

Alexa has become the default smart dwelling option for many and with skilful reason. The Echo Dot is the simplest way to inject some of Alexa’s skills into your (or someone else’s) home and the latest version adds a hit of mode into the package besides. Whether it’south for listening to the radio in the forenoon or controlling smart lights, an Echo Dot remains an excellent present.

Apple HomePod Mini light

HomePod Mini

Apple’due south dinky HomePod Mini speaker is a sure-fire Christmas winner. It’south good looking enough to fit seamlessly into well-nigh lounges or bedrooms and it sounds fantastic, especially given the pocket-sized size. Siri might not be the smartest banana around, but it nevertheless works well for controlling smart home or playing tunes without faffing with your phone.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

Nothing says Christmas quite like a delicious cup of hot chocolate (and maybe even a mince pie to go with it), which is why whatever chocolate fiends shouldn’t be without the Hotel Choclat Velvetiser. Simply throw in some Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate mix, pour in a decent serving of milk and allow the Velvetiser do the balance – providing scrumptious chocolate beverages in no fourth dimension at all.

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 lit up display

Kindle Paperwhite 2022

Amazon’s 2022 Kindle Paperwhite is the ideal gift for those bookworms in your life who also love their tech. This new model packs a larger display, the modern USB-C port for easier (and quicker) charging and tin can comfortably last multiple weeks without needing to exist plugged in.

LEGO Super Mario Luigi Starter Course

LEGO Super Mario – Luigi Starter Course

Final year’s LEGO Super Mario starter kit was a must-take Christmas nowadays, but this time around it’due south Mario’s brother Luigi who’south been given his due in LEGO course. The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course features the same great NFC inspired gameplay that makes it far more entertaining than your average LEGO set, simply with enough unique additions to brand it stand out. As a dandy game for young families to play together on Christmas, this LEGO kit is an easy one to recommend.

Metroid Dread

One of 2022’southward biggest surprises – the terminal chapter in Nintendo’s long-running 2D Metroid series, Metroid Dread has been a long fourth dimension coming merely boy was it worth the look. Dread has far more in touch with older Metroid titles rather than the newer Metroid Prime series, only its nostalgic tone is perfected by fast-paced gameplay that – while tough – makes you experience increasingly powerful as the game goes on to the betoken where you experience like nothing tin stand in your way. Hands the best Nintendo Switch game this year and a must-have for gamers everywhere.

Insta360 Go 2

Insta360 Go 2

Action cameras have long enjoyed the status as a go-to present for any budding vloggers, merely with prices creeping up on premium options like the GoPro Hero x, there’southward a good chance that virtually action cams have fallen exterior of the average gift buying budget – that’s where the Insta360 Get 2 comes in. Not only does this miniature, thumb-sized photographic camera have a sub-£300 price indicate, but it’s also far more versatile (and portable) than the competition. With a mini-tripod stand built into the camera’s charging case, you can snap high quality footage at a moment’s notice and just pop it back into your pocket when you’re done. Content cosmos doesn’t get any easier than that.

DJI OM five

Most high-end smartphones nowadays have terrific optical paradigm stabilisation, but if you desire truly cinematic footage that remains stable without any visible shaking then you accept to opt for a gimbal. In this loonshit, the DJI OM 5 rules the roost with an impressive magnetic organization for rapidly attaching your phone. The accompanying DJI Mimo app likewise lets y’all create engaging footage with minimal effort, such as dull-motion and timelapse shots.

The Afershokz Aeropex can be easily identified from afar thanks to their unique design

Aftershokz Aeropex

A bit of a niche product but definitely one that volition appeal to runners and cyclists. The Aftershokz Aeropex uses bone conduction applied science to transport music to your ear canals without actually covering them, then you’re free to savour your music without existence cut-off from the outside world.

Bose Frames Tenor 2022

Bose Frames 2022

What’south libation than a pair of sunglasses? How near a pair of sunglasses with Bose speakers in them. The recently updated Bose Frames might feel like something that appeared in a 1980s sci-fi flick, but they however manage to pack surprisingly robust sound into their blueprint, with levels coming through conspicuously despite the fact that you tin can still hear the world effectually you. If yous’re sick of always having to pair earbuds with sunglasses, then it’s definitely time to upgrade to the Bose Frames.

A white Sonos Roam speaker standing on ground

Sonos Roam

The second portable Sonos speaker is far easier to chuck in a bag than the larger Motion and information technology’s much more than affordable likewise. The Sonos Roam works well and sounds great, whether y’all’re plugged into an existing Sonos system or just effulgent tunes to information technology via Bluetooth. It’s got decent water resistance, good battery life, USB-C charging and comes in a duo of colours.

Google Pixel 6 homescreen

Pixel 6

Buying someone a phone for Christmas isn’t e’er the easiest job, but we remember almost everyone would appreciate the Pixel 6. For the £599 price-tag you’re getting ane of the best smartphone cameras we’ve always seen, a slick blueprint that comes in some quirky colours and Google’s impressive version of Android.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on Nintendo Switch

Tony Hawk’southward Pro Skater 1+2 for Nintendo Switch

Concluding year, the triumphant return of everyone’s favourite skating series made a huge splash on consoles, and while it took a while for Tony Militarist’southward Pro Skater 1+two to brand its way to the Nintendo Switch, this portable version is notwithstanding an easy ane to recommend. Programmer Vicarious Visions has done an incredible job of bringing the game over from more powerful hardware to the point where it never feels like you lot’re playing an inferior version. For all those 90s kids who grew up playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, y’all’ll get a real kick out of revisiting these games whilst traveling.

