This phenomenal Philips OLED TV deal is a tough one to beat

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Anyone looking to enjoy their Christmas movies in style this year needs to know about this amazing Philips OLED TV bargain that’ll save you a whopping £400.

It tin can be difficult to know where to starting time when looking for a new TV. At that place are so many choices and it can feel like a big decision, simply that’s exactly why this incredible deal on a Philips 55-inch OLED set should be your go-to choice.

Almost any OLED Television set reduced to £1199 (from £1599) is worth shouting about, but given that this particular set comes with added features similar Philips Ambilight, you’ll be set for many years to come without always feeling the urge to upgrade.

This Philips 55OLED806 Boob tube is a steal at this price

If y’all want to upgrade your entertainment rig then look no further; the Philips 55OLED806 55-inch Smart TV has just seen a 25% disbelieve.

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  • Relieve £400 with this deal
  • Now simply £one,199

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As you may already know, OLED technology utilises self-lighting pixels to provide a more than superior level of contrast with deeper blacks than anything doable on standard UHD TVs.

And information technology’s not just OLED that makes this Television bang-up. HDR technology ways that the screen will adjust the effulgence levels for the best feel possible. The option of 4K will help bring HDR capabilities to life, equally well as offer up more than dynamic colours thanks to the increased pixel count.

This detail fix likewise has plenty to keep gamers satisfied; featuring low latency HDMI 2.i VRR port and FreeSync technology, you will take no trouble enjoying next-gen gaming on this Television. At 55-inches, you can fit all the action on one screen, with Ambilight’due south gaming way allowing for the colours to proceed pace with the quickest games.

Since this is a Smart Telly, you’re getting Google Banana congenital-in, and then experience free to tune into the latest film using simply your voice (perfect for those pesky days where no ane can find the remote). You can control your habitation via your TV likewise, simply enquire Google to turn down the lights and turn up the heating for your cosy night in.

This Philips 55OLED806 Boob tube is a steal at this price

If you desire to upgrade your entertainment rig then look no further; the Philips 55OLED806 55-inch Smart Goggle box has merely seen a 25% discount.

  • eBay
  • Save £400 with this bargain
  • At present only £1,199

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The Philips 55OLED806 OLED Idiot box is a steal at this price, and information technology’s the perfect gift for yourself in the run-upwardly to Christmas. Coming jam-packed with smart features and a display that will bring any media to life, you don’t want to miss out.

If you lot’re interested in even more great deals and so you can go an early start on your festive shopping, take a wait beneath at all the other discounts and offers we’ve institute. And keep checking back with Trusted Reviews, as nosotros’ll be telling you near all the premium products on auction throughout the whole of December.

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