When the Valorant TPM ii.0 fault occurs, you lot will receive an error bulletin stating “this build of Vanguard requires TPM version 2.0 and secure boot to be enabled in social club to play”. What causes the error and how to fix it? MiniTool would tell you lot the answers in this postal service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valorant TPM 2.0 Error

What causes the Valorant TPM 2.0 fault?

A lot of factors tin can upshot in the Valorant TPM 2.0 error Windows xi. Among them, disabled TPM ii.0 and secure kicking are the most possible reasons. Apart from that, improper boot style or an outdated Windows version tin can also lead to the Valorant TPM 2.0 error.

Does Valorant Work on Windows 11?

Yeah, you can play Valorant on Windows 11 fifty-fifty if y’all sometimes will meet the Valorant TPM 2.0 error. Still, if you install Windows eleven bypassing the TPM bank check, you lot can’t run Valorant on Windows xi. Then you need to upgrade to friction match the essentials or downgrade to Windows 10 to play Valorant.

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Fortunately, the Valorant TPM 2.0 error Windows 11 issue tin be solved past the methods below.

Solution one: Enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot

As the error message suggests, the commencement way to ready the Valorant TPM 2.0 error is to enable TPM 2.0 and secure boot. Here are the detailed steps for doing that.

Step i:
Power down your PC and restart it. During the kick-up process, proceed pressing F2, F12, or other keys to enter BIOS.

Step 2:
Navigate to the
tab by using the arrow key.

Pace 3:
Find and enable the
Secure Boot
selection. Afte that, enable TPM with the steps beneath. TPM is referred to as TPP or system secruity in som systems

Step 4:
Find TPM and enable it.

Step 5:
Relieve changes and restart your PC.

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Solution 2: Change the Boot Mode to UEFI

According to user reports, irresolute the boot mode to UEFI is too useful for solving the “this build of Vanguard requires TPM version 2.0” error. Here’s how to practice that.

Step 1:
Also, you lot need to enter the BIOS setup of your computer.

Stride 2:
Navigate to
Boot Maintenance Managing director > Advanced Kicking Options > Kick Style. You should note that the way to locate boot mode varies co-ordinate to PC brands and models.

Footstep three:
Change the boot manner to UEFI and then salve changes.


If at that place’s an operating system installed on the PC, you need to reinstall the organisation after irresolute the boot mode.

Step four:
Restart your computer.

Solution 3: Toggle off the Open Discord Option

If Discord is allowed to launch at startup or you run it in the groundwork, it will trigger the Valorant TPM 2.0 error. In this example, you should toggle off the Open up Discord pick with the offered steps.

Pace 1:
Open up
and open
past clicking on the
gear icon.

Step 2:
Discover and click on
Windows Settings
from the sidebar.

Step 3:
Move to the right panel and toggle off the
Open up Discord

Step 4:
Exit Discord and restart your reckoner.

Solution 4: Reinstall Valorant

If at that place are some issues with Valorant, you may nevertheless come across the Valorant TPM 2.0 mistake Windows 11 error after using to a higher place methods. If so, you should reinstall Valorant with steps below.

Stride 1:
Click on the
icon and type
add or remove programs. And so click the
option to continue.

Pace 2:
Whorl downwardly the list of the installed apps and programs to find Valorant. Then click on information technology and click
Uninstall. If yous are prompted with a window, click
to confirm the operation.

Step iii:
After the uninstallation process ends, download and install it from the website again.

Solution v: Update Windows

Due to an outdated Windows version, yous may receive the “this build of Vanguard requires TPM version 2.0” mistake. If so, you need to update Windows through these steps.

Pace 1:
Open up
by pressing

Step two:
Updates & Security > Windows Update.

Step 3:
Check for Updates
to download and install any bachelor updates.