A picture of a wallpaper of a game called Deathloop


On the surface, Deathloop is very much Groundhog Day with guns, but beyond its time-loop premise lies 1 of the inventive games of 2022 that implores yous to explore and devise new tactics each time you play. Your only means of breaking the time-loop is past killing a select number of targets, which sounds easier than it is, particularly when you take another assassin hot on your tail who can be controlled by real-life players at any time. You’d be hard pressed to find a more than unique title this Christmas.

The Lavazza Voicy coffee machine with built-in Alexa

Lavazza Voicy

If you’re buying for a tech-obsessed java fan this Christmas then the Lavazza Voicy volition no doubtfulness put a smile on their face. In the simplest terms, this is an Echo Dot bolted on to a pod-munching java machine. Alexa tin can whip up a personalised brew and, of course, there’s an app bachelor too for further customisations.

Amazon echoshow 5 of deep sea blue color with black border on the screen and a wallpaper of dog with time and temprature on top of it, a lamp behind, glasses infront, and a tiny plant pot with plant behind, and a bed on the right

Repeat Evidence 5

Now in its second generation, the Echo Evidence v continues to unveil merely how well the prowess of Alexa pairs with a screened device. Going a stride beyond traditional Repeat smart speakers, the Echo Show v can show y’all who’s at the door, give you a glance at the atmospheric condition report and fifty-fifty be used to watch a bit of Netflix when the mood takes you. As an all-in-i smart habitation device, the Echo Show 5 is difficult to beat.

Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass

Hear us out on this i – nosotros know that a Game Pass code on its own isn’t too heady, merely if you get a footling inventive with information technology then it can be. Set a little treasure hunt around the house or fifty-fifty a few riddles to keep with it – given that the lucky recipient will be getting admission to hundreds of incredible games similar Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon v, it’ll exist well worth the effort.

The Guardians hanging out with Cosmo

Marvel’south Guardians of the Galaxy

After last year’due south abysmal Marvel’s Avengers, expectations were low for Marvel’due south Guardians of the Galaxy simply developer Eidos-Montréal managed to pull information technology out of the bag with brilliantly written dialogue and a surprisingly middle-warming story. GOTG’s gameplay doesn’t quite match the heights of Curiosity’s Spider-Man, but it absolutely won u.s. over for arguably having the best story of any Marvel game to date. In that location’ll be no spoilers here, simply trust us when we say that whatever Marvel fans won’t be disappointed.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Is there a better Christmas present out there than the Oculus Quest 2? With this one device you’ll be giving a loved one the ability to escape reality and dive into a virtual world like no-other, experiencing immersive titles like Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 VR, alongside thought-provoking VR films and documentaries. If yous want a gift that’ll exist used for years to come up, then look no further than the Oculus Quest two.

A silver-black Fujifilm X100V camera held in hand

Fujifilm X100V

Smartphone photography is all well and skillful, but there’s goose egg quite like shooting with a proper camera. While the Fujifilm X100V might be an elaborate gift, if you lot know someone who loves taking pictures with their phone then this could very well make their Christmas. Packed with retro touches, this fixed-lens camera looks gorgeous and snaps superb shots in all weather.

The new Switch console from Nintendo is available for preorder from some major shops, and will be released officially on 8 October.

Nintendo Switch OLED Pokémon Bundle

While it isn’t quite the 4K upgrade that we hoped for, the Nintendo Switch OLED is however a great panel in its own right and brilliantly equipped to make the most of Nintendo’s get-go party games on the go. Given that Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have just hit the system, we can’t remember of a better title to pair with the Switch OLED this Christmas.

Switch OLED Pokémon Bundle

Switch OLED Pokémon Packet

Savor the brand new Nintendo Switch OLED with a copy of Pokémon Shining Pearl and a 256GB microSD card, all with a swift disbelieve as opposed to ownership them indivdually.

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Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts two

This is a strange ane, not because the game is bad (far from it), we but never expected to see Psychonauts two in our lifetime. After an excruciating 16-year wait for a sequel, fans of the original Psychonauts game take finally been vindicated with a new title that shows plenty of respect for its roots with archetype platforming gameplay.

Sonos Beam (2nd Gen) front

Sonos Axle Gen 2

The original Sonos Axle long sat at the acme of our list of the best soundbars to buy, simply in 2022 the bombastic speaker finally got an upgrade. With Dolby Atmos support finally being added to the mix, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 tin give your favourite films and TV shows the treatment they deserve by letting you hear the audio exactly as the managing director intended, giving you a true cinematic experience at habitation.

XGIMI Halo+ hero

XGIMI Halo Plus

If you’re living in educatee halls or a studio flat, the last thing you want is to oversupply upward that space with a cumbersome TV. As a great culling to let you lot savor picture night at domicile without sacrificing space, the XGIMI Halo Plus portable projector gives y’all everything yous need. With a built-in speaker, Android Television for like shooting fish in a barrel phone pairing and fifty-fifty the ability to projection a display upward to 200-inches, the Halo Plus is a vivid all-in-one entertainment device.


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