Tony Hawk Flies Under The Moon

I finally did it. This is Tony Hawk’southward Pro Skater v, a game that is a truly depressing and lifeless experience. We all knew information technology was going to exist terrible, but how bad did it actually turn out. I’ll bear witness you lot. Thoroughly.

When screenshots commencement landed for THPS5, it looked bad. Anybody was saying that it just looked similar a PS2 game. The PS2 games were good, and I wasn’t overly concerned all the same. If it looked similar Project 8, I would have been more nervous. At least the PS2 versions were skilful. So if it looked and played like one of the older games, that would exist okay with me. Especially since it was going to be released equally a budget game. Or was it? That was the rumor at to the lowest degree, but they eventually appear that it would be $lx. And so the news came out that their contract with Tony Hawk was going to run out at the end of 2015, and this game was being released on a tight borderline. In hindsight, it was obviously a last second cash grab.

Still, I was cautiously optimistic. I didn’t preorder it or anything, but if it got reviews around six/x, I’d go for it. I’m the target audience of this game exactly. I played every other Tony Hawk game fabricated and I accept tons of nostalgia for the Pro Skater days.

Oh. Aye. I’ve avoided this one for a long time, just I have to play it. And hopefully I can relieve y’all of any morbid marvel the game may have. Information technology’s even so $xx, even though everyone hates it. And I’m telling y’all: buying this game will make your life worse. Here’s why.

The game started with a really bad impression. Correct on the main carte du jour, in that location’s a warning about having the patch installed, and it messing with my save file. I don’t accept a save file, and I accept the patch installed. It should probably check for that before information technology warns me. Simply no, this is a permanent warning that will be at that place every fourth dimension you lot get-go the game.

Also, yeah, the game was unplayable off the disc. But the tutorial and the create a park mode were available from the offset. The unabridged residue of the game was patched in later.

Anyway, it starts with the tutorial. Things are a scrap different from the residual of the Tony Hawk games. Now you have to push and brake with the triggers. It’s non a big deal, but information technology feels weird. At that place are a lot of times yous’ll need to slow down to plough around, and holding down on the d-pad just doesn’t practise it. I mean, sometimes information technology does. But the trigger is what it wants you to do.

Other things inverse too. They added in a stomp mechanic, where you lot striking the grind push button in the air and you’ll slam down to the ground. Aside from the moon physics level that I’ll talk about later, you lot’ll probably never want to do this. But if you lot’re like me and y’all take muscle memory for hit the grind push early, you lot’ll find yourself slamming downward correct earlier a rail instead of landing on it. Shouldn’t they have put this on the ollie button? It’s not like you utilise that in the air, right?

The last big modify is how the special meter works. It fills up similar normal, and afterward you lot country a trick, you striking the left bumper to turn it on. If you have to activate it with a push button, it would make more than sense to let yous activate it right later y’all get it, right? Instead of having to land your current combo first? For the loftier combo challenges, you don’t get a risk to ever use your special. Simply you won’t desire to anyway, because it doesn’t do anything skilful.

Call back in the old games, when every grapheme had unique tricks that belonged to them? Like downwards, right, grab was the 900 for Tony Militarist? Rodney Mullen had darkslides? This game works totally unlike.

Hit the special button just replaces your master tricks. Kickflips and heelflips become triple flips. Varial flips become 540 flips. Your grinds are only generic specials from older games. And your special meter runs out on a timer, regardless of what you’re doing. You lot tin’t keep information technology total by getting tons of points like the onetime games. This is a stupid alter. And they simply did it considering information technology’south less work to accept every character play the same.

But wait, if your single flips are at present triples and they have a lot longer, won’t that mess with your timing? Probably not. You can country these tricks part way through. The game doesn’t intendance. Most of the time at least.

Aside from these new things, there were tons of things that were removed. Hidden philharmonic tricks, like doing a shove it and hit the flip button twice to do a 360 shove it are gone. Tapping buttons to switch grinds is gone. Pivoting in manuals is gone. Getting off your board is gone. Freestyle tricks are gone. It plays almost like they took the play a joke on prepare of Tony Hawk 2, removed one-half the tricks, and added spine transfers and wall plants back in.

