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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases

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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases continue last year’s foldable condom from a lot of harm. And there’southward certainly plenty worth protecting on this device, because information technology’due south one heck of a handset.

Equally detailed in our
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold iii review, this device raised the bar as the
best foldable phone
in its solar day, though it’s now been superseded by the Galaxy Z Fold 4. With a sizable seven.half-dozen-inch internal display, a 4MP under-brandish camera, stunning foldable form factor, and Snapdragon 888 CPU, Samsung has packed its new phone with features.

Even with an Aluminum Armor frame, Gorilla Glass Victus display and IPX8 water resistance rating for better immovability, a good instance is a must. Choosing the all-time Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 case can help ensure your telephone looks the best information technology can for as long every bit possible.

You’ve already got enough of choices that go beyond plainly, slow black cases that snap onto the phone. You tin opt for official Samsung protection, carbon fiber designs, or slimline, clear shields that volition showcase the phone’s blueprint while keeping it safe. There’s a perfect instance for just about whatever user out there, and more than to come.

Hither are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases we’ve seen then far.

Editor’s note:


Milky way Z Fold 4

launched on Wednesday, August 10.

What are the best Samsung Milky way Z Fold 3 cases?

There is no i-size-fits-all case that will work for every user. Between materials, colors, function, features and toll, there are a lot of characteristics to consider. But you can’t get incorrect with Samsung’s own Protective Embrace example, especially if y’all desire a place to store the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s optional South Pen.

For a slim, lightweight case that offers protection against drops, germs, and yellowing, the Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold example is an excellent selection. On the other side of the spectrum, the UAG Civilian Serial is a rugged option that includes an impact-resistant outside that works to disperse any energy created when your phone happens to fall to the ground or collide with a hard surface.

Some users want more than out of their cases, and aren’t satisfied with warding off drops or scratches. For those phone owners, the VRS Galaxy Z Fold 3 QuickStand Pro offers what its name implies: a kickstand that lets you view content in mural mode. Similarly, the TingYR Mirror Plated Kickstand Case features a mirrored embrace that makes information technology simple to check your phone (or your teeth) without opening the comprehend.

The best Samsung Milky way Z Fold 3 cases

Best samsung galaxy z fold 3 cases: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 S Pen Protective Cover

(Image credit: Samsung)

i. Samsung Milky way Z Fold iii S Pen Protective Cover

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 instance overall






If you’re planning on using an S Pen with your shiny new Galaxy Z Fold 3 — and you should — this official Samsung example is your best Samsung Galaxy Fold three case option thanks to its defended slot for the stylus.

Since the Z Fold iii doesn’t take a slot similar the Milky way Annotation did, yous can store the S Pen within this bonny folio and its a detachable pen holder. Of form, the
Protective Cover

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also offers a slick, black, plastic shockproof case that keeps your make new gadget safe while you’re using your South Pen to go some work washed, take notes, or sketching some images.

The biggest downside is that this instance makes the Fold iii quite bulky.

best galaxy z fold 3 cases: Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 AirSkin

(Epitome credit: Spigen)

2. Spigen Galaxy Z Fold three AirSkin

All-time minimalist Galaxy Z Fold 3 case



Blackness, Phanom Greenish



Spigen has perfected the art of the sparse, flexible instance, and the
Galaxy Z Fold 3 AirSkin

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is no different. This case offers the same great properties as Spigen’south regular AirSkin line, built exclusively for foldable models.

Crafted from polypropylene with a frosty cease to cut down on fingerprints and dirt, this case takes a minimalist approach. Information technology’s the closest thing you can notice to outfitting your new phone with nothing at all. Skip the bulkiness and go for a satisfyingly slim profile with this case, which comes in either Black or Phantom Green hues.

best galaxy z fold 3: Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold for Galaxy Z Fold

(Image credit: Speck)

3. Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold for Galaxy Z Fold

Best clear Galaxy Z Fold 3 case






For many, choosing the right telephone case means finding the cleanest, properly transparent option to ensure their new gadget is on display while protected at all times.
Speck’s Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold

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is an fantabulous transparent option, with built-in Microban protection and one-piece folding pattern.

The Perfect-Clear offers upward to 13-pes drop protection when open. At that place’s also a special raised bezel to assistance keep your screen from scratching or shattering, should y’all drib information technology correct on its confront. Finally, it
stay crystal clear, at least for the foreseeable future, as it’southward designed to resist yellowing.

best galaxy z fold 3 UAG Civilian Series for Galaxy Z Fold 3

(Image credit: Urban Armor Gear)

4. UAG Civilian Series for Galaxy Z Fold 3

All-time Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 example for avoiding drop harm



Black, Olive, Mallard


Thermoplastic Polyurethane

For the
Civilian Series case

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, UAG typically marries functionality with a rugged aesthetic that does mode more than look good. It’ll keep your telephone as safe equally possible, with an bear on-resistant exterior with the brand’s HyperCush technology.

For this best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 case, HyperCrush works to disperse the energy created when your phone collides with a difficult surface. The Civilian Series also incorporates traction grip and oversized tactile buttons as well equally hinge protection.

Grab UAG’s Milky way Z Fold 3 case in 3 hues: Black, Mallard, and Olive, and stop worrying about when you’ll inevitably drop your phone for the kickoff time.

best samsung galaxy z fold cases: OtterBox Thin Flex for Galaxy Z Fold 3

(Image credit: Otterbox)

v. OtterBox Thin Flex for Galaxy Z Fold 3

Most environmentally friendly Galaxy Z Fold 3 case



Blackness, Pink


Polycarbonate, safe

OtterBox has long made a name for itself in the mobile accessories business by offering rugged, tough cases. The case maker’south
Sparse Flex

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line for the Milky way Z Fold 3 ensures reliable protection against drops, scuffs, and scrapes while offer a great-looking exterior for your latest tech investment.

