Got a great story but it’s just not selling? Or you lot’ve got a groovy idea just the story simply isn’t working somehow? Need a way to recollect nigh short stories so you can generate ideas quickly? Well, here’s my
Matter i and Matter ii STORY METHOD.

Y’all can utilize this for larger pieces of writing too but it works best for short things.

Thing ane


Remember of an incident or a turning point in your own life, or the life of someone else you know, or someone you just made upwards 🙂 This could be anything from a traffic accident to the nascence of a child to discovering you have cancer. ANYTHING! Remember it just has to be a thing.

In my story “Mrs Sunshine” I idea of a family breaking down, a immature mother on the verge of leaving her partner and children – that was my incident.

For my story “Terminal Days on the 15th Floor” in
Bjelke Blues
– it was the last few days of ex-Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen’due south rule when it is rumoured that he locked himself in his office and refused to exit.

In “Something No 1 Else Tin can Come across” my Thing 1 was the climbing number of suicides among farmers hither in Australia.

Thought of something you lot could try? Expert!



Thing ii is important. Thing 2 is what gives your story another layer of meaning and depth. Thing 2 can exist anything, whatever – thing at all 🙂 Somehow whatever yous choose your encephalon volition find a way to link it to the themes in your story. Thing ii will help to amplify the hidden truths in your story without y’all even having to try that hard.

For “Mrs Sunshine” – Matter two was a Sunshine Family set of dolls I was given for Christmas as a kid and came to mean a whole lot more than just toys. Mrs Sunshine became a symbol for the impossibly perfect ideal of maternity.

In “Last Days on the 15th Floor” – Matter two was Joh’s Vietnamese cleaner whose father had been governor of her hometown. Her perspective gave the story a whole new understanding.

In “Something No One Else Can See” – two sisters coping with the loss of their female parent, building fairy houses and believing in magic, helped to bring lightness to what could have been a very night tale.

So, what is your Thing ii? Null immediately coming to mind? Await around you lot and pick an object. Whatever object. Put that into your story and run into if the magic of imagination doesn’t somehow build that simple object into a meaningful part of your narrative.

Flick open a book and stab at a discussion. That could simply be the key to adding another layer to your story. Have a close look at some short stories – can you find the Thing i and Thing 2?


Simply why finish at that place just because Dr Seuss did? Chuck in a Thing 3 if you experience like information technology!

– an abstract noun  like Beloved or HATE or REVENGE or Religion or REGRET or FORGIVENESS.

Put your incident, your character or object and the noun together and what accept you got?

A STORY – that’south what!

This post is making me go all Dr Seuss so I’d better stop now 🙂

I hope y’all get lots of great stories from Thing1 and Thing ii (and three).

Let me know how you go, and if yous discover any THINGS in stories you lot read.



Lots of beloved

Edwina xx

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