Oh, and kind of reverts also. But they used the blitheness of switching stances around. This is non what a revert looks like. At that place’due south no style they didn’t know that. It’s just pure laziness.

In fact, all of the animation is trash. The shove its are really flat. Frontside ones peculiarly have a lot more pop than that. This just looks awkward and weird to me.

The varial kickflip is weirdly off axis. It kind of nose dives, and information technology’south hard to fifty-fifty tell what’s going on with it. Is it really that much less piece of work to do everything wrong? Wouldn’t it take taken merely as much time to make these tricks look okay?

Varial heelflips are the same mode of course. They probably simply mirrored it.

Inward heelflips aren’t too bad, only the nollie ones are messed upward. They flip normal instead of nollie. Is that a throwback to Pro Skater 2? No, it’s only weird. Actually, they tin breathing right if yous’re careful. But if y’all hit up-right on the dpad a millisecond early on, you’ll do a ‘nollie no comply’ then you’re in regular stance over again. Hey, they added a new trick. But its merely purpose is making the game look and feel worse.

Hither’s the front pes impossible. Which, for this guy, is but upwardly and flip. That’s a long animation fob for a single button flip. Usually something like that would exist a double tap. Anyhow, it looks okay at first, but look close. The lath teleports to 90, and then stays in that location for a second paused, so all of a sudden speeds up the rest of the way around. Why?

Oh, and it doesn’t animate right in nollie or fakie. Neither practice regular impossibles.

Fifty-fifty obviously kickflips practice the jerky speed up matter. I call up the game wants to experience responsive, so right when  yous push button a push, you’re of a sudden function mode through the flim-flam. Only it only looks so strong and unnatural. Didn’t they have motion capture information sitting around somewhere? Couldn’t they have but played Skate 3 and looked close and copied everything?

OK, but what nigh the two heavy hitters, hardflips and 360 flips?

Ane of the get-go videos I made on this channel was about hardflips in old skateboarding games. They were about always wrong. Some games but had pop shove its for hardflips, and information technology confused all my friends growing up as to what the trick actually was. But that was 20 years ago.

The expert news is that it’due south actually a correct hardflip, even though it’south not a cool flat one. The bad news is that it looks terrible. Just await at this. It’s like he’s floating in the air and pushing the tail downwards to make it flip instead of popping information technology upwardly off the basis. I go that these have to be blithe to however make sense in mid air, but that doesn’t explain why this looks like garbage.

What about 360 flips? This is some other one that games have a hard time doing. The THPS2 one looked actually skillful, but some of the later games had problem because of the way yous did it by double tapping flip on a varial kickflip. Information technology had to modify the trick part way through the blitheness, which didn’t await equally good.

So I tried every push combination with Tony Militarist, and he doesn’t take the 360 flip. Downward downwards flip is actually a double impossible for him, which is weird. But guess what. Nobody in the game has 360 flips. It’s the near iconic skateboarding play a trick on of all time other than plain kickflips. Nobody has it. You can’t change tricks or purchase more later like Tony Hawk 2. They’re just not there. Why? So people can accept body varials and board varials? Great piece of work Robomodo. Y’all’ve actually got your finger on the pulse of modern skateboarding. Or, skateboarding from later on 1990 or and so at least.

The sound is terrible too. There’southward no npcs wandering around and talking, there are no bird chirps or planes flying by or traffic noises or anything. I get that it was designed for online players to be skating effectually, but even with them, the game feels lifeless and dead because of the sound pattern.

Ok and then let’south get into the career mode. Subsequently the tutorial, you lot’re just playing the game. I never got the selection to pick my character, so I’yard just playing as Tony Hawk throughout the whole game. Apparently, I had to get to ‘customize skater’ on the main carte before starting the game. Would it have been and then hard to let me pick my character earlier I started? Y’all could do that on the PS1. Stupid.

