Tinder Won’t Let Me Upload Videos

 the most popular dating and dating app, has a new feature. From now on the platform will allow its users to add videos to their profiles. If y’all are already a user and want to add videos that say much more about you, nosotros will show you lot

how to upload videos to the Tinder profile to get more matches.

In 2012 Tinder was created with the aim of serving as a platform to meet new people. From then until now

information technology has become the most pop app with a presence in 190 countries and available in up to 40 languages.

The app available on both the Play Store and the App Shop has been downloaded more 400 million times and has more than 6.half dozen million subscribers.

Information technology is currently the highest grossing non-gaming application in the earth.

fifty% of global
 users are immature people between 18 and 25 years former, those who belong to the so-called “generation Z”. Spaniards as well utilise this platform to meet people.

50% of users in our country say they use the app on a daily basis and 20% of them enter several times a solar day.

At present a new functionality is coming to the platform that was already available in some countries.

It is about the possibility of adding videos to profiles.

This format offers a new style of presenting yourself to users. In addition to the possibility of adding videos, Tinder will also offer the “Explore” tool, a new center inside the application that will show new means to use Tinder in a totally interactive way. A office aimed at improving the user experience.

Many of these users think that information technology is easier to bear witness personality in a video amend than in an image,

 which is why this tool is having an excellent reception. If you also want to first adding videos to your bio, we will explain how to upload videos to the Tinder profile to become more matches.

To know how to upload videos to the Tinder contour to get more matches, the starting time thing you have to

practise is access the application and go to the profile tab. And so click on “Add Video”.

Choose it from your phone gallery. Yous can crop it from the app itself and so upload it when it’s prepare.

More than 55 billion matches have already been achieved on Tinder.

Now with this new function to upload videos yous tin can increase the chances of doing these matches, since the format allows your possible appointments to present you in a more natural and original style. An important difference from static images.



You already know how to upload videos to the Tinder profile to get more than matches, merely it may be the case that no matter how hard you try the platform does not process those audiovisual files, then you will ask yourself:

Why can’t I upload videos to my Tinder profile ? Nosotros give you some causes

 of what may be happening.

1 of the first reasons why you cannot upload videos to Tinder

can exist due to low coverage or the absence of an net connection.

Keep in mind that videos need a good connexion to load properly. If you go a loading error, upload the video when you have a Wi-Fi network or check that you have an internet connection using other apps that also require it.

Another crusade that may be that you lot

nevertheless do not have the latest version of the awarding so it does not allow you to upload videos.

To fix it, go to the application updates and cheque or download the latest version.

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