This Safari bug could be leaking your recent browsing history

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It’s been uncovered that a Safari fifteen bug tin disclose your recent browsing history and even some info from logged-in Google accounts.

A blog post from FingerprintJS (via 9to5mac) has revealed that a huge problems in Safari xv can actually leak your contempo browsing history from the app.

Anyone that has linked their Google account onto Safari could also be at hazard of their personal data beingness revealed also.

This vulnerability has been linked back to an issue with the way Apple implements IndexedDB, which is an application programming interface (API) that stores data on your browser.

The bug means that a website can see the names of databases for whatever domain on Mac and iOS, non just their ain. Using the names, websites tin extract identifying data from a lookup table.

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For example, if you were to open upwardly your email on i webpage and and then open up upwards another webpage that happens to be malicious, Apple’s application of API ways that the malicious website can view your email and scrape your Google User ID, which tin can exist used to discover out more information about yous.

Ordinarily, a policy called same-origin policy would block this from happening, as it restricts one origin from interacting with data that is collected elsewhere; in other words, if you were to open your e-mail and then a malicious website, the dangerous website would have no way of accessing your e-mail or other webpages you collaborate with.

FingerprintsJS also mocked up a proof-of-concept demo, which shows us a lookup tabular array of effectually 30 domain names that include the browser’s IndexedDB vulnerability, including Netflix, Twitter and Xbox. Y’all tin use the site if you have Safari on any Apple device to meet any sites you have opened recently and see how the bug tin access your data.

All the same, it has been pointed out that the same technique could be used on a larger set of domain names, with any website that uses IndexedDB JavaScript API at present vulnerable to data scraping.

Unfortunately, all electric current versions of Safari on iOS and Mac are unprotected, with Apple tree currently not commenting on the issue that was originally reported by FingerprintJS on 28 November.

We will be sure to keep you lot updated with this leak equally presently as more information comes out. We have reached out to Apple for a comment but had not heard back at the time this article was written.

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