Tips to Pre-order iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro Before It Sells Out

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The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro serial go up for pre-guild on September 17. Despite the iPhone 13 series looking like a relatively minor upgrade over the iPhone 12, there’s going to be plenty of need for them. So, if y’all program to go your hands on the iPhone xiii on launch 24-hour interval, you must become your pre-order in early on. Follow the tips below to ensure you lot tin can pre-club the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro before it sells out.

Despite the pandemic beingness under control, information technology is recommended that you pre-order the iPhone 13 serial from Apple’s online store. Y’all tin can always option the device up from your nearest Apple tree Store on launch twenty-four hour period. A much better solution than queuing up outside an Apple Store in times of social distancing.

Now the question is, how do you lot make certain you lot become your iPhone thirteen or iPhone thirteen Pro pre-order in early before they sell out? Technically, Apple tree will never stop accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro until their launch mean solar day. However, the shipping times for new iPhones tend to start slipping by a few weeks to a couple of months inside minutes of pre-orders going alive.

In this commodity, nosotros have curated some of the best tips that volition assist yous preorder and get hold of new iPhones earlier anybody else. Nosotros have listed a scattering of tips to help you buy the iPhone 13 or iPhone xiii Pro with one-day delivery.

The iPhone thirteen series will go up for pre-order on September 17 at five a.m. PST. Find the local pre-order fourth dimension for the iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Pro in your fourth dimension zone here.

Tips To Pre-order iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max

  1. Apply the Apple Store App
  2. Make up one’s mind and Fav What You Want
  3. Update Your Payment Details
  4. Update Aircraft Address
  5. Apply Apple Pay For Fastest Preorder Experience
  6. If You’re Using Apple tree Upgrade Program, Practise This
  7. If Possible, Use Multiple Devices
  8. Quit Other Apps
  9. Set A Reminder

1. Utilise the Apple Store App

Ideally, yous should employ the Apple tree Store app to pre-order the new iPhones. The website tin can crash due to heavy load, so it’southward ameliorate to use the Store app instead. If you program to utilise Apple’s online store website, brand sure to use it once to get a hang of it since it has got a meaning redesign this year.

iPhone 13 Apple Store Pre-Order

2. Add together iPhone thirteen to Your Shopping Purse

Starting with the iPhone 13 series, Apple is making it easier to pre-order the iPhone 13 serial. You tin can visit Apple’southward online store right now and add the iPhone 13 variant and configuration you desire to purchase to your shopping bag. You can fifty-fifty select your preferred payment method and whether you wish to take AppleCare+ for it or not. All these details will be stored in your shopping purse, then when pre-orders go live, you but have to pay for the lodge, and you lot’ll be done.

This choice is only available until 9 p.m. PDT, September 16. If you miss that boat, simply favorite the iPhone 13 model and configuration you lot want to buy for quick access when pre-orders go live.

3. Update Your Payment Details

It is non wise to waste product time adding payment details while preordering new iPhones. It is simply a waste material of time and something that can be avoided. Open the Apple Store app, get toBusiness relationship -> Principal Payment,
and update the payment information. Please make sure that yous enter the correct details to avert whatever last-minute problems.

4. Update Shipping Address

It is recommended that yous update the aircraft accost before booking the new iPhone. From Account, go to Primary Aircraft. Here, update your address and hitting Save. Now, this will be the default address which will be preselected when you order the new iPhone.

five. Use Apple Pay For Faster Preorder Experience

The fastest way to pay in the Apple Shop app is via Apple tree Pay. You can be in and out of the app in 30 seconds. Here’s the drill:

  • Open the Apple Shop app.
  • Go to the Favorites bill of fare and select the device you’ve already configured and saved in the app.
  • Tap Buy, choose the primary shipping address, and use Apple tree Pay to pay.

Cosign with Touch ID/Face up ID, and boom, you’re done.

Apple Pay

vi. If You’re Using Apple Upgrade Programme, Exercise This

Apple tree Upgrade programme is one of the best means to get a new iPhone every twelvemonth. As part of the program, Apple lets you merchandise in your old iPhone for a new i. Needless to say, you demand to pay the difference corporeality. The key advantage of the Apple Upgrade Program is that y’all tin can jump lines when it comes to getting the new iPhone. Here is how y’all can benefit

First, you need to cheque if you’re eligible for the upgrade. If you’re on the annual programme, you demand to make at least 12 month’s payments after owning your iPhone for at least six months. To cheque if you’re eligible for an upgrade, utilise Apple’s online eligibility check tool.

Open the Apple Store app, and from the tiptop, you should encounter a notification saying, “Become a head offset on your upgrade.” Tap the
Commencement Now
button to outset the approval process. If you don’t see the notification, go to the details page for the iPhone, it should exist visible there. The app volition instantly tell you if you’re eligible for the upgrade or not. Once approved, cull the iPhone model and size that you want.

7. Use Multiple Devices

If you have multiple iOS devices, so you are in luck. You tin ever increment your odds of getting an iPhone by using multiple devices. If your spouse or a family unit fellow member also has an iPhone, log in with your account and set up everything upwards on their device besides. It’s e’er adept to accept a backup.

8. Quit other apps

Before you lot start the process, brand sure that you have quit all apps on your iPhone. You can do then by going to App Switcher and swiping up on all running apps.

nine. Gear up a Reminder

Apple changed the iPhone pre-order fourth dimension from midnight to early on forenoon. However, 5 a.g. PST is still an odd time for iPhone pre-orders to become alive. Ensure that you set a reminder for 15 minutes before that so y’all can get ready by the time pre-orders go live.

iPhone 13 colors

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Buy iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13

You can buy the iPhone thirteen from whatever of the following retailers and carriers below:

  • Apple Store
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Best Buy

Buy iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone thirteen Pro Max

You tin can buy the iPhone 13 Pro from any of the following retailers and carriers beneath:

  • Apple Store
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Best Buy

In one case y’all get your iPhone 13 pre-order in, drop a comment and permit us know which model you ordered and what’s the delivery time.


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