There’s just been a serious specs leak for the Sony Xperia 5 IV

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Sony’due south modestly-sized but majorly impressive Xperia five line is about to receive a new addition, and a whole boatload of its specs have leaked before the launch. Hither’due south what they tell united states nigh the upcoming Mark IV.

We’ve already seen plenty of rumours concerning Sony’southward adjacent flagship smartphone, the Xperia 1 Four, but at present we’ve been treated to some inside information about information technology’s slightly smaller sibling, the Xperia 5 IV — and while at that place are a few upgrades in store, quite a lot will residue intact from the Sony Xperia 5 Three.

According to a post from a Chinese source on the social media site Weibo (via NotebookCheck), the device will take a brandish reinforced by Gorilla Drinking glass Victus (rather than Gorilla Glass 6), and a “slight increase in bombardment chapters over its predecessor” (thought the verbal capacity remains to be seen.)

However, the biggest of all the mentioned upgrades would exist the installation of a Snapdragon eight Gen i Plus processor, a souped-up version of the flagship Snapdragon eight Gen 1 chipset that’s one of the very fastest on the market right now. And so despite the device’due south relatively diminuitive size, information technology would undoubtedly be able to pack a existent punch if this leak is true.

But apart from those cardinal changes, it seems that much will remain the aforementioned from one generation to the next.

For ane affair, the triple camera system seems prepare to remain the same, with a a 12-megapixel IMX557 primary sensor, a 12-megapixel IMX363 ultra-broad angle sensor and a 12-megapixel IMX663 sensor 3x optical zoom lens. What’s more, the new device will really weight slightly more than its predecessor, clocking in at 180g rather than 168g.

The Xperia five III’s screen was a half dozen.ane-inch OLED display with a 21:9 CinemaWide attribute ratio, HDR support and a speedy 120Hz refresh charge per unit, then nosotros’d await the Xperia five 4 to exist similarly well equipped, though the leak doesn’t go into that much particular about the brandish.

We’re expecting the Xperia 1 IV to launch in May of this twelvemonth, and so you might expect the Xperia 5 4 to make it at a similar time of the yr; yet, it’southward worth begetting in listen that the Xperia 5 Iii was unveiled in April but didn’t actually go along sale until October.

Of course, that means that we’ll probably to wait a few months more to notice out whether these latest rumours ring true, just for the fourth dimension existence the indications seem to show that simply a few tweaks are going to be made rather than a major overhaul.

Trusted Take

Notwithstanding another specs leak for yet another Android phone, and a continuing pattern this year is once over again in prove; a lack of existent innovation or risk, in favour of very modest upgrades. The rumoured changes are certainly improvements, admitting slight ones — but this device will near-indistinguishable from its predecessor based on what we know so far.

In last week’due south Fast Charge column, I (rather desperately) searched for the silvery linings in such situations, including the potential savings y’all could make past choosing last year’southward handsets or past skipping a year of upgrades, but for tech enthusiasts information technology’s undeniably disappointing to exist deprived of whatever significant differences twelvemonth-on-year.

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