It doesn’t affair though. Think in the older games, where the characters played differently? Steve Caballero had good vert stats, and Jaime Thomas had good street stats? That’due south gone. Everyone has zero on everything. In fact, you tin barely do a 180 with the base stats. With a ton of air on vert, you tin simply barely pull around a 360. You won’t notice this much in the footage, just that’southward because I put a ton of my stat points into spin early on because I hated how this felt. But you would have the same feel no affair who you picked. These aren’t characters, they’re just skins.

And so you kickoff a level in free skate style, with events, or what the game calls ‘missions’, on these map markers. But earlier yous practise those, there are free skate challenges, like getting the SKATE and Combo messages, collecting a level specific thing, like crates or schoolhouse bells or whatever, and collecting a secret tape AND a cloak-and-dagger DVD. Adept task on creativity. This is worse than the original games though of course. Because it has to be. The Philharmonic letters are usually pretty easy to go. Although at least one time I phased through a letter a couple times in a line that had a really weird misaligned gap in it. Merely it’s almost always really easy. Which is good because there’s no retry. In free skate, if you lot mess upwardly, you just have to skate back to the starting point manually and endeavor again. If the lines are kind of long, it can take a while.

Pro tip, if you collect a few SKATE letters or collectibles and so practise a challenge, they’ll reset. So I tend to practise that stuff first. I shouldn’t be giving you tips for playing this game, considering you shouldn’t exist playing information technology.

At that place are two ways to outset a mission. Y’all can skate up to a map marker, advisedly brake to a full end, and striking the button. Remember how in the old games, y’all’d become a lilliputian bit of story? Like, “On no, all of my [insert collectible here] blew abroad, tin can you get get them?” I really complained nigh those in my reviews of earlier games because it slows downwardly the flow of the game, but having that missing here is actually so much worse. I went upwards to a mark, and now I’m bully drones. Why? Yep, this is a Tony Hawk game. No, information technology doesn’t have to make sense. But information technology’s merely random crap. Why am I constantly trying to articulate balls out of pools in every level? It’south all so pointless.

The other way to start a mission is to just open the menu and pick information technology. That’s what you should do.

It’ll give yous the option to play a lot of missions co-op. I never did this once. It really wanted to make this an online experience, but I don’t want that at all. And the choice is fabricated for y’all anyway. There’due south nobody playing anything other than the get-go few levels. And I saw an commodity that said the PS4 version doesn’t even work anymore. “Luckily” – that might be the incorrect word – the game is still functional on the Xbox. At least, as functional as information technology e’er was, which is not very much.

So what kind of stuff practise you lot do in this game? Mostly await. The load times are terrible. This game doesn’t await proficient apparently. Information technology shouldn’t be taxing the system so much. Then yous choice a mission off the menu, then yous have to await a while before it starts loading. When I first started the game, I thought the retry push button didn’t work considering it lets you keep playing while you wait for it to start loading.

Then it loads the aforementioned level you’re already in for an eternity, then drops you lot in the level role way through, long before the textures are fifty-fifty in.

All it’due south doing is moving you around in the level and loading in some mission specific things, like floating spheres or something, right? Why isn’t this instant? Honestly though, you’ll be happy for the reprieve you get when you can finally not play the game for a minute.

The loading times when you end a level are even worse. I beat out a loftier score in the second level and it took 40 seconds to load. That’s ridiculous. But information technology got even worse afterward on in the level. I vanquish a mission here, and I just got stuck. It said that the game lobby was full. I think nosotros both know that wasn’t true. And it said there was likewise much server activity. Again, come on. Of grade at that place wasn’t whatever server activity. After ii.five minutes, I gave up and closed the game and relaunched information technology.

Anyway, the offset event blazon is high score. That’s fine. That’s a standard thing for the serial, and information technology would be weird if it weren’t there. But there are seven dissimilar types of high scores.

First, just a normal loftier score, anywhere in the level.

Second, a high score, but restricted to a certain expanse. This can be a puddle, a item building or zone. And then information technology’s the same matter, just worse. I don’t particularly have fun watching for borders or cones when i’m trying to skate around.

