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How to completely disable location tracking on iPhone

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Knowing how to disable location tracking on iPhone is a must for the security conscious, because while Apple proudly proclaims privacy to be one of its core values, that doesn’t hateful it won’t rail you lot.

To an extent, that’s understandable — your iPhone wouldn’t piece of work very well using Google or Apple Maps, for example, if it didn’t track at least some of what you’re doing. Plus, iOS xv does contain a bunch of new privacy and security upgrades that practice help protect your data.

However, given that it’s possible your smartphone location data is being shared and sold, knowing how to turn off location tracking is more important than ever.

There are unlike levels to which you can stop your iPhone tracking your location. If you lot’d like to quickly boost your privacy massively, however, the nigh important and useful iOS setting to disable is Significant Locations.

This iOS characteristic records your frequently visited locations, allowing Apple to offering services such as personalized traffic updates. The visitor says that this information is only stored on your device and is not shared with anyone else. It’south besides terminate-to-end encrypted and cannot be read by Apple tree. That said, information technology’south not entirely clear how helpful it actually is: why does my iPhone need to know that I visited a item cafe last calendar week, or when I last went to the train station? Nefarious or otherwise, turning off Significant Locations volition stop your iPhone logging the places you’ve visited with it in your pocket.

You lot may likewise wish to restrict location tracking entirely for certain apps, or limit tracking to only when that app is in use. And if you’d like to go off the radar entirely, you tin disable location services altogether.

Fortunately, all of these are easy to exercise, and we’ll bear witness you how.

How to completely disable location tracking on iPhone

How to disable Significant Locations on iPhone

the Settings app
on your device.

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2. Scroll down
tap “Privacy.”

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Location Services.”

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Scroll to the bottom
of this menu, and then
System Services.”

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tap Meaning Locations.

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6. Tap the
next to Significant Locations.

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Then finally,
tap “Plow Off”
on the prompt to conciliate Meaning Locations.

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You can besides erase your Significant Locations history by
Clear History
on the Significant Locations menu. This volition wipe the saved locations from your iPhone and all devices where your iCloud account is logged in.

How to disable Location Services for private iPhone apps

From the Location Services menu,
curlicue down to the individual apps
section and
tap the row of the app
you’d like to change the settings for.

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On the next page,
select 1 of the options
for location access:

  • Select Never
    to ensure that the app never uses your location.
  • Select Ask Next Time Or When I Share
    to ensure your location is simply accessed with your consent or input.
  • Select While Using the App
    While Using the App or Widgets
    to allow location admission the unabridged time an app or widget is beingness used.
  • On certain apps, such as Google Maps and Apple tree Maps,
    toggle Precise Location to off
    to ensure your pinpoint location is not accessed.

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How to disable Location Services completely on iPhone

At the peak of the Location Services menu,
toggle Location Services to off.

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A banner will appear warning you lot that your personalised settings will exist restored when activating Notice My iPhone.
Select Plow Off.

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