The View Season 25 Episode 60

THE VIEW fans couldn’t believe the popular morning talk show snubbed their loyal audience during the last episode of Season 25 in a vicious product motility.

Fans were furious when they tuned in to The View’south season finale simply to realize the anticipated episode had been pre-recorded.


The View fans were fuming over the show snubbing their loyal fans for the series finale
Credit: Twitter/@TheView

Fans were furious the episode had been pre-recorded as the hosts have already begun their vacations


Fans were furious the episode had been pre-recorded as the hosts have already begun their vacations
Credit: Twitter/@TheView

At the start of the episode, precipitous-eyed viewers caught a small foursquare at the bottom of the screen which read: “recorded earlier.”

Ordinarily, the lively panel talk show happens live on television.

Fans were disappointed to notice the season finale was not live, as the prove will exist airing pre-corded episodes through September when the panelists render.

One fan exclaimed on Twitter: “Dang, they couldn’t fifty-fifty make the last show live?!”

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Another fan confirmed: “Yep, the ladies take started their vacation since today’due south show is pre-recorded!”

A third bashed: “This is a horrible flavor finale!”

Yet a fourth sadly remarked: “No alive finale.”

A fifth added a distressing and aroused emoji and placed information technology side by side to a screenshot of the “recorded earlier” sign on television to express their disappointment.

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Withal a sixth fan commented: “The ladies accept started their vacation.”

The View volition be going on a break after this week and will render in September.


Although Whoopi Goldberg was not on the panel for the season finale, she did share an early morn post on Instagram.

The star was flight Delta and made a video with a shoutout to the crew every bit she kicked off her vacation.

Nonetheless, Whoopi did not reveal her last holiday destination.

Even though Whoopi was not a part of this last episode, she is set to render for flavor 26 forth with other major casting updates.

Sweet VIEW

Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin have all signed on to be full-time co-hosts of the panel alongside Whoopi, Joy Behar and Sara Haines.

Sunny signed a big multi-million dollar deal for iii more years.

According to Diverseness, the contract will bear Sunny through Season 28 of the show.

Alyssa and Ana volition be filling Megan McCain’southward seat afterward she left the show in 2021, although the new star wasn’t fans’ top choice.


Several viewers have slammed The View for its expected decision, with some fifty-fifty threatening to boycott the prove.

One angry viewer said: “I get the feeling they will hire Alyssa total time. I’m not a fan at all. They should keep the rotating guest host.”

Another fearful fan wrote on Twitter: “This may [exist] the final week or days I sentinel.”

A 3rd tweeted: “This might be my last two days watching #TheView if that wench is announced Th.”

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The View has welcomed a rotating list of guest panelists, including the likes of Mia Love, Gretchen Carlson, Eboni K. Williams, Tara Setmayer, and Lindsey Granger, amidst others — since Meghan McCain departed the prove last August.

Since the show launched in 1997, The View has largely remained unchanged, featuring a multi-generational female panel discussing the day’s “Hot Topics” and news.

The View fans took to Twitter to air their frustrations that the panel was not going live before their month-long break


The View fans took to Twitter to air their frustrations that the panel was not going live before their month-long interruption
Credit: Twitter/@TheView

Sunny Hostin has signed a three year contract to join as host for season 26


Sunny Hostin has signed a 3 yr contract to bring together as host for season 26
Credit: Twitter/@TheView

Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin are also set to join the panel full-time


Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin are likewise set to join the panel full-fourth dimension
Credit: Twitter/@TheView