Sometimes in these mission types, it’ll forbid reverts or manuals or something for a tiny scrap of diverseness. I don’t listen that I guess.

Tertiary is the loftier combo score. Not actually much to say at that place. Later on in the series, the high score and loftier combo are basically the same thing, except you might exist able to fit 2 or iii combos in a loftier score claiming.

The quaternary 1 is a high combo, but off of a mega ramp. Well-nigh levels have some kind of mega ramp style leap somewhere. And it’ll always ban manuals. Then you lot accept to do a crazy air, and just possibly land on a rail. The high scores are way too high to just practice in a unmarried air, but the levels aren’t designed to actually keep going at all. Like, wait at this one. I tin do this big combo in the air and spam the few flip tricks I have, and surprisingly in that location actually is something to grind this fourth dimension. But and so the only other affair I can get to without a manual is this. I tin’t get anywhere virtually the sick score on these. I’m not sure what else I’chiliad expected to do. But information technology says a lot about the level design. A lot of the time, you’re expected to piece together really crappy lines, instead of obstacles leading to the next one, like they did for the remainder of the serial.

five, 6, and 7 are just variations on a different scoring method. It’ll be something like this – “your score is adamant by your airtime times your trick multiplier.” In other words, spend ii seconds in the air and you lot’ll get 2 points. But if y’all have a 5x multiplier, you’ll get 10 points. At to the lowest degree, I think that’s how it works. The score goes up regardless of whether you bond or not, and the multiplier isn’t retroactive. So with the air ones, here’s what you lot practice. Do lots of kickflips on vert. You can mix it up and do shove its if you lot want. Simply all you need is to get your multiplier up. You don’t need to worry near what the tricks are worth. That’s information technology. Keep information technology going, and you’ll score way over what the goal was. Does this look fun to you lot?

At least that i is easy. The other ones aren’t. It’due south the same thing, but with manual or grind distance. Only attempt to do big combos with lots of grinds or manuals and you’ll probably exist okay. Only sometimes they put you in really bad spots to do it. Especially the manual ane.

So in theory, you’d exercise the aforementioned matter every bit the airtime. Do lots of kickflips, then manual around to the next quarterpipe. Merely they’ll restrict the level for these. In this ane, I only accept this back expanse. There’southward a boost on the ground which leads to a quarterpipe, which is neat, just going back the other way, there’south merely a wall. I tried to ollie over it and wallplant and come back that manner, simply that’s pretty clunky and the distance you get on that is inconsistent. You tin can’t really turn left and find anything over in that location, because you’ll go out of bounds.

Or how well-nigh this 1? I’m on a railroad train track. I take some infinite to do flips or grinds, merely I tin only stay in this loop. This jump will throw me out of bounds, and I demand it to become my multiplier upwardly. If I effort to grind here, information technology throws me out of bounds too. Why limit me to the worst possible area? It’s so frustrating. Although they tried to warn me with the name – “Manual Maladroit.” All the mission names are stupid, and this ane literally just means ‘bungling or impuissant’.

Oh, and something I noticed when I was doing manuals is that you can’t bail them. If you lot lose balance in a manual, one way should make you land, and the other way should make you bail. In this game, you’ll land either way. Kind of weird. Grinds are kind of the same, but not always. So don’t trust them as much.

And then yeah, that’s 7 dissimilar kinds of high score, and there are only 10 missions in every level, non counting the ones you lot unlock when you lot cease everything with a sick rating. I never did that on any level and so I didn’t try them. But even so, this takes up a lot of the game.

The adjacent mission blazon could technically be considered a high score challenge too. Information technology’s an exploding head event. Your head keeps inflating and y’all have to land tricks earlier it reaches 100% and explodes. It’s like getting a high score, except y’all have to land stuff more than often and non go a big philharmonic going. This is frustrating on levels like this 1 with moon physics. If yous’re in the air for a minute at a time, it’southward harder to make certain you’re landing tricks enough. Only overall, this entire mission blazon is easy.