The Thin Flex instance snaps on and off quickly and includes an antimicrobial coating. It’s also made of 90% recycled plastic then you tin can feel good about your purchase. OtterBox offers a limited lifetime warranty for your case, with a free replacement should anything go wrong with your purchase.

best samsung galaxy z fold 3 cases ringke slim case

(Epitome credit: Ringke)

6. Ringke Slim Example for Galaxy Z Fold three

Best lightweight Galaxy Z Fold 3 example



Blackness, Clear, Matte Articulate



Bulky cases do a great job when it comes to protecting your tech, just there’s definitely something to be said most slimline cases. The fragile yet sturdy
Ringke Slim Instance

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is crafted from polycarbonate and comes in 2 pieces just i.1mm wide.

Ringke’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 case offers extremely lightweight protection from drops, supports fast wireless charging, and includes easily accessible ports and buttons. Its micro-dot anchor makes it simple to flip open your phone easily, all while giving yous the heavy-duty protection yous’re looking for.

Best of all? You don’t have to cull a clear case. You lot tin can also pick from Black or Matte Articulate.

best samsung galaxy z fold 3 cases: VRS Galaxy Z Fold 3 QuickStand Pro

(Epitome credit: VRS Design)

seven. VRS Milky way Z Fold 3 QuickStand Pro

Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 instance with kickstand





Polycarbonate, Plastic

If you’re looking to get more out of your new phone example than protection or artful value, the
VRS Milky way Z Fold three QuickStand Pro

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is an unorthodox option that should tick all the boxes you’re looking to fill.

As the proper noun implies, the QuickStand Pro includes a congenital-in kickstand that snaps open and closed so you can concord the Milky way Z Fold 3 in landscape mode and spotter your favorite media.

The instance offers beveled edges, precise cutouts for your cameras and buttons, and is crafted from soft TPU to help protect it from lengthy drops. Plus, the QuickStand Pro won’t disturb whatsoever wireless charger you cull to use with your telephone, so you can drop and get.

best samsung galaxy z fold 3 Gear4 Bridgetown

(Epitome credit: Gear4)

8. Gear4 Bridgetown for Milky way Z Fold 3

All-time basic Galaxy Z Fold iii case






If you don’t need anything particularly feature-rich, eye-catching, or inventive, you tin can’t go wrong with the
Gear4 Bridgetown

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case. It’southward a simple, like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use instance that offers slimline protection, features a special antimicrobial blanket, and 10 feet of driblet protection.

The Gear4 Bridgetown is crafted from sustainable D3O Bio materials too, which uses 52% renewable resources, similar post-consumer waste product and recycled plastics. It’s minimalistic and like in style to most other cases, but it has a leg up on the competition in terms of drop and germ protection.

spigen tough armor for galaxy z fold 3 amazon product listing image

(Image credit: Spigen)

9. Spigen Tough Armor

A rugged option for your foldable





Polycarbonate, TPU

Reasons to buy


Protects the hinge


Actress coverage for screens

If y’all’re looking for some serious protection for your Milky way Z Fold 3, then be sure to check out the Spigen Tough Armor. It’s a rugged instance that features hinge protection, which is one of the weakest points of the phone. The case is durable and tin can take a decent beating.

At that place’s likewise a lip to protect the screens. It only comes in blackness, just information technology’s meant to provide protection, not look pretty. It isn’t cheap, but the toll it commands is worth it considering yous’re protecting a $ane,799 telephone.

goosebox ultra thin galaxy z fold 3 case

(Epitome credit: GooseBox)

ten. GooseBox Ultra Thin

Another case with minimal bulk



Blackness, green, blue. silver



Reasons to buy


Minimal bulk



Reasons to avoid

Marginal protection

If you lot want some other minimal case option, then the GooseBox Ultra Sparse is a skillful option to check out. It comes in a few colour options and keeps your Milky way Z Fold 3 moderately protected while staying slim. Considering how big the telephone is to begin with, a thin instance’s appeal makes sense.

Another do good to this one is that it’south pretty inexpensive. It’s a simply polycarbonate (plastic) construction, so don’t get throwing your phone or dropping from too great a height.

How to choose the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold three case for you

When choosing the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 case for your needs, you should of grade put protecting your phone at the top of your list. Consider choosing a cloth that’s going to lessen or dampen impact from spills and drops. The meliorate the drib rating for your example, the more than your telephone volition be protected. Of form, if y’all aren’t concerned with making sure your new folding telephone is safe from the errant drop, yous tin opt for thinner, lightweight telephone cases that testify off the mode your device looks instead of covering it up with thicker, bulkier options.

You should also consider the fact that some telephone cases can be pricier than others. College-end, rugged cases can often be more than expensive than thinner, upkeep options. However, it’southward non a good rule of thumb to consider but expensive cases. Some cases with better protective ratings may toll less than the big-name brands, and you may find that a upkeep Amazon option is better for your lifestyle than a pricey OtterBox.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a unique telephone thanks to its folding pattern. You lot may have to try and experiment with a few unlike cases to determine what feels the best on your device. In the finish, you’ll take to brand the best decision as far every bit what feels good and constructive when it comes to protecting this little chunk of aureate in your pocket.

How we picked the best Galaxy Z Fold iii cases

Since it’s impossible for us to physically exam every single Galaxy Z Fold 3 example out there, nosotros rely on user reviews for our picks here. Loftier ratings and favorable reviews lend a lot of weight to our choices. Nosotros also tried to selection from a diversity of options for you. We also looked to reputable brands like Otterbox and Samsung’southward ain instance selection.

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