Allow’s talk nigh the moon physics for a second. The levels all have powerups. Your board tin can catch on burn, get zapped with electricity or even get wings. I have no idea what the wings exercise. Just they probably assistance y’all get to an surface area somewhere I guess. There’due south a powerup to get really big in this level, which lets yous suspension through this grate and become down in the sewer. This would have been an interesting surreptitious area, except that the missions accept you down there plenty that you already knew it existed.

This powerup makes you small, which lets you go through these minor openings to other areas. I don’t hate the powerups for the most function. They’re kind of dumb though. I would have rather they focused on getting more tricks in the game, or reanimating the ones they put in already. Or maybe adding in some sound effects. Or mayhap adding in a create-a-skater. Or peradventure figuring out how to reduce load times.

But the moon physics 1 is the worst. Yeah, moon physics is an old school crook lawmaking from the original games, and it’s iconic for the serial. I get why they wanted to put it in. And I even go why they would put information technology in the Asteroid Belt level. Just information technology’s actually the worst possible level for information technology. Information technology’south designed with all these drops and gaps that pb to your decease. So, since y’all ollie and and so fly all the manner across the level where you can’t run into, there’due south a good chance you lot’ll terminate up going as well far off the border. This is the level that requires the nigh precision, and all the same they requite you a powerup that takes all of your precision away. Thank you.

Here’s an example. This is a regular high score claiming. In that location’s nothing particularly weird about this one, other than the fact that they put y’all on this little area off to the side of the main level. You can endeavour to skate around in this area, simply information technology’due south tardily enough in the game that the high score totals are up there, and information technology helps to be able to move effectually a little more and become some gaps and stuff. But here’due south the thing. If y’all grind this bridge to get out, yous tin’t perhaps brand it. This was the first thing I did in the level, so I didn’t know nigh the powerup notwithstanding, but I somewhen found it. With that, you tin can articulate it to the other side, but at present you accept moon physics and you’ll miss your grinds, or you’ll air out of the side of a quarter piping. Fifty-fifty with the new slam downwardly power, you don’t take plenty precision to land a skillful combo. I had a ton of trouble with this high score. Much more the higher totals in later levels.

OK, so let’s say you terminate a mission. What happens? You get stuff – experience, coin, and emblems. What do these things mean? I don’t know. I haven’t seen annihilation you can spend money on. I remember it might exist character modifications though. Non tricks of course, merely shirts or whatever? Who cares. And in that location are stat points. Tin yous apply them right abroad, like in Tony Militarist 3? Nope. In fact, I had no idea what to do until I finished the entire first level. I tried to open a level select choice somewhere, or notice a bus that takes me to the next area like in American Wasteland or something. But all yous can do is quit the game and go back to the chief menu. Then you can go to the customize skater screen and add together the points at that place. Information technology’southward weird and clunky, but what else would you look?

What else is there to do other than get loftier scores in different ways? Oh human being, there’due south then much. You’re going to love information technology.

First is Simon says. Think that throwaway event in Pro Skater 4 and the underground games where you do tricks that a pro calls out to you, maybe at an demo or something? Yes, it’s that. Except they pull a sneaky on you and add in tricks that yous’re not supposed to exercise. Also, why put ‘says’ in quotes? There are 8 tricks in the game. Couldn’t you actually record tony hawk saying the trick names? I’m sure it would be annoying, but having someone yell at me might keep me awake.

By the way, what would you think you’re supposed to do when it gives y’all a fake play a trick on to do? At first, I would simply exercise something unlike to dismiss it so I can become the next one. But what information technology wants you to do is wait a while until information technology goes away on its ain. That keeps your multiplier going. I did this wrong throughout well-nigh of my playthrough.

But okay, if I had to practise this once in the game, I wouldn’t blow my brains out. Only you’ll exercise this constantly.

Ok, what’southward next? Maybe we’ll skate over hither, and… oops. Oh. I’m completely stuck inside a ramp. Awesome! Is this finally an excuse to stop playing the – oh crap I made it back out.

The game isn’t as glitchy as pro skater hd, and information technology’southward not as bad as it was when information technology launched. Just you’ll accept some abrasive moments. Like this one, where I get so loftier on a ramp that I bond fifty-fifty though I landed straight. Or here, where I’m doing a nose manual and suddenly i’m doing a manual and my combo is reset. This stuff isn’t all that common, simply if it was, information technology would at least make things a footling more interesting.

OK, permit’s look at some more than events. You lot get to ride through rings! This is non fun at all, and it’south just the showtime of many missions where it wants you to skate around on a specific path. I get absolutely no enjoyment out of these. And it’s frustrating when yous don’t know which way you’re supposed to go. Information technology can take a few tries to get used to the road.

Afterwards that is delivery missions! These crave yous to pick up stuff, ordinarily food, and take it somewhere in the level. For some reason, your caput is expanding, similar a makeshift timer to let you know you lot need to brand multiple deliveries I guess? I don’t know. I hate these. And of course the moon physics i was nearly impossible. But I soldiered through considering I dear you.

Adjacent up is the pellet collector missions. There are different colour coded balls effectually that you accept to get by doing a certain type of pull a fast one on, like air, grind or manual. These aren’t then bad at first, but this one later in the game is roughshod. Y’all have a very specific route, and they go on screwing with you lot. They tend to put the outset ball way too shut to the showtime of a rail. So y’all need to utilise the stomp movement to land really early. Sometimes the rail will jog over and information technology’ll be almost incommunicable to make the gap. Sometimes the red air balls will be in the wrong spot for where you lot stop upwardly. This one had an ollie I couldn’t mayhap clear with my stats existence where they were. I shouldn’t have put everything in spin correct away, but I couldn’t play the game otherwise.

There are also collecting missions, where you’re supposed to accept a multiplier when you collect stuff, I guess? I’m non exactly sure how this one works, but it’south easy enough. Just do combos while y’all collect stuff, which is probably what you would exist doing anyway.

Hither’s a new i – shoot targets with flip tricks. The first time you do this, I was actually dislocated. In theory, y’all’re supposed to be shooting targets with rockets, merely they’re all in this little area. Some of them are nearly impossible to go, like if they’re around a curve. I figured out that you tin can only run into them. Which is probably easier.

I give them some very mild credit for mixing this upwards a little. Sometimes it’s rockets, sometimes fireworks, sometimes it’s dynamite. But it’s never fun.

Here’s the worst event type – clearing balls out of pools. You only run into beach balls, or sports balls or whatever and effort to push button them out of the pool. At to the lowest degree I retrieve that’due south the theory of what you’re doing, only most of the time they just explode if you striking them hard? I don’t really know the reasoning behind this one.

But hither’s the all-time i! The last time you do it, information technology’south sheep, and they give you lot dynamite! But here’s how it runs. It’s just awful.

You know what was cool nigh the Underground games? There were story specific events. It wasn’t just always the same few things in every level. There were things you had to exercise only once in the whole game.

Pro Skater 5 actually does that once or twice! Only you can imagine how information technology turned out.

In this mission, I had to get my lift ticket punched. What does that mean? Who knows! I’d like to punch whoever designed this. And so in theory, you’re supposed to jump on these lifts, which teleport y’all around the level. There’due south a ticket on the wires sometimes. Hither’s the thing. In that location are 6 different teleporters in the level, and simply 3 have tickets. And this is a long downhill level, so they aren’t very close together. You know, that’s why there are teleporters. So you simply have to keep guessing, and y’all’re guaranteed to run out of time before you figure out which ones have the tickets. Even one time I figured out where they were, I nonetheless barely got through it in time for the AM score. I knew exactly where to get and did a about perfect run the best I could tell.

There may exist a couple more types of missions, but I think you lot’ve seen plenty by now.

So how was this game received? Everybody hated information technology. Of course they did. And they still do. I unlocked the FOURTH level in the game, and I got a rare accomplishment. Just under 10% of people actually become that far in the game. That’due south abysmal. I couldn’t even believe that. I unlocked it while I was withal in the second level. I played around an hour by that point. And ninety% of people already gave upwards. The terminal level that gives an achievement is the Asteroid belt, with an unlock charge per unit of 3.75%. And there are three more than levels later that 1! They just don’t take achievements. How many people go all the mode to the hush-hush? 1%? Well i’1000 finally a 1 percenter in something because I crush the whole game.

Actually, let me show you the moment when I beat the game. This is the very last mission, destroying some security cameras. Since in that location’s no story, it’due south not like it built upwards to this moment or anything. It’s just a generic claiming similar the rest of them. So I’1000 grinding around and breaking them, and and so…

Yeah, the game froze when I was seconds away from not having to play this game anymore. It was the worst moment of my whole playthrough.

I went dorsum and finished it, just I wasn’t recording anymore. Nothing happens. You simply end it like whatsoever other mission and that’s it. It loads the level again and you merely skate around. You don’t unlock whatever videos or new characters or cheats or anything. You can consummate every mission on sick, and and so unlock some more challenges, merely why would I practice that? I hate myself, but even I don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Something else that really bothered me nearly this game was the lack of secrets. One of the signatures of the Tony Hawk series is subconscious areas and easter eggs. There was always something new that yous just plant the 5th fourth dimension you played through a level. At that place’s the pool in schoolhouse 2, in that location’s the hugger-mugger area in Marseille. There’s tons of extras congenital in. Simply not here.

Retrieve the hanger in Tony Hawk 2? You could grind the helicopter blades and it would accept off and change up the whole level? Well there’s a helicopter in the Bunker, which is just a Hanger ripoff. Kickoff thing I did was grind it. And look, the blades get-go spinning! What does it do? Cypher. It simply sits there. It’ll never move. Like my re-create of this game on the shelf once I trade it back in at gamestop the minute I’m done recording.

Here’southward a fun trivial touch on though. The Mountain level has a behemothic hockey foosball thing gear up. Yous can knock the puck around. But it’southward much more than likely that these guys will crush you into the ground while y’all’re trying to blitz around to complete all the stupid missions in this level.

I guess information technology’s possible there are secret areas and stuff that I didn’t notice, just I think we both know that’s not truthful. Information technology’south equally plain and barebones as you can become. And it finished off the whole series with a whimper. The Tony Hawk serial got a ton of people into skating, made millions of dollars, and made a huge impact on the gaming earth too. And it was reduced to this. I would rather have seen Activision take Tony Militarist behind a shed and shoot him. It would have been less tragic. And I love Tony Militarist.

Could they have stock-still this game? Knowing that they had a hard deadline and not a lot of time, is at that place anything they could have done to release a decent product? Yep, of form.

What I would take loved to come across them practise is take Tony Hawk 2X and rerelease it. This is my favorite version of my favorite Tony Hawk game. It’s great. It’due south got all the levels of one and two, but with steezy updated graphics for the original Xbox, so it has held up a lot better than the PS1 versions. It’s the same engine though. It plays exactly like Tony Hawk 2.

As a inexpensive cash grab, Activision could have thrown this on Xbox astern compatibility. It was notwithstanding new at the time, but it was an option. It would have been cheaper than hiring a team to brand a terrible game, and people would accept liked it. This game came out really early on on the Xbox, and not a lot of people played information technology. Peradventure they would take had to hack it and switch out the music for licensing issues, simply that’south okay. And after the Xbox One X came out, they could have done a 4K patch too. I’d probably play a 4K version of this every 24-hour interval of my life.

But maybe that’southward not going to be worth plenty money. How most they actually port this version to electric current gen systems natively. Call it Tony Hawk anniversary edition or something like that. Upscale the textures, throw in some achievements. I’d pay $40 once more for it.

Now, unfortunately, it’due south too late. Tony Hawk isn’t working with them anymore. I don’t know what the contracts say, but I call back information technology’s pretty unlikely for them to be able to re-release a game. And the music would end them from easily putting older versions up on backward compatibility also. The serial is just dead. And it won’t be coming back.

This is the but Tony Militarist game yous can play on a modern console. And it’s the worst.

The only blink of hope is Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam on Android. Simply come on, that can’t be any good. I guess I’ll observe out soon.